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WELL, it was a lot different from the Christmas's back home, under the gum trees; and it was also way totally different from my Christmas Eve being dunked with shaving cream and confetti last year in Ho Chi Minh City. Late December 2008, when I was going through my panic attack phase, and wigging out at work every day and night, my old friend Kenichi suggested we head to an onsen to relax. That was the whole point of the trip: to help my nerves relax. Kenichi sent me a whole tray of onsens and spas to choose from, all of them located to the north of Tokyo in the general Tohoku region. Tohoku means "north-east" in English. Actually it translates literally as "east-north" -- the east-northern corner of the Honshu Island. Kenichi had recommended a whole ream of onsens and spas located in this general temperament and direction, amongst them being:

"(Good for day-trip (less transport time!)) =>
(As far as Adatara (B) but worth going =>)
(Over night ferry will do =>)
(A bit expensive but highly recommended =>)
(Fusako had stayed for two consecutive weeks =>)

They are no doubt all fine places, but this is the one which got me in the end:

"Dake Onsen www.kounkaku.co.jp is typically good for your nerves (^,^) Let's get relaxation, shall we!"

This Christmas, we were bound for Dake Onsen in Tohoku Japan!


Climbing Mt Adatara

Climbing Mt Adatara