Some day soon I will be travelling over large swathes of the world powered by budget flights and couch surfing (with perhaps some local part time work thrown in). If you consider the number of empty rooms and unslept in beds that exist on the Earth every day, well, that really seems like a waste of resources. If you want to save the Earth as well as your finances, go couch surfing on your next trip!

Every village, town or city has its own characters.

The Internet offers the perfect tools for optimizing wasted resources like spare bedrooms or sofas. When I am in China, here are some possibilities: CHINA, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Yangshuo Lat: 24.78333, Lon: 110.5 Show nearby Couches (100 K).
I could stop here on the way to or fro Vietnam, which is close by. The deal: "We have a volunteer program for travelers in Yangshuo. We offer free accommondation, free Chinese lessons and free internet. You are expected to help the students who are adults after class. Two hours (6:30pm to 8:30pm from Mon to Thursday ) in English corner which you can talk with the students , it is more like a cultrue exchange. Also you may be expected to give a leture on any subject which you are interested around 50 mins in the afternoon once a week..."

Also in Yangzhou (or is this the same place?): I live in yangshuo town. near West Street. I live with some co-workers.There are some furnished rooms available in our building. I have a pet dog who is very nice. I don't smoke but I like beer. I can show you around . I usually go to bed near midnight. There are some volunteers live in our school . you can come anytime. We have blankets. You can also live here as long as you can if both of us are happy. How to get our place from Guilin? You can take the bus to yangshuo from Guilin Train station or Guilin Bus station . It takes around one and half hour by bus. You can get off the bus at Yangshuo Bus station, sometimes, driver or someone else may ask you get off the bus around Yangshuo gas station where some people will try to recommond some hotels to you, make sure you get off the bus at Yangshuo Bus station, the final one if you take the bus which are only from Guilin to yangshuo..."

Shenzhen Community Couch Surfing Group.
Hi,I am stay my home at China with my family right now. Located Fuzhou,Fujian,China. the place is a water front doorman Building, and I am willing to offer you a couch or bed, and foods. Basically you work only M-F 3 hours per day for some work (could be cooking or help me to edit some pictures ,video or write a website ) I can offer you food and Place also take you to the city explore whenever I have time. Write me a msg if you are interesting at my Idea.
Down in Hong Kong Vincent Chu writes: "Hosting is like traveling without moving. Being hosted is like staying in a home away from home. I love sharing travel stories with globetrotters. Have a zest to see the world. I DON'T offer my bed as a FREE SHELTER, but rather as an opportunity to exchange cultures & learn about different traditions, food & the way of living in different parts of the world. All globetrotters are welcome to stay with me. Do drop me a line & I'll do my best to accomodate u. The best time for hosting will be over the weekend (Fri to Mon), when I have more spare time.(But other days are also possible, just try.)Please leave behind any of your guide books, I'll be your insider's guide to this ex-British colony if I host u! Up to now, I've already hosted more than 100 people from around the world (as u can see in my attached photos). We'll try delicious Chinese food & I'll show u the 'hidden secrets' of the beauty of Hong Kong from different hills. Make sure you are fit enough to hike the mountains before you come!"

A likeminded spirit in Chongqing: lu Xie Current Mission: "i want to be a vagabonding" Personal Designations China Chongqing Municipality Chongqing Lat: 29.56278, Lon: 106.55278 Show nearby Couches (100 K) Lu Xie says: "Freelancer,handicrafter,hitchhiker,backpacker Finish my 18month trip,around southeast asia and china,back home now.Try to write a book,share how to travel cheap.July 3--2010 i was born in chongqing.i like travel.i have been travel half year.i work for tibetan youth hostel of xiang-rila(zhongdian) now.i am tired i don't want to go anywhere now.----june of 2009 i start to my travel again.hitchiking,cs,simple food,save money.i try to find job on my trip.i hope i can travel all my life..." Vagabonding has always been my dream and it is comforting to see that some other people have realized their vagabondist fantasies. I used to put shit on Mike Pugh for stealing my label, but the truth be told, I had stolen it from some dude I heard off second hand in Bangkok in 1995.

Free food and board is offered in exchange for lessons at the Jiangxi Mayflora School, between Nanchang and Fuzhou.

Every place has its own characters, its own identities. In Alice Springs there is one Peter Sallows, a true Aussie nomad. He claims to know every good spot in NT.

If you are interested in naturism, try and stay with SarongRainbow.

Houseboat Dave, lives on the sea.

A naturalist in the vein of SarongRainbow, DeafnCrazy looks like good value.

For such a small country, Timor Leste seems to teem with good guides. Nani Vicente...

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