NEUROSIS IS THE THIRD AND FINAL STAGE CLASS OF PERSONALITY STRUCTURES DESCRIBED BY LACAN. Unlike perverts, neurotics have successfully separated their desire from the desire of the mother. Unlike psychotics, neurotics are a master of language. In fact, they live in language, but are dead in life.

There are supposed to be three types of neurotics: obsessives, hysterics, and phobics.

The obsessive wants to be the cause of the other's jouissance (excess pleasure). The hysteric, on the other hand, is allergic to jouissance, and wants to be the cause of the other's desire. Could Elisabeth be neurotic? Dyslexia is a symptom of that!

"In the cases of neurosis, learning to read necessitates going via the Oedipus complex and castration in order to understand the letter is part and parcel of a whole and that the letter has to be relinquished in order to read the word..."

The psychoanalytic act can be used to provoke speech from the obsessive.

Apart from the learning difficulty, another manifestation is the refusal to school (Ulya), a phobia of schooling.

Algorithm: Subtype: Distrust authority, especially in regards to education; Kelly: doubling (her dog is just as demanding as she is!


The phobia is a form of the Name of the Father (castrating agent).


Gudetama is so lifeless and devoid of passion...