For psychotics, foreclosed signifiers return not as repressed symptoms, but in the Real (as hallucinations!) Psychotics don't use metaphor, and they don't understand jokes. They use "autonymous" words. Think of Kobayashi-san with his unique lingo.

Psychotics have never experienced sexuation. One Mile at a Time's ex-boyfriend calls himself "aerosexual".

Homosexuality is a consequence of the foreclosure of the Name of the Father. One Mile at a Time's brother Marc died when Ben was three years-old; he had been like a father to him.

Manic depression. Mania is the opposite of the Phallus, which is the law of restriction.

Psychotics are particularly drawn to drugs. It could be because drugs allow us to make a break with the Phallus

At the extreme end of psychosis is autism. Autism sets in before the mirror stage and prevents it from happening.

From The Wall: "You can not think of the other one, you can not speak with the other one unless you have some free range..."

Nonomura-san and her accidents (including lost teeth!) Dad and his frequent falls.

Dad's Huntington Disease included astrogliosis: the walling off of neurons from each other. Astrogliosis performs crucial functions such as building scar tissue, but in Huntington's Disease, it goes off the rails.