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STUDY IN BOLLYWOOD ---- And Make Movies There.

EVERY YEAR THRONGS OF INDIANS HEAD TO MUMBAI IN SEARCH OF FAME AND FORTUNE IN THE BOLLYWOOD MOVIE MACHINE. The competition for jobs and roles is so intense, it is only natural that a growing number of acting and film-making schools have grown up in Mumbai. At such schools real stars and legends of the Bollywood tradition form part of the curriculum, in the flesh, as live instructers and lecturers. Participation in real movie shoots adds to the hands on study ethic. For people looking to develop their skills and get a break in the India film industry, these schools could be your best shot forward. In the process, you could make connections which last you a lifetime.

TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2007 ---- US College Offers Study Trip to Bollywood

Here is a story I found on NewKerala.com, regarding an opportunity for American students to visit Bollywood:
"Here's another feather in Bollywood's cap. The Lakeland Community College in the US has announced a study tour to India for its students to learn about the Hindi film industry.
"Bollywood refers to the popular cinematic style in India, which produces over 800 films annually, the college said in a media release. Excursions are planned to Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad. The 13-day trip will begin next year from Jan 1, reports thestarindia.com.
"The university in Ohio has charted the study plan and the activities will include daily film viewing, location visits, lectures by industry workers and experts, and time for touring.
"For the two-week trip, the college will charge $2,500 per student. This includes airfare, accommodation, transportation between cities and some meals..."


Academy of Digital Film Making: Chinoy Mansion, First Floor, Block #2 (opposite St. Stephen's Church) Warden Road, Mumbai. Phone: 091-22-23676218.
Compufeild is a computer institute offering students considerable flexibility in designing their courses. Its Digital Film Making Academy offers the following courses: Certificate in Direction (Film and Video), Certificate in Script Writing, Certificate in Digital Cinematography, Certificate in Digital Photograhy, Certificate in Video & Film Editing (Avid Xpress DV), Certificate in Visual effects (Combustion) and the Certificate in Cell Animation.
Asian Academy of Film and Television: Marwah Studios Complex, FC-14/15 Film City, Sector 16-C, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301. Phone: 95120-2515254, 2515255, 2515256. Website: http://www.aaft.com/.
According to the official website: "A film academy should induce comprehensive knowledge of the arts, science and commerce of film making in its students. Confused? Let us explain.
"A film maker should have the creativity and eye for the aesthetics of life, must know the technical aspects of film making and have a fair amount of idea about the entertainment industry. So, it is a complete circle and it takes a little bit of everything to make a good film maker and a skilled technician and a great actor. But there are very few such film schools in this country that take this holistic approach towards film education and we are proud of the fact that Asian Academy of Film and Television is one of them.
"In 1993, when we started out journey, we wanted to be different from the run of the mill acting schools, who love to cling to the film craft of the past century. At that point of time we had already come a long way, as a country and as a film making nation. So, we planned to start a film academy that could match the standards that of the international film schools . We decided to adopt a do while learn methodology. Of course being within a film city and sharing the same campus with a state of the art film studio complemented our objective. Unlike any other acting schools in the country, we provide our students maximum exposure to real REEL WORLD. This emphasis on hands on training has already proved to be the success mantra for our students.
"Haobam Paban Kumar, student of Asian Academy of Film and Television, got the "International Fipresci Critics Jury Award" for his film "AFSPA, 1958" at the Mumbai International Film Festival. His documentary film is about the violations perpetrated by the "Armed Forces Special Powers Act" in Anipurin 2004. His film is also invited for the film festivals to be held at Canada, UK and Korea.
"Do you aspire to be the next Paban Kumar? Then come, join AAFT..."
Chandigarh Acting Institute (CAI).
I found this story on Live Punjab earlier this year, in March 2007:
"It was a nostalgic moment for Bollywood actor Anupam Kher when he signed papers Wednesday to set up an acting institute in the city where he took his first professional lessons in acting.
"Kher did his acting course at the Department of Indian Theatre at Panjab University here in the 1960s.
"Hailing from the hill station town of Shimla, 120 km from here, his other connection to this city is that his wife Kirron Kher, herself an acclaimed film actor and theatre personality, is from Chandigarh.
"'I thank the Chandigarh administration for taking steps to set up the Chandigarh Acting Institute (CAI). People in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Chandigarh have immense talent in acting and will no longer have to go to Mumbai to learn acting,' Kher said.
"His institute, Actor Prepares, will run acting courses from the Central Crafts Institute in Sector 11. The government infrastructure would be lent out to CAI for short acting courses.
"'I can assure you that the acting school here will be of international standard. Teachers will come from Mumbai and abroad. The courses would be chosen as per needs of modern cinema,' the actor announced.
"He said that these days, marketing themselves was important for actors and this would also be taught to the students.
"The MoU for the CAI was signed between Kher's institute and the Society for Tourism and Entertainment Promotion in Chandigarh, its CEO and director Vivek Atray announced.
"The Chandigarh administration has already initiated steps for setting up a state-of-the-art film city to cater to the needs of the film industry. Noted director Yash Chopra, chairman of the Chandigarh advisory tourism forum, had suggested setting up of Kher's school in the city last year. Kher already runs his private acting institute in Mumbai..."
Digital Academy Film & Television School.
Every Indian deep down wants to be famous at something these days, whether it is through excellence on the sporting field, or in front of a camera of some kind. There are also Indians who are desperatly seeking fame behind the camera, making movies or TV programs. The Digital Academy Film & Television is for people like them. At Digital Academy you can learn to ideate script, direct shoot edit, add required special effects, as well as record the sound & music under one roof. Digital Academy is in fact a complete school of filmmaking, a total immersion, and hands-on tool for learning the arts and crafts of filmmaking. The educators are industry professionals. In the realm of career assistance, Digital Academy has a special placement cell, which caters to placement and not just internship (eds note: Can you understand this Indian English?!)
Subjects covered: Script Writing, Cinematography, Non Linear Editing, Sound Engineering, Direction, Acting and Animation, and so on. This could be your ticket to success in Bollywood!
Digital Media College of Arts: Chennai.
This particular school is not located in Mumbai but rather on the other side of India, in the state of Tamil Nadu. Of course, Chennai is a rival to Mumbai in the movie industry, and is a global movie production power in its own right. Located in the heart of Chennai, Image College of Arts, Animation & Technology is the largely digital media facility in India. ICAT is a multifaceted learning environment that aims to provide a holistic education. All programs start with a core curriculum of liberal and fine art such as Acting, Designing, Script Writing and Business Management.
As I was saying before, Chennai is the entertainment hob of South India and houses one of India's largest film community prominently referred to as "Kollywood". Chennai is also the preferred destination for many Information Technology companies and has to its credit the development centres of many of the world's leading software development companies. Chennai has a rich cultural community with dozens of museums, hundreds of art and antique galleries, music and dance companies, and more than 100 theaters. These factors combine to make Chennai the most desirable destinations in the world, and contribute to a lifestyle that balances education and relaxation in an exquisite tropical setting.
Courses are available in (postgraduate diploma) in 3D Animation, Visual Effects and Game Development.
Film and Television Institute of India (FTII):Pune, Maharashtra State.
Located on 8.4 hectares of land in the heart of Pune, the FTII has built a reputation for itself as one of the best film schools in India. Over 100 resident students are provided access to top-of-the-line equipment and taught the art of film-making by a top-class faculty and a stream of personalities from the film industry, Indian and international. Students work in surroundings that have a history (the institute stands on the Prabhat Studios grounds), use Asia's largest indoor shooting set (a legacy of Prabhat), and have access to one of the best film archives in the world.
Imago School of Acting: New Delhi.
Another out-of-towner, but this facility might be of interest to readers, so I decided to include it. According to the information I have, Imago School of Acting offers several courses in performing arts and drama. It is also a theatre company for students, providing them with reallife dramatical experience.
The courses offered are: full time Diploma Course (3 months), part time Certificate Course (3 months) summer workshops for children and adults (May/June -- 1 month), the weekend Young Actors Club (6 months) and the drama teachers Training Course (6 months). Both Hindi and English are used in class.
Mumbai Academy of Movie and TV Arts: Behind Royal Challenge, Near HDFC Bank, Filmcity Road Goregaon East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400063. Phone: 91 9867726767. Web: www.mumbaifilmacademy.com.
One former student of this facility said: "I personally believethat Mumbai Academy is the most genuine and economical film teaching schools in Mumbai. All the faculty is professional and they know their job."
Courses offered here include diplomas of one, two and three years length, and short beginner and professional courses. The film formats used are MiniDV, Hi8, 3/4 Umatic, 16mm and 35mm. Editing systems covered are the Avid Xpress/DV, Final Cut Pro and ProTools technology. The average tuition fees start from 25,000R. Foreigners are accepted and welcome at this school.
The Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI): Panchasayar, Calcutta, Kolkata 700094. Phone: 91 3324328355. Email: srfti@cal.vsnl.net.in. Web: http://srfti.gov.in/.
DURATION Full time course of three years leading to a Post -Graduate Diploma IN Cinema

Integrated Course in 1st Year � 42 weeks DURATION [common for all students]

Specialisation Programme in 2nd and 3rd year � 84 weeks DURATION


1. Direction & Screenplay

2. Cinematography

3. Audiography

4. Editing

NO. OF STUDENTS Maximum 40 students per batch i.e. 8+2students* per specialisation
COURSE CONTENT Classroom Lectures, Practical Exercises, Film Screenings, Interactions with Professionals
ASSESSMENT Attendance        Practical      Sessionals / Written Examinations   Exercises         Projects


Berkeley University India Internship.
Picture copyright India Study Abroad Learn about film-making and other media in Mumbai, the home of Bollywood cinema. This program, run in partnership with Center for South Asia Studies (CSAS), the University of California, Berkeley, and the India Study Abroad Center (ISAC), emphasizes the inner workings and logics of film and media workers in Mumbai and incorporates visits and lectures to media workers such as writers, producers, media company executives, actors, film directors, art designers, fashion choreographers...The program integrates lectures, readings, film screenings, field trips and internships on live film projects.
To gain practical experience, program participants are placed in an observational capacity with film professionals and gain first hand experience on the art of filmmaking. Mentoring professionals are chosen for their expertise, willingness and enthusiasm for teaching.
India is of course an amazing country to explore. This UC Berkeley internship allows students the chance to spend a few days on a real film set to get a behind-the-scenes view into the worlds of set designers, prop houses, casting directors, production executives, action directors, stunt masters, make-up artistes, fashion designers, lighting men, spot boys, music directors and other cast and crew.
The cost of the program is $1700 for 4 weeks and includes the following services: Airport pickup on arrival; Program activities including meetings with film professionals, film screenings, visit to film shoots and post-production facilities; Support and guidance with the student's project; Cultural adjustment, health and safety orientation; Shared accommodation with three meals a day; Weekly monitoring of the program; 24 Hour emergency support; Cellular phone for incoming calls and emergency use. For more details (including scheduling), visit the India Study Abroad Center.


IN MY LAST STAY IN MUMBAI I WAS HOLED UP IN A HUGE ROOM ON THE WATERFRONT NEAR THE GATEWAY TO INDIA, PAYING SOMETHING LIKE 500 RUPEES A NIGHT. I knew I was being fleeced but still I was having a great time, and I was happy just to be in India. Every day I explored another side of Mumbai's historic and cultural heritage; every night I ate tandoori chicken and takeout Chinese on the floor with the hotel staff, and watched Bollywood films on TV. That was my introduction to Bollywood cinema, and my education. It was all over all too soon. On my last night in Mumbai, the hotel was invaded by a cast of thousands -- it was the crew of a Bollywood film! They were using the hotel as their base, to shoot a movie at the aforementioned Gateway to India (it was an action movie called SON OF GANDHI, I beleive -- not to be confused with the more recent GANDHI MY FATHER.) Whole sections of the hotel were transformed into costume rooms, brimming with period dress. A young guy took my name and asked if I wanted to star in Bollywood films in the future (unfortunately I was leaving the next morning.) Some of the stage hands taught me some Hindi (and some Hindu prayers.) I went out with them to the Gateway to watch shoot (and for the first time in India I could walk the streets as a free man, instead of tout fodder, because I was part of the team!) It was a nice end to my stay in Mumbai, and it got me intrigued, about the possibility of being a Bollywood actor in the future.
They told me I could earn US$20 a day being an actor/extra in Mumbai. If you want to be an extra or an actor in Mumbai, here are some agencies you can hit up:
Aakarsh: 58/8, Naren Hills, McKinley B1/403, Wanowrie, Pune. Phone: 02064003696.
This is an agency looking for models, actors, actresses and extras. Located in the Pune region of India.
Alokk Medias: 13-14 Link Garden, Tower # 1, Millat Nagar, behind Lokhandwala Bridge, Andheri (West), Mumbai. Phone: 65072731. Web: www.alokkmedias.com/.
AL MODELS - The name says it all. We have AL(L) the models, actors & actresses -- the supermodels, the upcoming ones to the totally fresh faces.
If you have anything to do with casting, then welcome to the largest & ever expanding assembly of model profiles on the netŠ. not only from Mumbai, Delhi and other metros but even from small towns and remotest areas. You can simplify your search for models/actors/actresses by simply clicking on our SEARCH MODEL facility.
If you are a model/actor/actress, then forget all about other paid-for sites. This one is absolutely FREE. The only condition is that you have to be GOOD. You may be from anywhere in India or abroad.
Nakshatra Creations: 10 East St, Poolgate, Pune. Contact: click here.
This agency is looking for young to middle-aged women for video, TV and films. The women should have a good figure and shape.

Contact the author Rob Sullivan at coderot@gmail.com. Copyright April 2011.

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