ALtcoins: A-Z!

THE chance that something like Bitcoin could arise in our world is a one-in-a-million thing. Encountering it in our lifetime, we are as lucky as Nichiren's One-Eyed Turtle, colliding with the sandalwood shell which can cool his back. Thus, Bitcoin has the Network Effect... that cannot be denied...

Namecoin was the first fork of Bitcoin...


Audiocoin: ADC: website here.
Built on the Peercoin protocol... Earn money for listening to music and promoting it on social media. On joining the site, users receive 50 ADC (roughly US$0.08). After that, you will be paid 0.5 ADC for every track you listen to, and share on Facebook or Twitter. Music can be found on Aurovine.

Bitcoin Gold: BTG. Website: website here.
Forked off from the Bitcoin blockchain on October 25, 2017. Unlike other versions of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold uses Equihash as a Proof-of-Work. This is intended to make easier for the average person to mine this coin.

Coming soon!

Bitcoin Cash: BCC: website here.
Bitcoin Cash was born from a contentious hardfork of the original Bitcoin blockchain in August 2017. Transaction speeds and fees had been rising as Bitcoin gained popularity, and its users were riven over how to resolve this problem. All Bitcoin holders as of block 478558 were granted ownership of equivalent amounts of Bitcoin Cash. Since that time, Bitcoin Cash has become one of the top of five altcoins, behind Ripple, but ahead of Litecoin. Electron Cash is a wallet you can use to store your Bitcoin Cash... (For more details about Bitcoin Cash, click here.)

Dogecoin: .
Dogecoin was started as a joke in the heady year of 2014.

Ethereum: ETH: website here.
TRADE ANALYSIS: click here.
In 2016, the Ethereum community was torn in two by an ideological schism, and now there are two coins for competing networks: Ethereum Classic (ETC), and Ethereum (ETH)... (For more details about Ethereum and its amazing potential, click here.)

Filecoin: : website here.
Could be a replacement for Google Drive! With Filecoin, you can buy space on somebody else's computer; or rent out your own for a fee! This coin is actually connected with the groundbreaking IPFS decentralized web proposal.

Florin: : .
Used on the Decentralized Library of Alexandria to tip content creators.

Litecoin: LTC: website here.
Often described as silver to Bitcoin's gold. Apart from that, it is pretty much a Bitcoin ripoff.

MaidSafe: MAID: website here.
MonaCoin: MONA: website here.
From Japan.

Namecoin was one of the first generation of altcoins. It allows you to register .BIT domain names. Registering a domain costs 0.01NMC, and for a further 0.01NMC ownership will be yours for the next 36,000 blocks. It is possible to make money from cybersquatting on Namecoin.

Blockstack was developed on the Namecoin blockchain.

Blockstack was originally built on the NameCoin blockchain.

Potcoin : POT: .
Designed specifically for the marijuana dispensary market...

Ripple: XRP: website here.
One of the first generation of altcoins, Ripple could function like a gateway between cryptocurrency and the traditional world of finance. The fact that is not decentralized might make it popular with banks in the early days of the coming Implosion.

Solarcoin: SLR: website here.
This is an attempt to incentivise the revolution in renewable energy, and seems to be built upon an early Litecoin fork. If you are a solar energy generator, you are entitled to receive Solarcoins. Basically, 1 Solarcoin equals 1MWh of solar power generation. In essence, this is just an airdrop, and I personally believe PowerLedger is more exciting. .

Telegram: TON.
More like a blockchain of blockchains, and connected with the messaging app of the same name. To be launched in 2018. 2 to the power of 32 blockchains are envisaged

VeChain: VET: website here.
While is began as an Ethereum token, VeChain now maintains its own blockchain serving the blossoming ioT.

WhopperCoin Launched by Burger King in Russia, it is based on Waves.


Website: WhopperCoin Launched by Burger King in Russia, it is based on Waves.


website here.
If Bitcoin is like http, then Zcash is https. It is more anonymous, and secure.

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