Perverts are fixated on the oral drive (for example, drinking in my case!)

The pervert act is a type of symptom.

The perverse act is situated at the level of jouissance; the hysterical act at the level of desire.

Nonetheless, perverts can benefit from liberating repressed desires!

What is my ultimate sexual fantasy as attested to by porn?

The life of the pervert is expressed in the matheme a<>$. Here the pervert believes him or herself to be the a. The fantasy of the pervert can thus be expressed: S2<>S1. They believe they have knowledge of the master signifier.

The psychoanalytic treatment of a pervert does not set as its objective the elimination of perverse behaviour.

The pervert knows what he is to the Big Other (eg, my occasional dreams of being an Indian prophet). In acting this way, he/she treats others as a split subject (eg, I force them into a position of me being their object).

The pervert knows that the Big Other wants... I knew Catherine James (and later women) were my soulmates. The problem was that they didn't seem to know it!


Voyeurism enables the voyeur to be uninvolved in the other's intimacy. The voyeur aims to dismember the body of the other. (Dave Harris)

Cricket said he could tell if a man had a girlfriend by the way they were dressed.

Is there a link between voyeurism and compulsive lying?