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"IF YOU WANT TO BE A REAL FILIPINO," CLAIMED A COMEDY VIDEO I WATCHED ON YOUTUBE TODAY, "YOU HAVE TO LOVE WATCHING SOAP OPERAS. You have to love watch soaps on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays -- you have to love watching soaps every day of the week." From my experience the situation is the same in Indonesia, Vietnam where I will shortly be living, and Thailand. The Philippines is a soap loving nation. Filipinos can't get enough of it. This is no less true of overseas Pinoy. Whether they are sitting in a flat in Tokyo, or amidst the sand dunes of Dubai, or somewhere in Israel or Blacktown, Sydney -- they still need their daily diet! Preferably sa libre! The good news is that you can watch Filipino TV online for free, all over the world, often live if that is how you like it. Alternatively you can watch all the best of the world (movies, dramas, sport) dubbed into Tagalog. If it is a Jolina Magdangal film you want to watch, you will no doubt also find it online. If you want to see Akihiro Sato flexing it up in shows such as TV5's Shall We Dance, you might be able to catch it here (if not now, then definitely some time down the track. This site is a work in progress. It will soon be a veritable cinema of Filipino TV programmes and movies.) If you want to watch NBN4 (the nation's alternative network and the voice of the Filipino people worldwide), jump offsite here. It is better than radio. Some other online television options: Hulu. Watch iyong mga paborito. Anumang oras. Para sa mga libre. ay isang libreng online video serbisyo na nagbibigay ng hit TV ay nagpapakita kasama Family Guy, 30 Rock, at ang araw-araw Ipakita sa Jon Stewart, atpb. There's TV Duck: watch ang lahat ng iyong mga paboritong TV ay nagpapakita ng online para sa LIBRE. You might be able to catch Gossip Girl in all its bitchy glory, the southern charm of One Tree Hill, The Office which the artist Ponzi recommends, Weeds and Scrubs. Fancast and so on, and on.


"WHAT'S THE SHORTEST JOKE IN THE WORLD?" A YOUNG MAN ASKS ON A YOUTUBE COMEDY CLIP. And then he shouts quickly: "Joke!" He adds: "What's the longest joke in the world? Joooooooooooke!" YouTube is a veritable treasure trove of quality productions like this. If you want something a bit a more upmarket, think beyond YouTube, beyond cable TV, beyond even satellite TV. Think to satellite TV on the computer. Watch Satellite TV Para Sa Libre: Ang Pinakamahusay Na Paraan writes: "Ito ay ginagamit upang ma-na cable TV ay ang pinakamalaking bagay sa paligid at pagkatapos ay dumating satelayt telebisyon. Ngayon, sa lahat ng mga hype sa likod ng mga Internet at computer, ang mga tao ay maaaring panoorin satellite TV sa PC. Paano ito maaari? Sa online na koneksyon sa Internet, istasyon ng mga website ay nag-aalok ng libreng satellite TV sa pamamagitan lamang ng isang pag-click ng mouse."

Filipino Cock FightingFilipino Cock FightingFilipino Cock Fighting

RETURNING TO THE AFOREMENTIONED/DELETED BALIK BAYAN BOX -- that happens to be the name of a popular drama released in 2007. If you want to view part 2 of it on YouTube, click here. You will find all the other parts linked to that on YouTube. As the New York Times wrote of the film: "Children of Filipino workers who have gone overseas in search of employment struggle to survive in this drama from filmmaker Mes De Guzman. Ilyong, Jun-jun and Moymoy are three young boys living in the rural Philippines. Their parents are OFW's -- Overseas Filipino Workers, a local term for people who have traveled to the Middle East, Hong Kong or Japan in search of jobs that are hard to come by at home. Most OFW's support their families by sending home "Balikbayan boxes," parcels containing cash and presents that have been designed with Filipino shipping regulations in mind. But the boys have learned that a Balikbayan box is a poor substitute for a mother and father, and that despite their parents' good intentions, getting by on what they're sent is difficult if not impossible. Ilyong, Jun-jun and Moymoy steal food to get by and occasionally scrounge up enough change to take in a show at "Betamax House," a makeshift movie house where bootleg videos of American action films are shown. Just as the youngsters suffer in the absence of their parents, their folks discover that the fortune they imagined would be found elsewhere proves to be elusive at best..."

So much for the acclaimed Balikbayan drama -- no doubt it is one of the most popular Filipino numbers over there at YouTube. But it is just a drop in the ocean of the Filipino material there. For more balikbayan related fare, you could try this black and white video -- How to Pack a Balikbayan Box.

Starmometer reports: "Mars Ravelo's Darna, the fantaserye that catapulted Angel Locsin's career to super stardom, is still the highest-rating weekday primetime fantaserye in the Philippines for all time. Check out our exclusive Top 10 Fantaserye list based on Mega Manila tv ratings.
"Fantaserye is a coined term joining the words fantasy and series. It is a genre of Philippine television which mixes soap opera, fantasy, myth, magic and enchantment. The episodes are usually 30 minutes long, and has a daily slot in the evening primetime row.
Considered in this list are once a week fantaseryes.
Top 10 Highest Rating Fantaseryes
(As of July 7, 2008)

1. Wansapanataym (1997, ABS-CBN) 56.4%
2. Darna (2005, GMA) 52.1%
3. Encantadia (2005, GMA) 51.7%
4. Marina (2004, ABS-CBN) 50.8%
5. Mulawin (2004, GMA) 47.3%
6. Dyesebel (2008, GMA) 44.9%
7. Captain Barbell (2006, GMA) 43.7%
8. Kamandag (2008, GMA) 43.6%
9. Sugo (2007, GMA) 43.2%
10. Joaquin Bordado (2008, GMA) 42.2%

TV9 is a Malaysian private-owned television station which started transmission on April 22, 2006. This free-to-air television station is owned fully by Media Prima Berhad. Despite its focus mainly on Malay programming (for example Pak Pandir Moden, episode 10 of which you can watch online here, Pendekah 5, and so on), the station also airs Chinese movies (with Malay subtitles) and Japanese series (dubbed in Malay) programmes on a weekly basis.

Independent production company, Bayan Productions Incorporated BAYAN PRODUCTIONS
Through its groundbreaking and phenomenal Magandang Gabi, Bayan, Bayan Productions has effectively reinvented public affairs programming for the 1980's and beyond. For more than a decade, Good Evening, Philippines remained the undisputed leader in public affairs programming and lorded it over on primetime television, beating all its timeslot competitors whether entertainment, drama or special events show. MGB was the first and only public affairs program in the history of Philippine television to make it to the number one (1) slot in the industry's over-all program ranking. (Source: Company website.)
¡°For nearly two decades, our forte has been mainly investigative - serious, explosive and hard-hitting stuff. But after almost twenty years in this craft, we thought it¡¯s time to re-invent ourselves, again, and seek yet another higher ground and this time, we¡¯d like to focus on the more positive, uplifting and developmental side of things. It is aptly captured in our new mantra, PINOY PRIDE, PINOY HOPE and PINOY DREAM. Our three programs¡­TRIP NA TRIP , KABUHAYANG SWAK NA SWAK and THE URBAN ZONE are all committed to achieving that, ¡° Ms. De Castro stressed..."

Lupin is a Philippine drama that aired on GMA Network. It is loosely based on the French crime fiction series of books featuring the character Arsáâe Lupin[1] and the Japanese manga and anime series Lupin III, in turn loosely based upon the original works. "Lupin" aired its last episode on August 17. 2007. (Source: Wikipedia.)
Born in the late 19th century, Lupin is a gentleman thief, a master of disguise, and an amateur detective. While operating on the wrong side of the law, he is still a force for good. Those whom Lupin defeats are worse villains than he. Other characters in the stories include Lupin's faithful accomplice Grognard and his lawman adversary Inspector Justin Ganimard. In some stories Lupin faces Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes (called "Herlock Sholmès" for copyright reasons).

Filipino TV.

Minor Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (Net 25) Progressive Broadcasting Corporation (UNTV 37) Rajah Broadcasting Network (RJTV) Radio Mindanao Network (RMN) Southern Broadcasting Network (SBN) Studio 23 (ABS-CBN affiliate) Q (television network) (GMA affiliate) ZOE Broadcasting Network (UniversiTV).

TeleVision (QTV)) is a TV Network and a sister station of GMA Network, Inc. The network was formed after GMA Network leased the entire airtime block of ZOE Broadcasting Network flagship station DZOE-TV 11, after Citynet Television was closed in 2001. This stations studios are located at the 22/F Strata 2000 Bldg., F. Ortigas Jr. Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City. And at the GMA Network Center, EDSA cor. Timog Ave., Diliman, Quezon City.
Q's programming lineup features popular American dramas, and other lifestyle programming.

Photo courtesy of Box Full of LiwaliwPhoto courtesy of Box Full of LiwaliwPhoto courtesy of Box Full of Liwaliw

First Kapampangan TV Drama.
Writes Box Full of Liwaliw: "To the knowledge of most Filipinos, only Manila has the capability of producing teleseryes in the country, while all other dramas must have been produced by Koreans, Americans, Japanese, Mexicans, or Chinese.
"But did you know that in other regions, Pinoy TV dramas are also being produced and are even employing the use of non-Tagalog languages like Cebuano? With the cultural fervor sweeping the regions, one could only be reminded that the Philippines -- amidst the institutionalized belief that this archipelago only speaks Tagalog as its language while the rest are mere "dialects" -- is, indeed, a diverse country, and that its diversity is bound to extend even to the field of TV dramas.
"Take for example the Kapampangans, the latest Filipino ethnolinguistic group to enter the field of teleserye production. This August, which is considered the Language Month, a Kapampangan cable channel (Infomax-8) and a creative pool of Kapampangan youth (Kalalangan Kamaru) will be launching Kálam, the first ever Kapampanganovela -- the term introduced to refer to kabalen-produced TV dramas -- in Philippine broadcasting history.
"Like other Philippine regional communities, Kapampangans possess a rich and colorful collection of folklore. Apart from the usual laman labuad (laman lupa for the Tagalogs), Kapampangans have a diverse world of folk healers and sorcerers.
"Aside from the popular mangkukulam and mambabarang, there is the magkukusim, who can project his soul from his body to bewitch people across distances; the katulunan, who can channel the spirits of various living creatures; the uple, illusion makers; the ustuang, powerful witches that can make their bodies explode and incinerate the surroundings, and many other strange, magical characters that continuously add color to our local culture, but are sadly being forgotten and replaced by foreign monsters like the Bogeyman, Big Foot, and the Loch Ness Monster.
"However, in Kálam (a Kapampangan word for "grace" or "gift") instead of portraying these magical characters in their conventional barrio setting, they will be portrayed in the modern, urban world, dissolving the gap between science and superstition, technology and magic, and the traditional and the modern. Imagine mangkukulam, ustuang, and mangguguna (potion chemist and charms maker) living with us in the city as seemingly normal people who dress up like us, listen to the same songs we patronize, watch the latest concerts, keep Friendster accounts, occupy seats in the government, and occupy jobs in call centers and malls.
"This is the universe of Kálam where contemporary drama meets folkloric fantasy..."

GMA International Channels Launched in Australia, New Zealand.
Reports the Sun Star from Davao: "GMA Network's international TV channels GMA Pinoy TV and GMA Life TV, together with its radio stations DWLS FM and DZBB AM, were recently launched in Australia and New Zealand through UBI World TV.
"Dubbed UBI Pinoy, the service was officially unveiled in Sydney on June 25, 2008 via a launch event attended by Philippine diplomats, Filipino-Australian community leaders and friends, and leading personalities in Australian and New Zealand media and businesses.
"The New Zealand launch, on the other hand, was held earlier at the official Philippine Independence Day celebration hosted by the Philippine Embassy in Wellington.
"GMA Pinoy TV is the Kapuso Network's first international channel, which airs most of the current top-rating programs from the Philippines.
"Aside from Australia and New Zealand, it is also available in the United States, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Guam, Saipan, Papua New Guinea, 16 countries in the Middle East, 11 countries in North Africa, 49 countries in Europe, and the British Indian Ocean Territory of Diego Garcia.
"Launched just this year, GMA Life TV, on the other hand, is the network's second international channel.
"More than just providing mainstream entertainment, GMA Life TV engages viewers with its exciting line-up of heartwarming and innovative programs that feature the Filipinos' lifestyle and interests.
"It is now available in Japan, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, 16 countries in the Middle East, 11 countries in North Africa, and 49 countries in Europe.
"UBI World TV is a leading content aggregator of non-English programming from different parts of the world and is the premier multi-cultural subscription TV and radio broadcaster in Oceania..."

StreamGuys to Handle Content Delivery of ABS-CBN IPTV Service from Philippines.
I found this story by Shamila Janakiraman at the IPTV Community, about an exciting development in the exponentially expanding world of online Filipino TV:
"California-based StreamGuys, Inc. announced that it will be handling content delivery for ABS (News - Alert)-CBN's IPTV service in Canada, Europe, Japan and South Korea. StreamGuys is a streaming media and content delivery provider.
"ABS-CBN Broadcasting is an integrated media and entertainment corporation in the Philippines. It has 35 television stations, 19 owned- and operated AM and FM radio stations and 10 affiliated radio stations in Philippines. StreamGuys has been providing content delivery for four years for ABS-CBN chiefly for on-demand streaming and downloads of programming using the public internet through the service TFCnow.
"Enrique Olives, director of business development for ABS-CBN Global said that there were eight million Filipinos living in other countries and the company has employed the internet to penetrate markets for the global delivery of its programming. The internet has been used as in some markets where satellite and cable delivery is too expensive or not available at all.
"StreamGuys is the recipient of the IPTV (News - Alert) business after four years of offering streaming broadcasts cost-effectively. It provided back-end server infrastructure management for the internet streaming and download service at
"'There is a huge market for ABS-CBN programming outside of the Philippines, and it's important to make our content available on as many platforms as possible,' said Olives.
"Content delivery networks like StreamGuys are ideal for IP-based broadcast distribution because it usually leverages their relationships with ISPs around the world instead of just purchasing raw bandwidth.
"StreamGuys offers ABS-CBN programming as MPEG-4 standard-definition video which is suitable for IPTV and Windows Media for internet streaming and download services. The company also built a cluster of servers in the U.S., Japan and the Netherlands catering to the growing demands in the IPTV service. This ensured increased network capacity.
"StreamGuys has designed the IPTV server infrastructure for direct communication with IP addressable consumer set-top boxes enabling instant delivery of content on demand. The company also takes care of connectivity issues in any country and problems in the greater network.
"'StreamGuys has proven valuable as a CDN that adjusts to our changing requirements as we scale our network,' said Eugene Paden, head of IT Operations for ABS-CBN Global. 'They clearly understand the different quality requirements for watching content on TV as opposed to a computer, and manage the network to maintain those various requirements. The network management has been critical as we grow our customer base, and the positive aspects of the scalability vs. cost ratio become increasingly evident as we boost network capacity.'
"Jonathan Speaker, COO of StreamGuys, Inc. pointed out that the rise of the internet and IPTV delivery platform for distributing high-quality broadcast content enables broadcasters to cover the entire globe. He further assured full assistance to ABS-CBN for the reliable and cost-effective delivery of its broadcast content worldwide thereby enabling them to focus on producing the broadcast content..."

Text Based Game Shows.
Wrote Jayson B. Brizuela from the Philippine Daily Inquirer (July 14, 2008): "There's a new phenomenon on late-night TV that's keeping more and more Filipinos awake: live, text-based game shows.
"Aired on ABC 5 and ABS-CBN, the shows are easy to miss -- or dismiss -- especially if you prefer watching more familiar cable channels.
"A closer look, though, may get you hooked.
"First of all, there's the prospect of winning. The games are easy -- various word, letter, or picture puzzles are flashed on-screen for viewers to solve. To join the contest, viewers only need to text in special codes for the chance to answer the puzzles on-air.
"The spontaneity is also interesting. The shows feature unknown hosts, are almost devoid of production values, feature no sexy models or skimpily clad back-up dancers, and don't seem to have a script.
"And the ultimate TV blasphemy? There are no commercial breaks.
"You can imagine how daunting non-stop broadcast can be for a host. Well, not all, it turns out. If there's anything that keeps ABC 5's Text 2 Win (Mondays to Sundays, 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.) interesting, it's host Faye Fernandez.
"Her candor, masa appeal and oftentimes comic way of anchoring are the program's main points of interest.
"A big part of her job involves convincing viewers to text in. She has an arsenal of approaches. She's alternately a jovial friend, persistent cajoler, well of encouragement, or a reprimanding neighbor for those who refuse to heed her call. Whichever mode she picks, she keeps a straight face.
"'Hello. Ikaw ang kinakausap ko. Oo, ikaw. Walang ibang tao dito. Tayo lang. Kaya mag-text ka na. Sino ang gustong manalo? Ikaw ba? Ikaw? Gusto kita bigyan ng pera. Kaya mag-text ka,' she would say, looking at the camera with the most serious face.
"It's a priceless TV moment. Goodbye, reality talent searches, hello 'reality hosting.'
"The show has its downsides, though. Because the camera has nowhere else to go but the host's face, it can get boring. The set has fake views of the city and disparate furnishing. Also, Faye could do with a more clever stylist and a bigger wardrobe.
"ABS-CBN's Games Uplate Live (midnights) is more technically proficient. It's flashier, with animated backgrounds, upbeat music, and feels like a music video program.
"Like Text 2 Win, Uplate has the same contest mechanics. But that's as far as similarities go.
"Host Jaymee Joaquin's style is very much like that of a video jock. Plus, she's nicely made-up and styled. (She's actually a radio jock, DJ Laila of WRR 101.9 FM.) She's good at ad-libbing, is very relaxed onscreen and seems far less prone than most to make amateurish quips or awkward statements.
"She has another advantage: Games Uplate Live has breaks in the form of ABS-CBN program plugs.
"The show, which recently ended its fourth season, also has brisk pacing. But it also has drawbacks. Because there are less chances for spontaneous comedy, the only reason you'll watch, is if you want to join the contest..."

"Dengan pembelian tersebut, anda juga secara tidak langsung menjadi RESELLER (agen) kami dan berpeluang MENJANA PENDAPATAN TAMBAHAN secara sambilan atau SEPENUH MASA. Dengan setiap penjualan anda, anda akan mendapat Rm20 daripada harga produk dalam hari yang sama juga!
"Jadual Pendapatan Setiap Bulan
"Mahu Sertai? Klik Disini :"

There are echoes of Ugly Betty, in this following story, culled from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, on May 1 2008: "A couple of weeks ago, I was stuck in the airport because my flight was delayed. I had nothing to do so I watched the ¡°teleserye¡± [TV soaps] being shown at the waiting lounge. I hadn¡¯t watched those things for ages, and the first thing I noticed was that nothing had changed. The ¡°bida¡± [lead character] was still the beautiful young girl who was both clueless (i.e., ¡°tanga¡±) and a pushover—qualities redeemed by her kindness, purity and meekness. The ¡°contrabida¡± [villain] was a rich and sophisticated woman, wielding control over everything and everyone. Haciendas were ruled by powerful families. Policemen and other law enforcers were incapable of solving crime. People got rich once they found out that they were the sons/daughters of a dying millionaire, not because of hard work or an entrepreneurial bent..."

Tagalog TV.
Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC).
Manila Broadcasting Company, Inc. (MBC) holds the distinction of being the pioneer broadcast institution in the Philippines and the largest broadcast network in the Philippines and Asia with over 500 radio stations throughout the Philippines. The company has nine (9) different networks namely, DZRH Nationwide, Aksyon Radyo, Love Radio, Yes-FM, Hot-FM, Radyo Natin, The Beat FM, Mix FM and Kids FM. The company is involved in the radio broadcasting business. DZRH was put on air on July 1, 1939 by the Hickock Company and was then known as KZRH. It is the oldest surviving radio station in the Philippines and forms the nucleus of the MBC. (Source: Wikipedia.)
TV Natin stations:
DWCL TV 12-San Fernando, Pampanga
DWWK TV 3-Lucena
DYEZ TV 34-Bacolod
DYBU TV 43-Cebu
- DZRH DZRH 666kHz Metro-Manila - Love Radio DZMB 'Love Radio DZMB' 90.7MHz Manila 25kw / DWYN 'Love Radio DWYN' 99.1MHz Naga 10kw / DWCM 'Love Radio DWCM' 99.5MHz Legaspi 10kw / DWLW 'Love Radio DWLW' 100.7MHz Lucena 10kw / DWKS 'Love Radio DWKS' 95.3MHz Daet, Camarines Norte 1kw / DYKS 'Love Radio DYKS' 95.1MHz Baguio 10kw / DWIL 'Love Radio DWIL' 90.7MHz Laoag 5kw / DWIP 'Love Radio DWIP' 94.5MHz Santiago, Isabela 10kw / DWID 'Love Radio DWID' 98.3MHz Dagupan 10kw / DYKS 'Love Radio DYKS' 91.9MHz Bacolod 10kw / DYTM 'Love Radio DYTM' 91.1MHz Tacloban 10kw / DYMB 'Love Radio DYMB' 97.5MHz Iloilo 10kw / DYBU 'Love Radio DYBU' 97.9MHz Cebu 25kw / DYEZ 'Love Radio DYEZ' 98.3MHz Puerto Princesa, Palawan 1kw / DXLS 'Love Radio DXLS' 107.1MHz Iligan 10kw / DXKS 'Love Radio DXKS' 96.9MHz Cagayan De Oro 10kw / / DXBM 'Love Radio DXBM' 90.7MHz Davao 10kw / DXWK 'Love Radio DXWK' 101.5MHz Gen Santos 10kw / DXMB 'Love Radio DXMB' 95.1MHz Butuan 5kw / DXIQ 'Love Radio DXIQ' 106MHz Malaybalay 5kw - Radyo Natin DWRB 104.9MHz Bangui, Ilocos Norte / 105.3MHz Paoay, Ilocos Norte / DWRE 104.5MHz Candon, Ilocos Sur / DZVL 100.9MHz Bontoc, Mt. Province / DZRU 100.7MHz Buguias, Benguet / DZVM 88.5MHz Asingan, Pangasinan / 99.7MHz San Fabian, Pangasinan / DWMC 103.7MHz Tabuk, Kalinga Apayao / 102.1MHz Aparri, Cagayan / DZVL 101.7MHz Banaue, Ifugao / DZVJ 101.7MHz Maddela, Quirino / DWRQ 105.7MHz Iba, Zambales / DWRF 106.5MHz Sta. Cruz, Zambales / 10300.9MHz Calauag, Quezon / DZVB 104.9MHz Catanauan, Quezon / 107.9MHz Gumaca, Quezon / 105.3MHz Infanta, Quezon / DWRH 104.5MHz Mauban, Quezon / DWME 103.3MHz Sablayan, Occ. Mindoro / DWRM 101.7MHz San Jose, Occ. Mindoro / DWMH 103.7MHz Bongabong, Or. Mindoro / DWMJ 102.9MHz Naujan, Or. Mindoro / DWMK 105.3MHz Pinamalayan, Or. Mindoro / DZVF 100.1MHz Buhi, Camarines Sur / DWRP 100.9MHz Pio Duran, Albay / DWRU 104.9MHz Tiwi, Albay / DWRB 104.7MHz Irosin, Sorsogon / 102.9MHz Pilar, Sorsogon / 91.9MHz Sorsogon, Sorsogon / DYRE 101.1MHz Culasi, Antique / 100.1MHz Laua-an, Antique / DYRP 90.5MHz Patnongon, Antique / DYRS 91.7MHz San Jose, Antique / DYML 105.7MHz Roxas City, Capiz / DYRE 103.7MHz Calatrava, Negros Occ. / DYSO 105.7MHz Hiniragan, Negros Occ. / DYSL 105.3MHz Hinobaan, Negros Occ. / DYRQ 88.3MHz Sagay, Negros Occ. / 93.1MHz Victorias, Negros Occ. / DYSJ 105.7MHz Bayawan, Negros Or. / 105.5MHz Bais, Negros Or. / 92.1MHz Guihulngan Negros Or. / 94.9MHz Balamban, Cebu / 91.7MHz Bogo, Cebu / DYRO 101.3MHz Daanbantayan, / DYSH 104.1MHz Oras, Eastern Samar / DYSI 104.9MHz / Calbayog, Western Samar / DYSB 103.3MHz Abuyog, Leyte / DYSA 102.9MHz Baybay, Leyte / DYSC 103.1MHz Sogod, S. Leyte / DXRF 92.1MHz Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte / 101.7MHz Kabasalan, Zamboanga del Sur / DXRH 91.3MHz Margosatubig, Zamboanga del Sur / DXMD 91.9MHz Pagadian, Zamboanga del Sur / DXRP 107.1MHz Mambajao, Camiguin Island / 105.7MHz Gingoog, Misamis Oriental / 106.1MHz Oroquieta, Misamis Oriental / DXRA 100.9MHz Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon / DXRO 106.9MHz Maramag, Bukidnon / DXRW 105.7MHz Bayugan, Agusan del Sur / 105.3MHz Cabadbaran, Agusan del Sur / DXRY 104.9MHz San Francisco, Agusan del Sur / DXSE 91.1MHz Bislig, Surigao del Sur / DXRL 100.5MHz Baganga, Davao Or. / DXSB 104.9MHz Gov. Generoso, Davao Or. / DXSC 105.3MHz Lupon, Davao Or. / DXRE 101.3MHz Manay, Davao Or. / 105.3MHz Mati, Davao Or. / DXRZ 105.3MHz Sto. Tomas, Davao / DXSA 105.5MHz Malita, Davao del Sur / 100.1MHz Koronadal, South Cotabato / 101.5MHz T'boli, South Cotabato / DXSG 101.3MHz Kiamba, Sarangani / DXSH 101.7MHz Maasim, Sarangani / DXSD 101.3MHz Isulan, Sultan Kudarat / DXRB 94.5MHz Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat - YES ! FM 'YES! FM 101.1' 101.1MHz Metro Manila / 'YES! FM 91.9' 91.9MHz Baguio / 'YES! FM 92.3' 92.3MHz Iloilo / 'YES! FM 105.5' 105.5MHz Bacolod / 'YES! FM 102.7' 102.7MHz Cebu / 'YES! FM 106.3' 106.3MHz Dumaguete / 'YES! FM 91.1' 91.1MHz Boracay / 'YES! FM 104.7' 104.7MHz Cagayan de Oro / 'YES! FM 105.1' 105.1MHz Davao - HOT FM 'HOT FM' 91.5MHz Cebu 25kw / 'HOT FM' 106.3MHz Dagupan 10kw / 'HOT FM' 102.7MHz Zamboanga 10 kw / 'HOT FM' 105.5MHz Gen. Santos 10kw - Aksyon Radyo DZNL 'Aksyon Radyo DZNL-La Union' La Union 783kHz 5kw / DZJC 'Aksyon Radyo DZJC-Laoag' 747kHz Laoag 10kw / DYEZ 'Aksyon Radyo DYEZ-Bacolod' 684kHz Bacolod 10kw / DYSM 'Aksyon Radyo DYSM-Catarman' 972kHz Catarman 1kw / DYMS 'Aksyon Radyo DYMS-Catbalogan' 1044kHz Catbalogan 5kw / DYXR (formerly DYRC) 'Aksyon Radyo DYXR-Cebu' 648kHz Cebu 10kw / DYOK 'Aksyon Radyo DYOK-Iloilo' 720kHz Iloilo 10kw / DYVL 'Aksyon Radyo DYVL-Tacloban' 819kHz Tacloban 10kw / DXGO 'Aksyon Radyo DXGO-Davao' 855kHz Davao 10kw DWID-FM Pacific Broadcasting System, Inc. which is an affiliate of Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) DWID-FM 'Love Radio' 98.3MHz Dagupan 10kw Radyo Natin <> YES! fm 101.1 Unofficial Site 'YES! fm 101.1' (formerlly DWST Showbiz Tsismis) 101.1MHz Metro Manila / DZTR-FM 89.5MHz Naga 10kw / DWTR-FM 93.7MHz Santiago, Isabela 10kw / DZST-FM 91.9MHz Baguio 10kw / DYST-FM 92.3MHz Iloilo 5kw / DYTL-FM 95.9MHz Tacloban 10kw / DYTS-FM 105.5MHz Bacolod 10kw / DYTC-FM 102.7MHz Cebu 10kw / DXTC-FM 95.9MHz Cotabato 5kw / DXTR-FM 104.7MHz Cagayan de Oro 10kw / DXTL-FM 105.5MHz Iligan 5kw / DXST-FM 105.1MHz Davao 10kw / DXTZ-FM 90.7MHz Zamboanga 10kw [ Investigation day : 2001.10.05 ] Radio Mindanao Network (RMN) - Radio > AM Stations 'RMN News' > DZXL '558 RMN News Manila' 558kHz Manila 50kw / DYCC 936kHz Calbayog 1kw / DYKR 1161kHz Kalibo, Aklan 5kw / DYVR 657kHz Roxas 5kw / DYRI 774kHz Iloilo 10kw / DYHP 612kHz Cebu 10kw / DYHB 747kHz Bacolod 10kw / DXRS 1206kHz Surigao 5kw / DXBC 693kHz Butuan 10kw / DXCC 828kHz Cagayan de Oro 10kw / DXHP 999kHz Bislig 1kw / DXDR 981kHz Dipolog 5kw / DXPR 603kHz Pagadian 5kw / DXIC 711kHz Iligan 5kw / DXMB 648kHz Malaybalay 5kw / DXDC 621kHz Davao 10kw / > DWHP Smile Radio' 99.5MHz Laoag 5kw / DWHB-FM '103.9 DWHB Smile Radio' 103.9MHz Baguio 10kw / DWHT-FM 107.9MHz Dagupan 5kw / DWON-FM 104.7MHz Dagupan 10kw / DWNX-FM '911 NXFM Metro Naga's Family Station' 91.1MHz Naga 10kw / DYVR-FM 93.9MHz Roxas 5kw / DYXY-FM '991 XYFM' 99.1MHz Tacloban 10kw / DYIC-FM 95.1MHz Iloilo 10kw / DYHT-FM 94.3MHz Bacolod 10kw / DYXL-FM 93.9MHz( or 99.1MHz) Cebu 25kw / DXXX-FM 100.7MHz Butuan 10kw( or 5kw) / DXVM-FM '991 VMFM' 99.1MHz Cagayan de Oro 10kw / DXZZ-FM '941 ZZFM' 94.1MHz Dipolog 1kw / DXIX-FM 102.3MHz Iligan 5kw / DXXL-FM 'Smile FM' 93.9MHz Davao 25kw / DXWR-FM '963 Smile Radio' 96.3MHz( or 96.4MHz) Zamboanga 10kw / DXCC-FM 90.9MHz( or 94.1MHz) Cotabato 5kw / DXCK-FM 'Smile FM' 91.9MHz( or 101.9MHz) General Santos 5kw( or 10kw) / DXKE-FM 94.1MHz Surigao 5kw / DXWD-FM 96.7MHz Pagadian 5kw - Televison 'E! Philippines (Entertainment Television Philippines)' Channel 31 Manila / 'CTV 8' Cagayan de Oro / 'CTV 31' Cebu / 'CTV 26' Baguio - RMN Affiliates > AM Stations > DYWC 801kHz Dumaguete 5kw / DYPR( or DXPR) 765kHz Puerto Princesa 10kw / DYRS 1431kHz San Carlos 1kw / DYXT 1071kHz Tagbilaran 1kw / DYRR 792kHz Ormoc 5kw > FM Stations > DYGB-FM 'esa 1kw * RMN Points of Presence <> - Radio See - Televison DWKC-TV 'CTV-31' Channel 31 Metro Manila 50kw / DXHB 'CTV-8' Channel 8 Cagayan de Oro 5kw - Associate Networks (Affiliates) Banwag Broadcasting System / Ormoc Broadcasting Company / Palawan Broadcasting Corporation / Universal Broadcasting System / VIC Radge & Sons / Broadcast Enterprises And Affiliated Media (BEAM), Inc. / Franciscan Broadcasting Corporation / Gold Label Broadcasting System, Inc. / Soundstream Broadcasting Corporation 939 KCFM Radio Mindanao Network DWKC-FM '939 KCFM' 93.9MHz Metro Manila 35kw Lite 107 DWHT-FM 'Lite 107' Dagupan 10kw 951 iCfm Iloilo Radio Mindanao Network DYIC-FM '951 iCFM 'Live it up!'' 95.1MHz Iloilo 10kw * Iloilo Radio Stations > 87.75 DYXX GMA Network Iloilo / 88.7 DYKU The Mellow Touch Iloilo / Q89.5 Home Radio Iloilo / 90.5 DYRU Love Radio San Jose / 91.1 DYMC for life Iloilo / 91.7 DYNJ Yes-fm San Jose / 92.3 DYST Yes-fm Iloilo / 93.5 DYMK Campus Radio Iloilo / 94.7 DYPL Power of Love Calinog / 951 ICFM Iloilo live it up! / 97.5 DYMB Love Radio Iloilo / 98.3 NJfm The Hive Iloilo / 99.5 DYRF Star-fm Iloilo / 100.7 DYOZ Z100 Iloilo / 103.3 Hot-fm Iloilo / NU107 Iloilo / Power107.9fm Iloilo * Bacolod Radio Stations > 88.3 DYGI Hot-fm Bacolod / 90.3 CPFM Bacolod / 91.9 DYKS Love Radio Bacolod / 92.7 DYEC ABS-CBN Radio / 93.1 Yes-fm Cadiz / 943 HTfm Bacolod Live it up! / 95.5 DYIF Star-fm Bacolod / 96.7 DYKR W-Rock Bacolod / 99.1 DYBM Crossover Bacolod / 99.9 FjFM The Hive Bacolod / 101.5 OO for life Bacolod / Jamie@Rhythms 102.3 Bacolod / 103.1 Radio103 Bacolod / 105.5 DYMY Yes-fm Bacolod / 106.3 DYBE KillerBee Bacolod / Campus Radio 107.1 Bacolod [ Investigation day : 2001.10.05 ] Nation Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) - AM Stations DZAR 'Angel Radyo' 1026kHz (formerlly DZAM) / DZSP San Pablo / DZYZ Olongapo / DZYI Ilagan, Isabela / DZYT Tuguegarao / DWSI Santiago, Isabela / DYCB Cebu / DXRI Iligan / DXRB Butuan / DXRD Davao / DXRO Cotabato / DXRE General Santos / DXBL Bislig, Surigao del Sur / DXCL Cagayan de Oro / DWAY Cabanatuan / DWRI Laoag - FM Stations DZRU 'Joey@Rhythms 92.3' 92.3MHz Metro Manila (formerlly DWFM) / DZYB Baguio / DZRB Naga / DYNC Cebu / DYBC 'Jamie@102.3' 102.3MHz Bacolod / DXFM Davao / DXRL-FM Cagayan de Oro / DXTY-FM 'Tony@101.1' 101.1MHz Zamboanga / DXOK Cotabato / 'Rocky@98.3' 98.3MHz Iligan // In 1999, FM station's name as 'M.R.S., the Most Requested Song' was changed each name for each station. [ Investigation day : 2001.10.06 ] The Hive 100.3 'The Hive 100.3' 100.3MHz Manila The Hive 98.3 Iloilo City DYNJ-FM 'The Hive 98.3fm 'Swarming The Airwaves of Iloilo'' (formerlly Boss Radio NJ-fm 98.3 Iloilo) 98.3MHz Iloilo 5kw - Network Stations > DZRJ-FM 'The Hive 100.3 Metro Manila' (formerlly Boss Radio RJ-fm 100.3 Manila) 100.3MHz Metro Manila 30kw / DWRJ-FM 'The Hive 96.5 Tuguegarao' 96.5MHz Tuguegarao 10kw / DWDJ-FM 'The Hive 91.1 Baguio' 91.1MHz Baguio / DYNJ-FM 'The Hive 98.3 Swarms the Airwaves of Iloilo City' 98.3MHz Iloilo 5kw / DYRJ-FM DXDJ-FM 'The Hive 100.3 Davao' 100.3MHz Davao 10kw / DXRJ-FM 'The Hive 88.5 Cagayan de Oro' 88.5MHz Cagayan de Oro 10kw / DZRJ-AM 'The Hive News and Information Radio in Metro Manila' 810kHz Metro Manila / DXRJ-AM 'Radyo Asenso' 1476kHz Iligan / RJ TV-29 'The Biggest Shopping Network in the Philippines' (formerlly Timeless Television) Metro Manila * Iloilo Radio Stations > 87.75 GMA Network Iloilo / 88.7 The Mellow Touch Iloilo / Q89.5 Home Radio Iloilo / 89.9 K-lite Iloilo / 91.1 DYMC for life Iloilo / 92.3 DYST Yes-fm Iloilo / 93.5 DYMK Campus Radio Iloilo / 951ICFM Iloilo live it up! / 95.9 DYHM Hot-fm Iloilo / 97.5 DYMB Love Radio Iloilo / 98.3 NJfm The Hive Iloilo / 99.5 DYRF Star-fm Iloilo / 100.7 Z100 Iloilo / 103.5 KillerBee Iloilo / 105.1 Crossover Iloilo / NU107 Iloilo / Power107.9fm Iloilo * Bacolod Radio Stations > 89.1 K-Lite Bacolod / 90.3 CPFM Radio1fm Bacolod / 91.9 Love Radio Bacolod / 92.7 EC Maximum Music Autority / 943 HTfm Bacolod Live it up! / 95.5 Star-fm Bacolod / 96.7 W-Rock Bacolod / 97.9 Hot-fm Bacolod / 99.1 DYBM Crossover Bacolod / 99.9 FjFM The Hive Bacolod / 101.5 OO for life Bacolod / Jamie@Rhythms 102.3 Bacolod / 103.1 Radio103 Bacolod / 103.9 Mellow Touch Bacolod / 105.5 Yes-fm Bacolod / 106.3 KillerBee Bacolod / Campus Radio 107.1 Bacolod Kung fu fanatics take note: Through subsidiary Celestial Pictures, ASTRO has all rights to the collection of 760 movies produced by Shaw Brothers (Shaw Studios) from the 1950s through the 1990s. These films have never been exploited beyond their initial theatrical release (they got a bit of a running at Garnet Mae's house down in Sydney during the rayon year of 1996, and have proven popular in the skate circles and more recently in Hollywood.)

My Dream TV is a company based in The Philippines but with subscribers across Asia, including Malaysia.

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Region III (Gitnang Luzon) [baguhin] Aurora TV-5 Baler (GMA Network) TV-22 Baler (Amcara Broadcasting Network) [baguhin] Bulacan TV-34 (Amcara Broadcasting Network) [baguhin] Nueva Ecija DWCN-TV 3 Cabanatuan (ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporarion) TV-30 Cabanatuan (Amcara Broadcasting Corporation) [baguhin] Pampanga DWCL-TV 12 (Manila Broadcasting Company) DWIN-TV 46 (Amcara Broadcasting Network) [baguhin] Tarlac Sonshine TV-30 (ACQ-Kingdom Broadcasting Network) DWTC-TV 34 (Amcara Broadcasting Network) [baguhin] Zambales DWIB-TV 5 Iba, Zambales (GMA Network) DWNS-TV 10 Olongapo (GMA Network) DWZT-TV 12 Olongapo (ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation) DZZA-TV 13 Botolan, Zambales (ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation) DWSB-TV 22 Olongapo (Subic Broadcasting Corporation) DWAM-TV 23 Olongapo (Amcara Broadcasting Network) DZEA-TV 24 Botolan, Zambales (Amcara Broadcasting Network) DZMZ-TV 13 Masinloc,Zambales (ABS-CBN Dagupan/ABS-CBN Broadcasting Network) [baguhin] Region IV-A (CALABARZON) [baguhin] Batangas DWNI-TV 6 (Conamor Broadcasting System) DZAD-TV 10 (ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation) DWAI-TV 12 (GMA Network) DWJR-TV 36 (Amcara Broadcasting Network) TV-48 Lipa (Amcara Broadcasting Network) [baguhin] Laguna TV-36 San Pablo (Amcara Broadcasting Network) [baguhin] Quezon Province DWWK-TV 3 Lucena (Manila Broadcasting Company) DWPP-TV 8 Lucena (Conamor Broadcasting System) TV-24 (Amcara Broadcasting Network) Sonshine TV-28 (ACQ-Kingdom Broadcasting Network) [baguhin] Rizal Province TV-40 Antipolo (Amcara Broadcasting Network) Sonshine-TV 42 Calapan (ACQ-Kingdom Broadcasting Network) [baguhin] Palawan DYAZ-TV 2 Puerto Princesa (AZ Communications Network) DYGS-TV 4 Puerto Princesa (National Broadcasting Network) DYAA-TV 6 Brooke's Point, Palawan (GMA Network) DYPR-TV 7 Puerto Princesa (Palawan Broadcasting Corporation) DWRF-TV 8 Coron, Palawan (GMA Network) DYPU-TV 12 Puerto Princesa (GMA Network) TV-23 Puerto Princesa (Amcara Broadcasting Network) Sonshine-TV 35 (ACQ-Kingdom Broadcasting Network)

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SOME OF THE COMMENTS YOU MIGHT PICK UP IN THE TAGALOG SPEAKING BLOGOSPHERE AT THE MOMENT MIGHT INCLUDE: "i just finished Supernatural season 3... panalo talaga. looking forward to season 4." / "nagsimula ako Bones season 3 kaya ako natulog madaling araw after ng mng4. ahahahaha." / "tapos hinihintay ko yung Heroes... kakabitin last season kase. pft."

Moymoy Palaboy, Superstar.
Writes Pocholo Concepcion, from the Philippine Daily Inquirer:
"The latest YouTube sensation is not a singer in the usual sense, but two Pinoy lip-synching siblings, whose uproarious antics have earned them fans worldwide, including Peter Cetera of the famous 1970s group, Chicago.
"The novelty music video act that is Moymoy Palaboy debuted on the Internet in February 2007, purely on a whim. 'Trip lang, gusto lang naming makita sarili namin sa YouTube,' says James Ronald Obeso, a.k.a. Moymoy.
"Since then, it has a garnered a total of 7.12 million hits for 22 uploaded videos.
"Shy bro, not!
"At first, James had difficulty convincing Rofil, his younger brother, who was very shy. But when Rofil finally said yes, deciding to wear a bushy wig to hide his identity, the act proved to be a rib-tickling bombshell waiting to explode.
"Using a Sony Ericsson W810i cell phone with a 2-megapixel camera ¡ª and with Rofil editing the footage on an HP laptop ¡ª the first Moymoy Palaboy video, 'N Sync's Dirty Pop, featured only James.
"Response to the next videos was phenomenal. Netizens couldn't resist the way the boys put a twist to lip-synching, a refreshing update on the art of theatrical spoof. Giving their work a natural, raw appeal was the fact that the video was shot in austere surroundings, the cramped living room of their Pasay City apartment, with their aunt (Mama Auntie) casually wandering in and out of the frame.
"So far, the most-watched Moymoy video is the brothers' versions of the Spice Girls' Wannabe currently with more than 2 million hits. The rest are not far behind, viewed by the hundreds of thousands. Rofil says they have upgraded from camera phone to a Nokia N73; and that he now edits on a new Acer laptop.
"James notes that there are currently 7,400 subscribers to Moymoy's YouTube account; these are the ones who spread the word. But who really are the guys behind Momoy Palaboy?
"James, who turns 25 on July 17, was the male lead vocalist in a cover band, Passionista, which regularly performs here and abroad. James has been to Japan and Malaysia with the band, which is due to leave next week for a stint in Singapore. He opted not to join this time around, because Moymoy Palaboy has just been offered two hot gigs on cable and free TV.
"Rofil, 22, describes himself as 'a nerd, the researcher' who loves to play computer games and tinker with electronic gadgets.

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