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YES IT IS TRUE -- THERE ARE PLENTY OF WESTERN GUYS LOOKING FOR THAI GIRLS IN THE REGAL, ROYAL CITY OF BANGKOK, AND PLENTY OF BEAUTIFUL GIRLS DREAMING OF A FARANG BOYFRIEND. I saw it myself, the last time I was there, which was August 2008 -- I saw it with my own eyes. I will see it again, when I am there at the end of 2011/start of 2012. If Thai women are not cute enough for you, however, you can always try dating the Russian women living and working in the great Eastern metropolis. The decline of living standards in the old Soviet Union has pushed women out into the world to find their fortunes (or merely make ends meet); the growth of the Thai economy has drawn some of these girls, mothlike, to the bright lights and infamous bars of Bangkok.

Discussing in detail the history of the Russian mafia in Asia, AsiaPacificMs reports: "In the present second wave of migration to the Far East, it is not only Vietnam which has received a massive influx of Russians. The number of Russian visitors to Thailand has increased from only a few hundred in the late 1980s to 24,000 in 1993, 31,000 the following year and nearly 50,000 in 1995. Entire Russian quarters have sprung up in the beach resort of Pattaya east of Bangkok. Officially, they are "tourists". Most of them are small-scale merchants who buy electronics and textiles in Asia and sell them in Russia for a modest profit. But many remain behind in Thailand to run restaurants which serve borsch, shashlik and, when available, Russian caviar. Some talented young men find jobs as jazz musicians in clubs catering to the Bangkok's affluent, new middle class. Many Russian girls work as entertainers in Bangkok's numerous night clubs, or can be hired as 'escorts'...

"The girls are believed to have come to Asia through networks operated by the Russian mafia..."

For Russian women living and working in Bangkok, the Russian Mafia and the brutality of its business practices are the least of their concerns. There has also arisen in recent years a crackdown by the state on their existence, and Russian women are increasingly being targeted by the police and Thai vice squads.

m e e t i n g + g i r l s

SO, THERE ARE PLENTY OF RUSSIAN WOMEN WORKING IN BANGKOK, BUT INCREASINGLY, THERE ARE HORDES OF RUSSIAN GIRLS COMING HERE FOR A HOLIDAY AS WELL. If you do really want to meet and greet Russian babes in Bangkok, some of the places that have been recommended include:

Ambassador Beer Garden: Kloymaie on Russian Girls in BKK wrote: "I was last in Bangkok august and September this year. I meet a lot of wonderful Russian girls at the Ambassador Beer garden...
"But the beer garden is now closed due to constructions of a new hotel at the ground. It's a big shame as the Ambassador Beer garden was a very lovely place to sit down under the sky and enjoy the atmosphere from the street and enjoy a cold beer and a good meal in the heart of Bangkok.

Bed Supper Club: Sukhumvit.
This is the place to shake your booty when you are in Bangkok. I got this story from Zeek Not Geek: "Put the 3 words together and you have BKK hottest and most futuristic club. I know, we have the ciplak version of Bed club in Belissa Row, Penang, but this one is the original one ok. Situated in the Sukhumvit district, which famous for its clubs and bars, Bed Supperclub is considered the most eye catching since the club is shaped like a cylinder. It's a restaurant, gallery and of course your feng tau place, just that it's a high end one. I was there early on Saturday night with resident DJ Josh Ezelle and DJ Emanuelle spinning their specialty techno and house music. It was rather quiet at first but as the night sway its way, more and more people and it was so packed by midnight, it was as if we're at some rave party.
"One thing I noticed, there were very little locals (Thai) or should I say non-existence (except the bar tenders and bouncers la, of course, wtf?!). Lots of foreigner, Japanese, Taiwanese girls giggling snapping photos all the way in front of the DJ deck in their cute dresses.. a few even wore straw hat! Of course there will always be our friends from Middle East who contribute to Thailand's tourism, even Malaysia's too! So we welcome them with open arms.. Apart from being a dance club, Bed Supperclub also serves as a restaurant during the daytime until 10pm. And the restaurant is so unique, there are actually no menu.
"So how do one order their food??
"Well, the menu items are actually painted on the waitresses top. So if you really cant decide what to eat, then its ok to 'virtually scan' through the waitresses huge rack selection of food. Cool isn't it? I bet if we have this in Malaysia, im sure there will be a lot of sexual harassment case reported. But jokes aside, I didn't check out the restaurant looking at the spectrum of street food available anywhere and of course cut cost lar. Entrance to the club is 700THB with 2 drinks. I think the price is reasonable looking at the crowd and ambience this place have to offer. Did I mention that it's a non-smoking club too? Another plus point to give this club a visit the next time you're there..."

Bangkok, the sin capital of Asia
Despite the temples and cultural treasures
Bangkok remains a city of sin for many
CM2 disco: Novotel in the Silom area. See the story on Mango Sauce about Russian women inside the place.

Grace Coffee Shop: Grace Hotel, Sukhumvit Soi 3.

Soi 3: As Girls in Bangkok reports: "Soi 3: Was a hangout for the Russian girls but a recent bust in February may have changed this a bit. Try another 10 at Soi 13.

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