For many visitors, Chiba Prefecture (千葉県) is their gateway to Japan.

The prefecture borders Tokyo City, and shares much of its urban sprawl (that said, there are plenty of primordial pockets of the old order.) Its boundaries are delineated by the Tone River to the north, and the Edo River to the west.

Climbing the temple, at Narita Sansoji, 2004

To the south, the prefecture completely covers the Boso Peninsula, which juts into the ocean east of Tokyo. Being a peninsula, there are two coasts, the Uchibo ("Inner Bo") on Tokyo Bay and the Sotobo ("Outer Bo"), facing the Pacific Ocean. I worked at Kisarazu (木更津) on the Uchibo for a year, and caught the train from Tokyo via Chiba, an epic daily voyage of nearly 5 hours per day. It allowed me plenty of time to appreciate the scenery..

Tori'i on the beach near Katsuura, Chiba Prefecture, 2003

That said, the Sotobo train ride is more scenic, and exciting... here you will find some of the best places to surf in Japan! Towns like Katsuura and Onjuku have acquired a legendary reputation

Black shores of Chiba Prefecture, 2009

South of Katsuura, Awakamogawa is another black beach...


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