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IN my dream life which is pretty much coming real, I would circle the world living off my online income and basically hop from one cool attraction to the next. Cairns in far northern Queensland is very much an ideal candidate for me to hang out in for a couple of months, as I awaited the next boat or plane out to another haven (perhaps Port Moresby. It is small enough not to be a rat race, but big enough to be creatively vibrant (in a fashion). It is home to all manner of strange and quirky minorites, such as resident Japanese working holidaymakers and Indian taxi drivers. There is a huge Aboriginal community in town... in fact there are about five kinds of Aborigines in town according to my Sydney buddy M Tumbers, but he was counting the Japanese as being one of them. Just as in Reykjavik, the architecture is colourful and cute. The small township seems to be about 50 per cent Aboriginal; there is a place on the main street which does a pretty mean hamburger.