Physical Location Map of Turkey, within the entire continent
Turkey: At the Crossroads of the Continents

It occupies a strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Many empires have come go, Hittites, Greeks, Romans, and most recently the Turks. civilization...


ON A PERSONAL note, Istanbul was the first European city I ever visited, and despite ITS STRONG ASIAN FLAVOURS, IT WILL ALSO SYMBOLIZE OLD WORLD EUROPEAN CHARM TO ME. It was also a complete culture shock, and I got lost plenty of times -- most alarmingly, in the Grand Bazaar, where I staggered around for an hour before I could even find a door outside! I am not the first one to get dazed and confused in the city formerly known as Constantinople.

Ruins of Ephesus, in Turkey

AMONG ALL the exotic sights and experiences which attract visitors to Istanbul, from sunsets on the Bosophorus to the haggle & hum of the Grand Bazaar and the unbelievable sense of history (Orthodox Xtian frescoes in a medieval mosque, the minarets outside heavy with morning snow)... of all these images we have to add another, a newer image but nonetheless a signature of conquest and the changing flows of Capital: this is the image of a beautiful Russian girl far from home, working in a club or even dancing around a Turkish pole.

Frecoes of Istanbul

I didn't know it until recently, but Istanbul has become one of the best places to find Russian girls (outside of Russia, that is.) There is something very SciFi-ish to this phenomenon of beautiful ultrawomen fleeing the ruins of the Soviet Union, to infiltrate the entertainment industries of the world, and become transnational. In Istanbul as in any places, Russian girls have become established, and now rule the roost. Not that I knew that until recently. And it was only through developing my homepage, that I discovered this truth.


Turkish Girls

THE EVER intrepid Naughty Nomad said in regards to Turkish women: "In terms of mindset, they are a Mediterranean culture, therefore usually warm and friendly. They’re Muslim, but barely. The girls are extremely liberal. Hijabs are rarely seen in Western Istanbul. For all intensive purposes, consider Istanbul a European city. Street game and pipelining are the best methods of meeting women, as nightspots are, in my experience, horrendous cockfests. Turkish girls are very interested in meeting foreign men and many speak English. Sex can happen fast. Turkish are considered very loyal in relationships."

The Hurriyet Daily News reports: " Turks are very good to people that they know well, such as their family and kin. Yet, for the people with whom they are less familiar, their attitude dramatically changes. In other words, if they see a familiar face on the street, they go out of their way to show affection. For unfamiliar faces, however, they have nothing but suspicion..."

That's Naughty Nomad's view... he is probably not the sort of guy most women would want to end up with, long term. For a more in depth look at the liberal sexual practices of the modern Turkish female, from her perspective, read Sex and the Turkish Girl.
Turkish Personals: Single Turkish Girls.


LIKE BAHASA Indonesia and Japanese, Turkish is an agglutinative language. Unlike Japanese, the pronoun of the agent affects verbs. Vowel harmony is a distinctive feature of Turkish. This may be a further reflection of its agglutinative nature.

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