IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS A BREAK. The break, you might say.

The Genesis break.

Like a slice of DNA, endlessly replicating...

Old School Drum and Bass Records

Breakbeat: Two Bad Mice.

Elementary samples, like "Only you can give me what I want // Oh baby // Yes // I Feel for your touch, oh baby!"

Johnny L.


Dom & Roland

Sharing Our Love, Between the Sheets (Visiting Sydney, mid 1990s.)

"Solar Glide": Late 1990s atmospherics.

Goldie's Inner City Life: crying over some silly crush.

Johnny Jungle Tango remix (1995).

MIDDLE SCHOOL (1999-2009)

Hospital Records... I first heard them when I was in Tokyo. Stunna…

The sounds of my life: the fall of Nova ("Let the Hustlers Play").

Dextrous: "Loveable" (Visiting Sydney, mid 1990s).

"It was the middle of the night, when I first saw you."

Bristol: Time is the fire.

Elephant&Castle: "Raw Basic".


Liberty House: "All at once, I heard a universal horn."

London Electricity "One Minute of My Life".

Scribal (2012): Random Movement ("Day After Day, Night After Night").

Liquid (The Future).

Technology (1997 or so.)

"I have got something for your body, your mind and your soul!"

The Sounds of Round Two, "The Ladder" (featuring "Jacob's Ladder"). Or make that Randall.

"The day you were born, half journeys complete."