There is a whole universe of Altcoins here!

The chance that something like Bitcoin could arise in our world is a one-in-a-million thing. Encountering it in our lifetime, we are as lucky as Nichiren's One-Eyed Turtle, colliding with the sandalwood shell which can cool his back. Thus, Bitcoin has the Network Effect... that cannot be denied...

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash was born from a contentious hardfork of the original Bitcoin blockchain in August 2017.


In 2016, the Ethereum community was torn in two by an ideological schism, and now there are two coins for competing networks: Ethereum Classic (ETC), and Ethereum (ETH)... (For more details about Ethereum and its amazing potential, click here.)


Could be a replacement for Google Drive! With Filecoin, you can buy space on somebody else's computer; or rent out your own for a fee! This coin is actually connected with the groundbreaking IPFS decentralized web proposal.


Often described as silver to Bitcoin's gold. Apart from that, it is pretty much a Bitcoin ripoff.


Could be a replacement for the World Wide Web. A total of 4.3 billion Safecoins will be created during the life of the network. Click here for more information.


This is an attempt to incentivise the revolution in renewable energy, and seems to be built upon the Litecoin fork. If you are a solar energy generator, you are entitled to receive Solarcoins. Basically, 1 Solarcoin equals 1MWh of solar power generation.. Visit their website here.


A form of esteem, this coin allows you to share social media love...

Coin Market Cap
Kraken (Exchange)

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