Schoolgirl suicide bomber kills two in supermarket
WHAT I am going to narrate happened several years ago. At the time I worked for a carpet and wallpaper export firm in the vicinity of Bombay, India. The company was located outside the city and consisted of numerous huge warehouses and several large offices where the deals and wheels were made. I was a wheeler and dealer and worked in one of the aforementioned complexes -- let's call it G3. I was the finest wallpaper salesman in India and had the awards and salary to prove it! We had just broken into the lucrative European market, and it seemed that anything was possible.

At the time I was 38-years-old, and had over the years made a habit of identifying and admiring attractive women (and occasionally bedding them, of course!) Office life provided plenty of opportunities for this diversion -- alighting from the bus in the earBY R.RAJUly morning heat, in the canteen at lunch, and during trips to other departments. One January I began to notice one particular girl among a new batch of recruits. Even though she would not be considered a beauty by Indian standards, there was something about her which set her apart, and without realising it, I began waiting for her in the bus lot and canteen.

She was of average height and rather slim, and quite dark with a fine mahogany complexion which I found attractive. She had an angular face, a fine nose slightly flaring at the nostrils, on which she wore a nose stud. She had rather thin lips and a small mouth, but the small lips did not detract one. Clearly the most attractive aspect was her eyes. They were large and expressive and had a disconcertingly cutting glance; no sidelong glances with this woman, even though she was quite feminine. And she liked to wear ex-Indian Army boots to sales meetings.

Did I mention that I have a fetish with army footwear. Before I knew it, I was in love.

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