The Source of the Sun

FOR 10 YEARS DID I LIVE HERE, IN THESE SHAKY ISLES, THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN. If it wasn't for my panic attacks, I would probably be living there still.

Japan (日本) is a temple to tomorrow, a sea of soaring skyscrapers, whirring bullet trains, anime and cosplay, Atari and Pokémon. Like Iceland, it has an elemental nature, the elements are very strong here. The country is regularly tormented by truly colossal disasters, from tsunamis to atomic wars, but yet it keeps on ticking, miraculously.

Japan is the place where tomorrow has already happened, and turned into yesterday's news.

Blank Location Map of Japan
Japan, Land of the Rising Sun

Once upon a time, tourists were afraid to come here, terrified by the supposed high costs of travelling. That has all changed, and Japan is well on its way to becoming one of the world's foremost tourist destinations. That is not necessarily a good thing...


JAPAN IS an archipelago twisted and torn by unfathomable seismic forces. Climate zones range from the tropics to the taiga.

» Honshu (本州)
» Hokkaido (北道)
» Kyushu (九州)
» Okinawa (沖縄)
» Shikoku (四国)


THERE ARE 47 prefectures in Japan, with a status similar to French provinces.

» Aichiken (愛知県)
» Akitaken (秋田県)
» Aomoriken (青森県)
» Chibaken (千葉県)
» Ibarakiken (茨城県)
» Iwateken (岩手県)
» Fukushimaken (島県)
» Gunmaken (県)
» Kagoshimaken (島巿)
» Miyagiken ()
» Niigataken (澙県)
» Okinawaken ()
» Saitamaken ()
» Shizuokaken (県)
» Tottoriken (鳥)
» Yamanashiken (山県)
» Yamagataken (山形県)

Mt Fuji, viewed from the small town of Fuji, one winter morning in 2005.


» Kawasaki (川崎)
» Hiroshimashi (島巿)
» Kyoto (亰)
» Nagasaki (長崎)
» Sapporoshi
» Sendaishi
» Tokyo (東亰)
» Yokohamashi (兵巿)


» Cherry Blossoms (花見)
» Cosplay, & Animism
» Fireworks (花火)
» Food
» Hot Springs (温泉)
» Karaoke (カラオケ)
» Martial Arts (武道)
» Music (音楽)


THE QUINTESSENTIAL Japanese greeting, 「こ んにちは!」 (kon-nichi wa!) effectively means: "As for today, well..." This is very much as a fill-in-the-dots language, a language of hints and absences. What you don't say is often more important than what you do say.

おはようござます! (Ohayou gozaimasu!) .......... Good morning! (polite)
おはよう! (Ohayou!) .......... Good morning! (casual)
おは! (Oha!) ..........Good morning! (childish)
お前 (Omae) .......... You (lit: the space in front of me) (rude)
仕方が無い (Shikata ga nai) .......... It cannot be helped (polite)

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THE SPIRIT of animism is still quite strong in Japan.

» 9 Star Ki
» Nichiren (日蓮)
» Zen


» Shopping (買物)
» Travel (行)


» China (中国)
» Russia (ロツア)
» South Korea (国)
» Taiwan (台湾)

» Danny Choo (Culture Japan)
» GaijinPot
» Gakuranman (Illuminating Japan)
» Kappapedia
» mahou (anime & popular culture & japanese language)
» Ninja Encyclopedia
» Self Taught Japanese
» Shinseido
» Tofugupedia

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