I could spend a vast amount of time cruising around Thailand, ducking out from time to time to renew my visa. There are plenty of places (Koh Phan Gan, Krabi, Chiang Mai) where I would be happy to set up for a month. I could write Thai and Indian dating sites and watch my online earnings rise! Sometime in 2012 or 2013 or sometime like that, I am going up to Chiang Mai to spend some time. Like the Bohemian Traveller, I am going to make it my virtual office, on my long orbit around the world.

For a 2010 guide on where to stay in Chiang Mai, see here.

As has been reported elsewhere, there are about 150 guest houses in ChiangMai with 3,000 rooms available. This site might be a little out of date, however.

For a more up to date list of the top 20 guesthouses in Chiang Mai, go here.

You can also book online here.

Eagle House: . Website: website here.
Single with air-con from about US$9.

Julie Guesthouse: . Website: website here.
Dorm beds from 80 Baht per night.

Sarah Guest House: . Website: website here.
Fan rooms for US$8-10, and wifi throughout for digital nomads like me. You can sign up for a Thai cooking course through the guesthouse for 800 Baht.

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Bangkok Street Style
Vietnamese Modern Art
modern art
Smith Residence: . Website: website here.
Stay for three months, and the superior room costs only US$235 a month!

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