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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2011 ---- A Tamil Answer to YouTube.

I FOUND A SITE TODAY WHICH IS KIND OF LIKE YOUTUBE FOR TAMILS. The site is TamilTV4u, and it features both professional grabs and amateur originals. All of the clips originate from YouTube, which someone has gone to the trouble of collecting/curating. You can find serious pieces such as bayans or the "Evolutionary Concept of Early Tamils", or silly and even crude home videos like the one called "Japanese Kids Dancing for a Tamil Song". You can see Tamil schoolgirls fighting in Malaysia if that is your turn on.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2009 ---- Aahat Returns to the Small Screen.

I RECENTLY JOINED TWITTER WHICH IS A GREAT RESOURCE FOR JOURNALISM, PARTICULARLY ONLINE JOURNALISM -- YOU CAN KEEP ON TOP OF STUFF WITH AN INSTANCY WHICH GOOGLE CANNOT DELIVER. I found this story today courtesy of Tamil_Cinema, quoting Sify Movies: "Popular horror show Aahat is returning to the small screen after two years to tell new scary stories.
"The show has been renamed as Aahat-All New Series and will go on air on Sony TV Friday at 11 pm.
"The cast includes actors Chaitanya Choudhry, Vishal Satish Gandhi and Krystle D'Souza who represent a team of three young documenters working for a mysterious institute of paranormal science..."

FRIDAY, JULY 4, 2008 ---- Download Dhara.

I FOUND THIS LINK TONIGHT ON INDIASPHERE (Pulse on the Indian Blogosphere), WHICH PROMISES: "Download Dhara 2008 bollywood movie Dvdrip and watch online with out buffering updated links..."

INTERNET TV ---- On Your PC.

AHASHARE is presently one of the stars of the torrents tribe. You can download Hollywood hits like Charlie's Angels dubbed into Tamil. Other movies currently available include Ambasamudram Ambani, Bana Kathadi, Endhiran The Robo, Madarsapattinam, Moscowin Kaveri, Shaolin Soccer (dubbed into Tamil), Sura, and so on. Catch it while it's hot!

BITTORRENT is an essential tool to turn your computer into a television (or television broadcaster). According to the developers: "BitTorrent is the global standard for delivering high-quality files over the Internet. With an installed base of over 160 million clients worldwide, BitTorrent technology has turned conventional distribution economics on its head. The more popular a large video, audio or software file, the faster and cheaper it can be transferred with BitTorrent. The result is a better digital entertainment experience for everyone.
"BitTorrent Mainline is a client. A 'client' in this case is a computer program that follows the rules of a protocol. For example, HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) is the protocol used to download web pages and other content - like this page - and your HTTP client (or browser) is the program you use to get those web pages. Some popular browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera. To an extent, they all work the same way because they follow the same set of rules. The BitTorrent Mainline client will give you access to the world of content on the protocol in a lightweight, fast and reliable package..."

SOPCAST is "TV live on your computer, free to watch. Most people use it mostly for sporting events outside the US. no virus,ect.It's legal because their server is in China." Download Squad says: "Is free TV over the internet finally here? Well, sort of. SOPCast is a peer-to-peer Windows application that tries to make video streaming more viable. It appears to be in early stages, but is functional; at this time you can watch BBC World News, HBO Movies, ESPN Sports and a few other channels in your Windows Media Player, via the SOPCast client. (Ed's. note: Download Squad said this back in 2005.) The intent of this service is to allow anyone to offer their video through a simple link on their website, provided the visitor has the SOPCast client installed. We'll keep an eye on this one - it's fun to play with, but may not yet be ready for prime time. Excuse me while I go back to watching the BBC World News report. "
If you have Sopcast, here are some resources which may be interesting for you:

Movie Baba -- Bollywood Movies Online, Hollywood Movies Online.

OFFERS movies, sports, entertainment, comedy, music and Hindi and Tamil language media.

Pehli Nazar (Race) -- Bollywood Movie Video Song Watch Online.

திரைத்துறைக்கு அமிதாப் வந்து 40 வருடங்கள் நிறைவு பெறுகிறது. 1969 நவம்பர் 7ஆ‌ம் தேதி நடந்.. http://bit.ly/1FFUpRnese-language film will mark a departure for Walt Disney and a step-change in its charm offensive in emerging markets.

DOORDARSHAN ---- Thiruvananthapuram

WATCH DD from Tamil Nadu all over the world. Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan recently told 7Days that he hated the word "Bollywood" because "it makes it seem that the Hindi film industry is nothing but a rip-off of Hollywood." Bachchan went on to say: "Actually, a lot of people are copying Bollywood movies. There is a man in Steven Spielberg's studio who makes it his sole business to watch Hindi films and remake them. Let me also tell you that George Lucas's "Star Wars" series is nothing but a take off on our "Ramayana" and "Mahabharatha" (both are Hindu mythological epics)."

A history lesson for you: Cinema arose in India in the early 20th Century, and then as now Mumbai/Bombay was the hub. In fact, Mumbai played host to the first movie screenings on the subconinent, in 1896, when the Lumiere Brothers' Chinematographe unveiled six soundless short films at Watson Hotel, Esplanade Mansion. Three years later Harishchandra Bhatvadekar (Save Dada) shot two short films and exhibited them under Edison's projecting kinetoscope.

By the 1920s the Indian film industry was pretty well established with a studio system in place. More than 1200 films were produced in this decade alone -- and this was still the silent era! In 1931 the fist talkie "Alam Ara" was produced, featuring dialogue in both Urdu and Hindi and extensive song and dance routines. Bollywood fans have loved song and dance ever since.


SO WHY IS IT THAT HALF THE WORLD ADORES BOLLYWOOD, WHILE THE OTHER HALF SEEM TO DESPISE IT? In a wonderful story written by Suketu Mehta for the New York Times, the author claims: "The standard Western complaint about Bollywood movies is that they're melodramatic, but for those who love them, melodrama in the defense of entertainment is no vice. Take this explanation from a Dominican cabby in New York, who, along with his 14 siblings, grew up watching Hindi movies. He couldn't remember the title of a single one, but he did remember what he liked about them. "They have singing!" he exclaimed.

Crimson Bay

CRIMSON claims to feature some of the best Indian classical music on the subContinent, from India to Pakistan and all the other subContinental realms beyond. On the Hindi pop front, this site has available for downloads (and we are just talking of the A-lists here!) the following tracks:
A-Ha, Aap Ki Nazron, Ne Samjha, Aika Dajiba Ali More Angana Alisha's Best Always Yours Adnan Anything But Silent, Asha A A Brand New Album Aah, Aahutee, Aaina Aaj, Aaj Aur Kal, Aaj Ka M.L.A. Aaj Ki Awaz, Aakhri Dao, Aakhri Khat, Aamne Samne, Aan, Aan Baan, Aan Milo Sajna, Aanchal, Aandhi, Aankhon, Aankhon Mein Aansoo Aur Muskan Aansoo Ban Gaye Phool Aap Aaye Bahar Ayee, Aap Beeti, Aap Ke Deewane, Aap Ki Kasam, Aap Ki Khatir, Aap Ki Parchhaiyan, Aap To Aise Na The Aar Paar Aarop, Aarti, Aas Ka Panchhi Aas Paas, Aasha (1957), Aasha (1980), Aashiq, Aashirwad, Aasmaan, Aasra, Aastha, Aavishkar, Aaye Din Bahar Ke Ab Dilli Door Nahin Ab E Hayat Ab Kya Hoga Abhilasha, Abhimaan, Abhinetri Achut Kanya Ada Adalat Adhikar Afsana, Afsar Aji Bas Shukriya Ajnabi Aks Alaap Albela All Rounder Amanat, Amanat1955 Amanush Amar Amar Prem Amardeep Amir Gharib, Amrapali, Amrit An Evening In Paris Anamika Anand Anand Ashram Anari1959 Anari (1974), Anarkali Andaz1949 Andaz1971 Andha Kaanoon Angaar Angoor Anhonee1952, Anhonee (1973), Anita, Anjaan Raahen, Anjaana Anjaane Mein Anjuman Ankhen1950 Ankhen1968 Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se Ankhon Mein Tum Ho Anmol Ghadi Anmol Moti, Annadata, Anokha Daan, Anokha Pyar, Anokhi Ada1948 Anokhi Ada1973 Anokhi Raat Anpadh Ansh Ansoo Ban Gaye Phool Apna Desh Apna Haath Jagannath Apna Paraya Apnapan Apne Paraye Apradh April Fool Aradhana Armaan Arohan Awara Paagal Deewana, Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke, Ayee Milan Ki Bela and Azad. Is Anantham part of this list? It appears not, but you can see some of it here:

Tamil Peek

LATEST media added include Kasturi, Mekala, Anandham, Kolangal, Arasi, Sivasakthi (all TV serials); Vaaranam Aayiram, Sutta Pazham, Kee Mu and Thodarum Sambavam (movies). The most popular videos at Tamil Peek are Kuruvi, Azhagiya Tamil Magan, Bheema, Santosh Subramaniam, Dasavatharam, Sivaji, Vel, Dhaam Dhoom, Yaaradi Nee Mohini and Billa.
There is also plenty of Pakistani music including the new album by Meri Kahani (Atif Aslam), Chal Rein De by Sajjad Ali and Chercha by Rahim Shah.
Some of thntly offered at Funwadi include: Zee TV, Sony TV, Star Plus/Star One and Sahara One TV.
Jump TV.
India TV broadcasts 24 hours a day with a unique programming lineup including Breaking News, Aap Ki Adalat, and India Bole. Now our US customers can watch India tv's news and entertainment free! India TVfs unique repertoire of programming includes Breaking News, the nightly prime time news show anchored by Rajat Sharma and Saurav Sharma; Aap Ki Adalat, the unique courtroom trial that is India's longest-running news show; India Bole, a unique dial-in show that takes up bold, newsy, current and debatable issues; Sab Gol Maal Hai, a public service initiative to help increase consumers awareness; Yog Science with Swami Ramdev, in which the leading exponent of Yog and natural healing shows how Yog can help tackle specific ailments; and India Beats, where musical performance meets chat show as top singers perform and chat to a studio audience.

Mega Indian TV

Mega Indian TV is a free TV portal, with the following channels.
Hindi: Sony TV, Star Plus, Zee TV, Aaj Tak, Set Max, Zee Sports, Zee Cinema, B4U Movies, Zoom TV, TV Asia, Astha TV, Star One, & B4U Music.
Tamil: Sun TV, Surya TV.
Telugu: Gemini TV, CTV Live.
Styles always go around in a circle anyway.


THERE are about two million Muslims living in Tamil Nadu, and they also comprise about 8 per cent of the population of Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, Muslims speak either Tamil or Sinhala, despite their Arab trader origins.

アップロード者 quran313. - 最新のニュースに関する動画を見る。

Islamic Bayan

SERMONS with titles like "Disaster Bayan" by Sheik AC Agar Mohamed, and movies like Lion of the Desert (Omar Mukhtar).

Islam Planet

USUALLY background music on websites is annoying, but the soundpaper playlist you get on this website is interesting and inspiring. This site offers both audio and video, spiritual and secular. Mostly spiritual, it must be said. You can listen to the Al Quran in Tamil, Hebrew, Chinese, Russian and Japanese.

Mail of Islam

THIS site claims to be the largest bayan repository in the world. There are clips by Alavi Moulani (113), Abdulla Jamali (89), Dr Deen Mohamed (85) and Abdul Cader Mahlari (66). Plenty of Surats from the Koran.

SL Muslims

SL MUSLIMS is a community portal for Muslims in Sri Lanka. It is also a repository for Islamic media which can be downloaded by the visitor. The last time I looked, there was featured a "Special Bayan on (the) SIGNIFICANCE OF ULHIYYA. There was also advertised the launch of a book containing 17 Jummahs conducted by Ash Sheik Abdul Khaliq (Dewaband).

Tamil Bayans

SERMONS with titles like "Disaster Bayan" by Sheik AC Agar Mohamed, and movies like Lion of the Desert (Omar Mukhtar).

Tamil Muslim Tube

Sheikh Kayal Abdul Kader Mahlari, Sheikh Abdullah Jamali, Sheikh Saifudeen Rashathi, Sheikh Khaleel Ahamed Keeranoori, Sheikh A.C.Agar Mohamed, Sheikh Samsudeen Kasimi, Sheikh Abdul Haliq Moulavi Sri Lanka Sheikh M.Abu Thaair Baqavi Sheikh S.S.Kalandar Mastan Sheikh Alavi Mowlana Mursi Mufti A.Omar Shareef Kasimi Kovai S.Ayub P.J./பி.ஜே Ladies Special Abu Dhabi AIMAN Sangam பி.ஜே கொள்கை குழப்பம் CMN Saleemamil, Hebrew, Chinese, Russian and Japanese.

r e t r o + b o l l y w o o d


"A dearth of original storylines and a series of box-office flops with unconventional themes are pushing Bollywood producers to play it safe.

"A series of remakes of classics from the 1970s and 1980s are set to hit Indian theatres in the coming months.

"Superstar Shah Rukh Khan acts in a remake of 1970s hit film Don, which starred legend Amitabh Bachchan.

"Reigning beauty queen Aishwarya Rai takes the lead role in Umraojaan, which was a box-office hit and a critically acclaimed movie in the mid-1980s.

"'There is a shortage of original subjects in Bollywood today,' says Amod Mehra, film and trade analyst.

"Producers probably find safety in picking on something already touched earlier. We are going the Hollywood way ... they too went about remaking classic Hollywood films,' he says.

"Bachchan himself will star in a remake of his 1975 mega-hit Sholay, now to be directed by maverick Ram Gopal Varma, who produced a recent success with Bachchan again in Sarkar.

"Bollywood has seen a spate of unconventional films dealing with adultery, socio-political issues, period heroes, the supernatural, sci-fi, sex and urban lifestyles.

"'Unconventional films are gaining momentum but with a limited audience. It will take some time for them to entrench along with a typical commercial film,' says Mehra.

"In some cases fresh ideas exist but writers are not capable of converting these into good film scripts. Hence producers feel it is time to stick to a formula and remake old Bollywood classics.

"The trend began with this year's release of Parineeta, a winner in 1950s. The movie did average business.

"Paheli quickly followed in June. It was based on a re-imagining of Duvidha which was released in the early 1970s.

Now five other films, Sahib Biwi aur Ghulam, Arth, Don, Umraojaan and Sholay are in the works.

However the remake formula is a not guarantee of success.

Industry analysts estimate the Hindi film industry suffered losses of Rs1.5bn ($34mn) in the first half of 2005 compared with Rs800mn ($18mn) for the same period last year.

Bollywood's losses amounted to Rs2.5bn ($57mn) for the whole of 2004, on top of losses of Rs3.2bn ($73mn) in 2002. In 2003 the industry was Rs2bn ($45mn) in the red.

Only 10 of the 105 films produced between January and June this year recovered their costs at the box office.

EVERY YEAR THRONGS OF INDIANS HEAD TO MUMBAI IN SEARCH OF FAME AND FORTUNE IN THE BOLLYWOOD MOVIE MACHINE. The competition for jobs and roles is so intense, it is only natural that a growing number of acting and film-making schools have grown up in Mumbai. At such schools real stars and legends of the Bollywood tradition form part of the curriculum, in the flesh, as live instructers and lecturers. Participation in real movie shoots adds to the hands on study ethic. For people looking to develop their skills and get a break in the India film industry, these schools could be your best shot forward. In the process, you could make connections which last you a lifetime.


Academy of Digital Film Making: Chinoy Mansion, First Floor, Block #2 (opposite St. Stephen's Church) Warden Road, Mumbai. Phone: 091-22-23676218.
Compufeild is a computer institute offering students considerable flexibility in designing their courses. Its Digital Film Making Academy offers the following courses: Certificate in Direction (Film and Video), Certificate in Script Writing, Certificate in Digital Cinematography, Certificate in Digital Photograhy, Certificate in Video & Film Editing (Avid Xpress DV), Certificate in Visual effects (Combustion) and the Certificate in Cell Animation.
Berkeley University India Internship.
Learn about film-making and other media in Mumbai, the home of Bollywood cinema. The course emphasizes the inner workings and logics of film and media workers in Mumbai and incorporates visits and lectures to media workers such as writers, producers, media company executives, actors, film directors, art designers, fashion choreographers...The program integrates lectures, readings, film screenings, field trips and internships on live film projects. To gain practical experience, program participants are placed in an observational capacity with film professionals and gain first hand experience on the art of filmmaking. Mentoring professionals are chosen for their expertise, willingness and enthusiasm for teaching.
India is of course an amazing country to explore.
Digital Academy Film & Television School.
Every Indian deep down wants to be famous at something these days, whether it is through excellence on the sporting field, or in front of a camera of some kind. There are also Indians who are desperatly seeking fame behind the camera, making movies or TV programs. The Digital Academy Film & Television is for people like them. At Digital Academy you can learn to ideate script, direct shoot edit, add required special effects, as well as record the sound & music under one roof. Digital Academy is in fact a complete school of filmmaking, a total immersion, and hands-on tool for learning the arts and crafts of filmmaking. The educators are industry professionals. In the realm of career assistance, Digital Academy has a special placement cell, which caters to placement and not just internship (eds note: Can you understand this Indian English?!)
Subjects covered: Script Writing, Cinematography, Non Linear Editing, Sound Engineering, Direction, Acting and Animation, and so on. This could be your ticket to success in Bollywood!
Film and Television Institute of India (FTII):Pune, Maharashtra State.
Located on 8.4 hectares of land in the heart of Pune, the FTII has built a reputation for itself as one of the best film schools in India. Over 100 resident students are provided access to top-of-the-line equipment and taught the art of film-making by a top-class faculty and a stream of personalities from the film industry, Indian and international. Students work in surroundings that have a history (the institute stands on the Prabhat Studios grounds), use Asia's largest indoor shooting set (a legacy of Prabhat), and have access to one of the best film archives in the world.
Imago School of Acting: New Delhi.
Another out-of-towner, but this facility might be of interest to readers, so I decided to include it. According to the information I have, Imago School of Acting offers several courses in performing arts and drama. It is also a theatre company for students, providing them with reallife dramatical experience.
The courses offered are: full time Diploma Course (3 months), part time Certificate Course (3 months) summer workshops for children and adults (May/June -- 1 month), the weekend Young Actors Club (6 months) and the drama teachers Training Course (6 months).

Contact the author Rob Sullivan at coderot@gmail.com. Copyright October 2011.

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