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WHILE IT MAY HAVE SEEN BETTER DAYS, PATPONG IS THE ORIGINAL REDLIGHT DISTRICT OF BANGKOK. This is where it all started. Nana Plaza is kind of like a naughty version of Khao San Road... exciting and congested!

Thaniya Plaza is for the Japanese... or Japanese speakers like myself!

Most girls in go-go bars are barfineable... but not all!

Single Man's Paradise says: "NOTE: GoGo Bars are the most expensive places to purchase pussy but they usually have the most attractive girls. I really enjoy Bacarra GoGo at Soi Cowboy and Spankys at NaNa Plaza. Lotís of cute young chicks in these bars. There are too many great GoGo Bars to name so I suggest bar hopping until you find the girl that you like..."

Go to Billboard!

Bacarra is popular with Japanese!

It was late 1992, and I was en route to Egypt and Israel and the Middle East with my man Garnet Mae, and we had a couple of days to kill in Bangkok, awaiting our Turkish Airlines flight. Arriving in the dead of night at Bangkok's old international airport, we decided to head in to the famous (infamous) Khao San Road guesthouse area. With a mad Englishman and Irishman to split the taxi ride. It was my first night in Asia, and everything about the place crazed/amazed me. The traffic, the way the taxi driver raced down the road as if he were on a deathwish, and we didn't even have functional seatbelts to wear! The traffic, whole families hanging out of the back of pick up trucks (they may well have been SpaceCabs, or maybe it was too early for the SpaceCab revolution?) Tonnes of families on the streets, and it was nearly midnight (us kids would have been back home in bed at the same time.) Gridlock in the middle of the night downtown, and what made the ride even more surreal, was that the taxi was an exact replica of my Mum and Dad's own car, a blue Holden Commodore (I guess both were German Golf rip-offs.) But my Dad never gunned it down crowded highways, the way that Thai taxi driver did. I hung on to the roof strap for dear life, as we thundered past ever more shabby and colorful districts, the streets swinging with lights. Trees groaning with lights, and above that, on the facades of buildings, bright neon lights advertising Japanese and American companies. We were all convinced that the taxi driver was going to try to rip us off. When he finally pulled up on the kerb and said we had arrived at Khao San Road, none of us believed him. When I got out of the car, I was stunned to see a common criminal being led down the street, shirtless and wearing handcuffs, by the Thai police. And I thought to myself: What kind of country is this? Little did I know at the time, that at the head of Khao San Road lies a massive local police station. guys in handcuffs don't phase me any longer. I have even worn them myself, on the odd occasion, and played the role of the scary criminal, on the great stage of life. I have loosened up, and Khao San Road no longer scares me. But does it still interest me? That is the great question, as I await my next visit there, in August 2008.