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YUMOTO means "origin of the hot water" or "source of the hot water" or something, and as soon as you get out of the train you can smell the sulphur in the air. This is an onsen town, and hot water springs up all over the place. Steam wafts up from the drainage vents, and there are foot baths in the parks, and a hand bath on the platform of Yumoto Station. The town even boasts a hot bath for horses! If you are a human, there is a wide range of bathing facilities available, from a Hawaiian themed resort (the Japanese love Hawaii!) to two public onsens at the other end of the scale. The public baths cost only 220 Yen to get into, but are crowded with old local folk. Walking the early morning streets, Kenichi and I could see them lining up for 10am opening time. If rubbing shoulders with the oldies is not your thing, you can bathe on the roof at the Furutakiya for 800 Yen. (Note: these days the rooftop is for women bathers only.) To really style it, get a private room with lunch included at Harukiya for about 2100 Yen. Since both Kenichi and I are cheapskates, we opted for a public bath. We had a bit of time before it opened, so we strolled around the streets for a while, checking out the scene...


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