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Pictures of Little India Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Pictures of Little India Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Interactive photographic map of the entire world!

Interactive photographic map of the entire world!


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"Bananarama (chocolate plus banana.)
"Peanut butter (Nutty whacked 2 of them in a row!)
"1/2 Glaze..."
Now that critter has got BITE!...

Charms: .
Wrote Keeyit: Eating out at shopping malls really make me headache sometimes. Why I said so ? I often said this Aiyo, what to eat le.. every where also crowded with people..
"We faced the same problem again last weekend when hanging around at The Curve. The Curve again ? Yeah my friends like to go The Curve as it is quite convenience as we used to go to Tesco for grocery shopping later.
"Keeyit: T.G.I Friday lo
Sean: Ok la.. We go back to Ikano for steamboat
Keone: I wish to try the Bavarian restaurant.
Seong: ...
Keone: Italianis also can.
Sean: I do not like to eat pasta or spaghetti.
There is a Vegetarian restaurant, let's have a look. Seong Sakae Sushi lo. But crowded le.
Keeyit: What to eat, aiyo.
Keone: Ok, I will eat anything, you all choose la.
Sean: Ok, same to me as well.
Keeyit: Fine, let's eat Thai Ekspress!
Sean: Great, let's eat Kenny Rogers!

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La Gourmet House: Lot G-52, Ground Floor, The Curve Jalan PJU 7/3 Mutiara Damansara 47800 Petaling Jaya. Phone: 03/7725 4279.
This place has been reviewed by WaiSikKai, who conclude: "Previously located in Ikano Power Centre, La Gourmet House has now relocated to The Curve and it seems the re-location has done them a world of good where patrons are concerned. We were there on a Sunday night and they were somewhat swamped by the number of patrons they had. We had to wait for a while before I decided to ask them for a menu.
"Their Smoked Duck Pasta (RM21.80) is said to be famous and it certainly lives up to that claim. It's a dry style pasta with the spaghetti being tossed in olive oil with other herbs. I enjoyed it thoroughly and they have every right to call it famous. They have some chili flakes in it but it is only very mildly spicy...
"The Farmer's Herb Grilled Sausage (RM18.00) arrived a bit cold. The sausages are decent but they were a bit cold and so was the mashed potato. The Sausage Sandwich with Bavarian Mustard (RM16.80) really came looking like a sandwich with the sausage placed in between two pieces of toast bread.
"The Spaghetti di Bosco (RM19.80) - creamy style pasta sauteed with mushrooms - was indeed very creamy and you can taste the blend of the mushroom in the sauce as well.
"We wanted to try their full sized pies but they only start serving that at 9 pm onwards.
"They have the nccvellux wireless system but don't expect them to respond to that. It's easier to catch attention by calling them. It took two attempts at getting some warm water and it never came.
"Dinner for 6 came up to RM113. It was a good meal but service was lacking..."

Photo copyright KL People KL Food Marche Movenpick: .
Wrote the blogger KL People KL Food: "Last Sunday, I went to IKEA to shop for a few bundles of pussy willows. OMG, it was so jam-packed with families and the kids were playing around at the show room. We immediately head off to the market hall to get our to-buy things and went to the Curve to get a peace of mind.
"It was nearly 7 and Char Siew Bao suggested Marche for dinner. I donft really feel like having western food cus I believe that I had enough potatoes, broccolis, pastas and rocket leaves back in aussie. But anyway, I decided to give Marche a try as I was attracted by its ebuffet-likef concept.
"This is my Marche passport. You will be given a passport at the entrance of the restaurant and remember not to lost it! Or else you will receive a RM200 penalty, which will then be donated to a charity of your choice. Haha.. sounds interesting...
"There is this mushroom counter which serves different types of mushroom dishes. I took this yummy saute mushroom, priced at RM 8.50. The portion served was so generous that I had a hard time finishing 'em..."

Photo copyright Memoirs of a Chocoholic The Apartment: .
As the name suggests, this place is set up exactly like your apartment -- with its own bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and even bathroom style dining areas, where people dine amongst the white tiles and plumbing. A gimmick perhaps -- just like that prison torture restaurant in Shibuya, Japan. The Apartment has been reviewed by Memoirs of a Chocoholic who wrote: "Nestled in ground floor of "the Walk" section of the Curve shopping center (in between Italiannies and TGIF), the Apartment is one of the newer restaurants - taking over the demised Slippery Senoritas.
!Being a mushroom lover, I had to order the Grilled Portabello Mushrooms (about RM14++) as an appetizer:


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THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING GOING ON IN KUALA LUMPUR, AND AQUARIA KLCC MAKES A COOL PLACE TO HANG OUT, GO ON A DATE, ETC. Here are some of the current and upcoming events happening at the aquarium:

t h e + o t h e r + a q u a r i u m

WITH ALL OF THIS HYPE, YOU WOULD THINK THAT AQUARIA KLCC WAS THE FIRST AQUARIUM EVER OPENED IN MALAYSIA. But of course that is not true, there is another aquarium in the KL area, coupled with the city zoo. Located 13 kilometers north^east of Kuala Lumpur, the National Zoo and Aquarium contains hundreds of different species of animals, birds, and reptiles. The aquarium has an extensive collection of marine and freshwater species. Both the Zoo and Aquarium are open daily from 9am to 6pm. Admission: RM5 (Adult), RM2 (Child).

e x p e r t s + s a y

AS THE EXPERTS SAY: "Akuarium yang terletak di tingkat bawah tanah mempamerkan pelbagai jenis hidupan marin dan batu karang, AQUARIA@KLCC akan menggunakan teknologi multi-media canggih di mana pengunjung dapat menikmati pengalaman menarik hidupan dasar laut. Antara tarikannya ialah pengunjung dapat menyentuh dan memegang beberapa hidupan laut, berenang bersama jerung dan mempelajari secara lebih dekat kajian saintifik hidupan dasar laut. Terowong "Laluan bergerak" akan membawa para pengunjung ke akuarium ini bagi menikmati keadaan sebenar hidupan laut dalam yang amat menarik. Terdapat lebih daripada 3,000 spesis hidupan marin seperti jerung besar, ikan pari dan belut elektrik berenang dengan bebas.

"Sedangkan bagi warga negara Malaysia yang membawa MyKad atau KTP untuk tiket dewasa RM 28 dan anak-anak RM 22. Anehnya, tidak terlalu banyak orang Malaysia yang berkunjung ke sini. Padahal wartawan detikcom Arin Widiyanti berkunjung pada Minggu 11 November 2007 sore sekitar pukul 16.00 waktu setempat.

"Setelah melepas uang RM 38, wisatawan langsung memasuki ruang pameran. Suasana yang didapat tak terlalu asing. Serasa di Seaworld Ancol, Jakarta Utara yang mulai beroperasi pada 1992. Suasana dibuat gelap sehingga hanya cahaya dari dalam kolam yang menyinari ruangan...

"Bosan memandang, kaki melangkah ke aquarium raksasa. Seperti di Seaworld Ancol juga, suasana dibuat temaram untuk menambah kenikmatan mata melihat 283 spesies laut yang dipamerkan. Di bawah naungan aquarium raksasa, pengunjung seperti berada di dalam perut laut.

"Pengunjung tidak perlu repot-repot berjalan untuk menikmati pemandangan dalam aquarium. Pengunjung cukup berdiri, biar eskalator mendatar yang mengantar pengunjung mengelilingi terowongan bawah air.

v i s i t o r + i n f o

HOW TO GET TO AQUARIA KLCC: Aquaria's main entrance is at Jalan Pinang opposite UOA Building. The west entrance is through the underpass tunnel connecting from the concourse level of Suria KLCC (next to Tower Records) to the KL Convention Centre. There is also another west entrance via the KLCC Park leading to the KL Convention. Centre.

Admission Fees    
RM 38
With MyKad
RM 28
RM 26
With MyKid
RM 22
Terms & Conditions
Free entrance for children below 3 years old
Children fee applicable for those aged 3 – 12 years
Standard rates apply to those withosales & admission at 9.00 pm

Contact us by email:
phone: (090) 6039-9341 (JAPAN)