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IT MIGHT SURPRISE YOU TO LEARN THAT KUALA LUMPUR IS BECOMING ONE OF THE MASSAGE CENTERS OF SOUTH EAST ASIA (READ THE MALAYSIAN LIFE BLOGSPOT FOR CONFIRMATION OF THIS). Despite an often dour morality rigidly applied by the Government, massage is a booming industry in Malaysia -- the spa culture has really taken hold. As The Malaysian Life reported recently (September 2008): "For the past few years, Kuala Lumpur can boasts hundreds if not thousands of massage parlours. As massage parlours have a negative connotation amongst Malaysians and partly to disguise its set up in attempt to fool enforcement authorities, savvy businessmen have re-branded massage parlours and called them Spas, health centres, reflexology centers etc or numerous combinations of these.

"Massage parlours in Kuala Lumpur today offer a variety of new services - steam and sauna baths, manicure and pedicure, foot reflexology and also sensuous massage for men..."

The newly opened Pacific Spa Academy in Kuala Lumpur claims: "In Malaysia and around the world, the spa and massage business has been growing dramatically for more than 10 years. Employers find it increasingly difficult to find quality, trained therapists and staff.

"+++ Spa-related jobs have increased 87% since 2000
"+++ The number of spas is doubling every 4 years
"+++ Spa revenue doubled in just 2 years
"+++ Up to 75% of spa business is from massage therapy
"+++ Massage therapy is the fastest-growing health care field in the world!
"+++ Most countries require proof of certified training for you to work there; Malaysia will begin a path to certification in 2006!"

Kilimanjaro Traditional Spa in Malaysia says: "Massages can be one of the best things you can do for your body and psychological well-being. They not only loosen up your muscles, but good massages will also relax you and relieve much of the stress you may be going through. Only a small percentage of people have taken advantage of the positive effects that a massage can offer, but others have not tried the experience for a variety of reasons..." Kilimanjaro Traditional Spa offers a range of treatments include the Malay Traditional Massage (RM 99 for the first hour), the Thai Traditional Massage using ancient methods from Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok (RM 99 for the first hour), the Aromatherapy Classic Relaxation Course (RM 99 for the first hour) and the Bertungku and Urut Lepas Bersalin Course (RM 299 for an application spanning three days), the Back, Shoulder and Hand Massage ("Lenguh-lenguh atau sakit sendi - pinggang, bahu atau lengan, ataupun terseliuh kaki dan tangan"; cost RM 29 for 20 minutes rubdown) and the 30-minute long Krokan Hot Stones Massage (RM 38).

Chinese Tui Na massage
In Tuina which is a push and grab technique, internal disorders and muscle problems are treated via this massage. This Chinese massage method is also used for treat injuries and joint pains. For babies the Chinese have a massage treatment that works quite well.
This Chinese massage is called Infant Tuina. The pressure points that are used for this massage are different than the ones that are widely used. As a home remedy type of Chinese massage you will find Dian Xue. This particular Chinese massage is used by acupuncturists when they encounter situations where they can't use the acupuncture needles. (Source: Street Directory.

Kuala Lumpur Hotel Deals

Due to its strategic location at the heart of southeast Asia, I often find myself in the capital Kuala Lumpur, interrupting a journey for a couple of hours or days, taking advantage of the cheap multicultural cuisine or the prodigious tropical greenery, or just checking out the shops. Some people claim it is a boring city, or compare it unfavourably with its cleaner, meaner sister down the peninsula. But I think it is kind of cool in its own way, and much prettier than a lot of other similarly sized cities (for example, Yokohama -- and that is one of the GOOD cities in Japan!)

Given that I have been to Malaysia so many times, I want to create a website which celebrates the city and provides information for the curious outsider. This particular page, however, is dedicated to the city's Changi International Airport, which is so cool and offers so many fun things to do, that it deserves to be considered a tourist attraction in its own right.

c h a n g i + m a s s a g e

MANY READERS OF THIS SITE ASK WHERE IS A GOOD PLACE TO GET A MASSAGE WHILE IN SINGAPORE. It is a fair question, and I am obliged to offer a fair answer. Other readers, meanwhile, ask where is a good place to relax at Changi -- and I mean really relax -- while others want to know where to work out. "Interestingly, the rooms have indicators pointing to Mecca, for the convenience of their Islamic clientele. There is also a small children・スE・スE・スE・スfs play area on the ground floor, but I've never seen any families at the transit hotel. It usually seems to be business travellers, and people are just trying to sleep. International flights are coming and going around the clock, so the hotel books blocks of six hours at a time, which can be extended by the hour. It・スE・スE・スE・スfs about US$35 for a room.
"Use of the terminal 1 transit hotel gym, showers, and swimming pool are included in the room charge, but can also be purchased separately. The transit hotel gym has a fairly new Precor treadmill (was finally replaced this spring), a stationary cycle, and a few weight machines, and a rack of dumbbells. and little packets of soap (which are hard to open).
"The desk can also supply you with exercise clothes, although you still need to bring your own running shoes. Their gym has several nice treadmills, along with a newer weight machine, hand weights, and mats for yoga. They also have showers, nap rooms, oxygen therapy, and a lounge with snacks."

i n d i a n + m a s s a g e

INDIAN MASSAGE IS BASICALLY AYURVEDHIC MASSAGE, THE ANCIENT PRACTICE OF THE SUB-CONTINENT WHICH IS NOW ENJOYING A POPULARITY BOOM IN SINGAPORE AND AROUND THE WORLD. As Indian Girl Massage has written: "Indian traditional massage practiced under ayurveda tradition for thousands of years. These massage are popular due to its uniqueness & rejuvenative power of healing.
"1) Improves blood circulation.
"2) Improves body flexibility & muscle tone.
"3) Helps to trim off and burn the excess & stubborn fat from the body.
"4) Tones up skin and encourages its renewal process.
"5) Mobilizes the digestive system and speeds up the elimination of waste products.
"6) Improves immunity to fight against infection and disease.
"7) Caring touch and massage soothe our nerves and decrease tension.
"8) Helping sleep problems.
"9) An effective aid to relaxation...

Ayurvedic massages are generally regarded as more luxurious and exotic than other massages as most use a synergistic combination of precious oils and carefully prepared herbal extracts. These are delicately and precisely created in laboratories in India by respected Vaidyas, and individually modified and mixed to get the perfect mix for YOU.

my encounter with a mad fundamental Christian preacher who also happened to work at the airport. It happened in the transit lounge.

Ancient's Best Clinic: Level 6, Raffles (The Plaza), 2 Stamford Rd. Phone: 6336 4477. Email: . Website: Ancient's Best Clinic website here.

Ayurveda, a Holistic system of Medicine, though native to India, is a practical science of life whose principles and practice are universally relevant today as it was some 5,000 years ago. As such it can be established that Ayurveda is a time-honored and ageless science. Ayurveda includes herbal ‘balanced’ medicines, nourishment (dietetics), exercises (Hatha Yoga/Pranayama), surgery and psychology. It also extends to include the deeper knowledge of spirituality. Ayurveda became the basis or foundation of the healing traditions of Indonesia, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Burma and other Buddhist lands and has influenced Chinese medicine. It further spread west, where the Greeks were similarly influenced.
"The highest or ultimate goal of AYURVEDA & SIDDHA treatment is to attain absolute detachment of the 'Atman' or soul. This is the state of liberation or 'Moksham'. However for practical and commercial purposes this is hardly emphasized nor practiced. In Singapore at Ancient's Best, Clinic & Study Center of Ayurveda & Yoga, this is our Physician's primary emphasis. At the same instance, the body, mind and its equipment are not neglected but brought very much into focus and attention, as it is the only means of realizing the Self or Truth..."

i n d o n e s i a n + m a s s a g e

THE FIRST AUTHENTIC ASIAN MASSAGE I EVER SUBMITTED MYSELF PROSTRATE TO, HAPPENED WHEN I WAS HANGING WITH MY INDONESIAN FRIEND HOTMAN ON THE RIAU ISLANDS, IN THE SUPER STRATEGIC STRAITS OF MALACCA NEAR SINGAPORE, BACK AT THE END OF 2000. Hotman was a Batak journalist in Jakarta but cultivated dreams of opening a karaoke bar in Nagoya (not the Japanese Nagoya, but the Indonesian Nagoya on Batam Island.) I don't know how the scheme panned out, but I do know he was big on massage, and he was intending to include a massage facility in his complex. Across the busy Straits, Singaporeans are likewise wising up, to the benefits of Indonesian massage. Given that Singapore sits only miles from the Riau Islands and beyond that, over the bustling seas, the vast and sprawling Indonesian archipelago, it is not surprising. According to My Beauty Guru, "Traditional Indonesian Massage is an ancient system of healing which relies upon deep pressure massage to break down tensely knotted tissue as well as long strokes and skin rolling to relieve tension and improve circulation.

"This is a therapy where pushing techniques predominate, working very deeply to ease muscle and joint pain. The oil is worked into the body using long sensual strokes spanning the length of the muscle to relieve tension. After the initial strokes are completed the sequence is finished with upwards strokes towards the heart. The skin is also rolled between the thumb and the forefinger to awaken nerve endings and increase blood flow. Circular thumb movements are used for the same purpose. Pressure points on the hands and feet are also massaged to relax the body.

"If you are feeling stiff or suffering from pain, a traditional Indonesian Massage is highly recommended. An hour session of this massage is enough to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated and re-energised."

Some places offering Indonesian massage in Singapore include:

House of Traditional Javanese Massage: Branches on East Coast Rd, Jalan Jurong Kechil, Devonshire Rd and Upper Thompson Rd. Website: House of Traditional Javanese Massage website here.

Open every day except Hari Raya Puasa and Hari Raya Haji, the House of Traditional Javanese Massage offers a full body massage and a ginger herb rub. According to the House, "Fresh ginger is traditionally used in Javanese healing treatments - it is believed to moisturize, stimulate circulation and impart warmth to the body. Watch out for some real heat but leave feeling better than believed possible."
The House of Traditional Javanese Massage is famous for its ginger rub, but that is not the only treatment available. Also of interest is the Pre and Post Natal Massage utilising a little piece of Indonesian technology called the bengkung. "The bengkung is a long abdominal sash that is bound tightly round the abdomen and hip areas and is believed to help rid of the body excess wind, restore muscle tone, flush toxins and strengthen the new mother. It is also said to stimulate the body's lymphatic system thus quickening the process by which the mother shed the extra weight put on during her pregnancy..."
Some of the other treatments at the House of Traditional Javanese Massage include the Mandi Susu (Milk Bath), the Yoghurt and Honey Rub and the Mandi Lulur body scrub.

Wayan Retreat Balinese Spa: 61 Bussorah Mall. Website: House of Traditional Javanese Massage website here.

With its resort-like Indonesian decor, this place is a strictly womens only retreat. And the treatments here include the aforementioned lulur (a scrub using powdered rice and Indonesian spices), or the Balinese Urut, in which long kneading strokes are believed to renew and strengthen the body and mind (or should I have said, the mind and body???)

m a s s a g e + d i r e c t o r y

MY FIRST SINGAPOREAN VISIT WAS INDEED FLEETING -- and, according to official definitions, not a real visit, because I didn't leave the airport. However, it justifies as a tourist attraction in itself. It is worth going to Singapore Airport, just to see the airport! This might sound strange.


Andara Qi Spa: 25-1 Jalan 23/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Desa Sri Hartamas 50480, Kuala Lumpur. Phone: . Email: Website: Andara Qi Spa website here.

Treatments available include body scrub, back massage, Indonesian massage, hot stone massage, foot massage, shoulder massage and body moisture massage (employing an intense moisturising body balm which can easily penetrate dry and stressed skin).

Aramsa Spas: Bishan Park II, 1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 569931. Phone: 6456 6556. Email: Website: Aramsa Spas website here.

"Therapy for the Soul" is the motto of this upmarket spa and massage center; it also likes to call itself "The Garden Spa". According to the official website: "Founded on the belief that Nature is the greatest healer, Aramsa ~ The Garden Spa infuses universal natural remedies with botanical extracts from the earth and the sea.
"Immersed within the lush greenery of Bishan Park II, we encourage you to seclude yourself to a private space, where you holistically nurture your entire being.
"Aramsa has eleven uniquely designed garden blocks, each presenting an eclectic mix of contemporary design and seamless spaces in harmony with the garden ambience that brings the outside in. "
Treatments (therapies) available include: garden spa package, massage and face, eye, back, water, exfoliation, and body wrap therapy. For more information and price lists, visit the official website (listed above.)


Kursani Malaysia Massage Spa for Men: 24A 1st Floor Jalan SS15/4, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor; 73-5 Jalan 2/27F, Sect. 5, Wangsa Maju Urban Centre, 53300 Kuala Lumpur. Phone: 603/5632 4716, 5636 9327 (Subang Jaya); 603/4142 9701, 4142 9706 (Kuala Lumpur).

According to the official website: "If you find yourself in need of pain relief, or simply want to find a safe and natural way to enhance your relaxation and sense of well being, you owe it to yourself to contact Kursani Massage Centre, so that you can experience first-hand the wonders that a Malay traditional treatment can provide... Our all male therapists, eager to please, know what you need because they are intensively trained to maneuver the male human body. Highest quality is our philosophy, thus only those who pass our quality test are assigned to treat our valuable customers..."
If you are interested in learning massage as a career move or otherwise, you will be interested to know that Kursani Massage Centre offers a training course. Kursani can also facilitate job placement through exclusive recruiting visits and contact with industry leading massage employers. The courses are run to the highest standards, in a format which is short and intensive so as to accessible to people with full time jobs. The program covers advanced deep tissue massage, structural bodywork, injury treatment massage, medical and sports massage, and traditional treatments such as the lulur bath method, manggir, herbal bath method, the milk bath, body rapping, barut and so on.

The glass panel, which separates the spa from the shopping arena, acts a canvas to filter reality as you await your treatment. The consultation rooms sport separate state of the art scanners for facial and hair analysis. Venture forth and you will be surprised to note that this spa houses 23 treatment rooms in all. The spa delineates separate routes, leading to the treatment rooms to ensure that males and females patrons are accorded the strictest privacy. Step into the wellness corner; your entrance will be heralded by a cobblestone path, entreating the male or female patrons to luxuriate in the jacuzzi, sauna or hydrobath, each in their own private sanctuary...
For the full review click here.


Senjakala Spa describes itself as the first urban day spa in Kuala Lumpur, and claims it is always on the look out for "promising male talent". You can use the HTML site tagged about to directly search for jobs. If you have experience in the following kinds of massage, you will have an advantage: traditional Malay massage (urut), Swedish, shiatsu, Thai Temple style, reflexology, sports, relaxation, aromatherapy, Hilot, Pijat; Body Work; Skin Care; manicures and pedicures and so on.
The therapist will concentrate on relieving stress and tension in the head and shoulder area. It is excellent for insomnia, anxiety, mental fatigue, sinusitis, and tension headaches.
30 mins SGD$60.00
Oriental Massage
Therapists create their own style using variations of Thai, Indonesian, Japanese Shiatsu, Chinese Pressure Points and movements, sculpting the session to the client's needs.
50 mins SGD$90.00 / 75 mins SGD$120.00
Swedish Massage
A soothing traditional classical European massage using long, slow gentle strokes that eliminate lactic acid and stress, improves circulation, relieves muscle tension, increases mobility by imparting deep relaxation.
50 mins Price SGD$ 90.00 / 75 mins SGD$120.00
Classical Wet Soap Massage
Our signature wet and deep cleansing massage originated from the Czech Republic using soaps that contain essential oils. They are crafted from a vegetable base and are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals to nourish and cleanse the skin while massaging. The skin will feel fresh and soft after the massage.
50 mins SGD$90.00
Aroma Massage
Pure essential oils are used in this massage and their physical properties penetrate the skin to heal muscles and organs. This massage helps to promote relaxation.
50 mins SGD$110.00 / 75 mins SGD$148.00

Home Shiatsu Therapy

As the name implies, this is traditional Japanese massage you can enjoy in your own home (as long as you live in Singapore, and in the west of Singapore.) I remember well my first session of shiatsu therapy at my friend Chris Mae's house in Takao in the west of Tokyo. It was painful! Mae's mother-in-law spent about 30 minutes pushing small gold (as in made of solid gold) needles into the back of my neck and other muscles all over my body. Presumably, the pain is therapeutic. As Home Shiatsu Therapy writes on its homepage: "Shiatsu (literally: finger pressure) is a traditional form of Japanese healing which promotes relaxation and the maintenance of good health. It incorporates gentle manipulation, stretching and pressure techniques to encourage the free flow of energy and harmony throughout the body.
"Sessions are carried out in the comfort of your home. You will be fully clothed, so no embarassing nudity situations to endure. A comfortable massage table will be provided for your maximum therapeutic benefit.
"Each session is charged as follows: 60 minutes - S$100 (all prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD) Available from 12 noon. Last Appointment: 6.30pm * Note: Service is not available in the East of Singapore."

Indian Girl Massage

Indian Girl describes herself thus: "I'm a indian girl with certified from UK,INDIA,AND SINGAPORE certificates and experienced in aromatherapy massage.
I'm in my 20s.Offering traditional relaxing aromatheraphy massage.
Per hour massage is $75/=with oil massage and face cream.
Two hour massage is $130/=with/without scrub and face cream.
I do out calls only at your place, by appointment cos i do freelance basic.
Appointment to be fixed at least 2hr before.
i do strictly massage only.
i don't provide any extra service.
No gimmicks,just genuine professional massage.
Call priya. + 65 81135446.
Sorry i don't send pictures.
If i did't answer the phone please leave a sms,voice message or email,i will get back to you.
Please view my website for more infor.
Please book early --
Thank you."

Kenko Wellness Spa.

Lonely Planet calls this the McDonald's of massage in Singapore -- not because of its quality, but because they have franchises all over the place. Of course, many consider Lonely Planet to be the McDonald's of the travel guidebook market, so it's word should be taken with more than a dash of salt. On the official website they say: "KENKO chain of Foot Reflexology Centres and Wellness Spas is founded by our Principal, Dr Jimi Tan. Dr Tan has more than 15 years of experience in the Foot Reflexology and Wellness Spa industry, and is skillfully trained in Chinese and American techniques of reflexology. He has also developed his very own style of therapeutic massages and treatments for a quick and effective relief from migraine, back and neck problems.
"Mr Tan's services are highly sought after by both local and international celebrities and the well-heeled in Singapore. He has been invited by the Royal Families of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as well as the former Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Ryutaro Hashimoto, to provide massage treatments..."
Just like the Golden Arches, there are Kenko Wellness Spa's scattered across Singapore. There is one in the Esplanade Mall (8 Raffles Ave). As Nemesis wrote: "A couple of months back, I was at Esplande Mall and saw this Kenko Wellness Spa. As I was walking around aimlessly then, I decided to go for a spa and have a good relaxation.
"The body scrub and back mask helped to have a full back exfoliation and a deep cleansing effect, while the back massage served to ease off those tensed back muscles. Lastly, the whole session was finished off with a nice milk and flower bath with fruits and teas served for you to enjoy while soaking in the nice jacuzzi tub.
"The whole experience was quite nice, with the therapists giving me a very smoothing and nice massage with just the right amount of pressure applied. I almost fell asleep during the massage as It was just too comfortable.
"Overall, I would say that the package was nice, though it was a bit costly. But, there are always special promotions for usage of certain credit cards and you can check out the website for the updated promotion details..."
And for promotion details of the Kenko Wellness Spa at Marina Square, click here.

Mayuri Spa: 11 Unity St #02-10, Robertson Walk. Phone: 6737 5657. Email: . Website: Mayuri Spa website here.

A short walk from the Singapore River, Mayuri Spa brings one to another level of harmony and balance. This spa offers holistic Ayurvedic treatments such as Shirodhara, Abhyangha Massage, Marma Massage, Navarakizhi and Udwarthana, which are perfect for soothing tired, stressed tense bodies and minds.

The Oriental Spa: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square, Singapore 039797. Phone: (65) 6885 3533. Email: Website: Oriental Spa website here.

According to the official website: "As soon as you walk into The Oriental Spa you embark upon a personalised sensory journey; a journey to inner wellbeing that focuses on the senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, sound and intuition.
"The spa's six treatment rooms include a spacious 62 square metre Couple's Suite. Equipped with two beautiful Agape baths and a steam room, it's perfect for guests who wish to share the experience of a refreshing flower bath or invigorating steam bath. The Couple's Suite also has its own relaxation area with a comforting opium bed, a haven where guests can relax and sip a soothing cup of tea after their treatment.
"Tranquillity and harmony reign throughout The Oriental Spa. You can see it in the design of the spa itself, from its walnut timber flooring, Asian motif panels and traditional Chinese furniture. So lie back and relax, as your troubles float away and peace descends..."
For more information and price and booking details click here.

Rapellez: Orchard Rd (Cuppage Plaza #B1-13 to 18, 5 Koek Road); Tel: +65 6736 0567. Upper Thomson (228 & 228A Upper Thomson Road); Tel: +65 6556 0567. East Coast (709A East Coast Road); Tel: +65 6443 0567. Website: Rapellez website here.

I was walking down Orchard Rd in bright sunny Singapore last week (April 2008), taking in the bright scenery, when a girl handed me a flyer advertising Rapellez. As the flyer reproduced on the right claims, Rapellez offers free consultation, free skin analysis, and free fat analysis. Treatments cost as little as $28 for 45 minutes. I was intriqued by the advertised red wine spa massage, wondering what all that was about. It turns out that as well being a great antioxidant inside the body, red wine also applies itself well, to being applied on the outside. Over at Body Contours, red wine is only one of a number of substances used to enhance the massage experience. For a herbal high fanatic like myself, many of these substances are like old friends: they include green tea, Balinese coffee, and Javanese boreh. Hey, if it is good for you on the inside, it must be good on the outside too, the skin being the largest organ in the human body, after all. As a matter of fact, Body Contours lays claim to being "Singapore's first and only pioneering Winergy® Infusions treatment spa. A signature treatment, Winergy® Infusions is inspired from the words Wine and Energy with the concept that red wine acts as a source of therapeutic energy."

Reflexion Beauty Center: 111 North Bridge Road, #02-25/#03-01 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore, 179808. Phone: 65 338 3539. Website: click here.

Services here are provided by Rasidah Husain, a London trained beautician. As well as all the usual Ayurvedhic treatments, Reflexion offers mehandi Indian tattoo services for weddings, Diwali, or personal pleasure. With the popularity of mehandi as a 'temporary tatto', the options of body decorations are limitless. Applications include for the ankle, wristband, arm band, navel area, hand & feet, etc.


Siam Bodyworks: Embassy Row, Ampang Lot 1.08 and 1.09, 1st Floor, The Ampwalk, no. 218, Jalan Ampang 50450, Kuala Lumpur; A-G-6, The Plaza, Northpoint Mid Valley City, 1 Medan Syed Putra Utara, 59200 Kuala Lumpur; Lot no. 1-04, 1st Floor The Podium, Menara Hap Seng, Jalan P. Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur. Phone: 603/2166 9351 (The Ampwalk); 603/2282 0233 (Mid Valley City); 603/2143 1036 (Menara Hap Seng). Email: Website: Siam Bodyworks website here.

Traditional Thai massage in three locations in Kuala Lumpur. Some of the promotions currently available include the early birds program (25 per cent discounts for all massages which start before 11.30am), lunch time packages (a 30 minute foot reflexology session costing RM 35), and private group and corporate sessions featuring Astro news and sports on TV..

Wan Yang: 14 locations around Singapore. Full store list here.

If Kenko is the McDonald's of Singapore massage, as Lonely Planet claims, then Wan Yang must be the Burger King. Of feet. This is the only place in Singapore where you can earn LinkPoints for foot reflexology! Here is a review by a native Singaporean who nows calls Japan home: "I brought some Japanese Yen to be deposited into my DBS account, so I wanna changed them into Sing Dollars. The most convenient place to do that is in Suntec, where the money changer gives the best rates (as far as I know) and the bank is just around the corner.. the rate I got was okay, SGD1.29 for 100yen.. after changing the money, I still have some time left, so I went for my foot reflexology at one of the Wan Yang outlets in Suntec.. Aaaa.. it was truly a relaxing indulgence.. then I went to Carrefour hoping to buy a pair of slippers to be used in the hostel later.. didn’t find any that I liked.. so instead I bought a packet of Milo and some Mars bars.. went to Sports Shop and paid 29.90 for a pair of comfortable slippers.. reached the hostel around 1.30pm.. "
BlueColander said: "Anyways after BC, Tini treated me to Wan Yang Foot Reflexology at the Concourse. It's been ages since I've had foot reflexology so it was excruciating but good! After that we strolled to Amirah's Grill for hummus dip which Tini was craving, washing it down with some refreshing but sweet mint tea. Since we were in the Arab st area, I took the opportunity to check out the little boutiques again - Tini said the Haji Lane strip reminded her of Chapel St, Melbourne..."

Spa Esprit

According to Best Place Explorer: "Four feisty females got together with an idea for a haven where people (like them) could escape to when the stress of life made them want to wail and bail!
"And so, Spa Esprit was formed in 1996. It kicked off the holistic day spa industry in the ever-evolving society of Singapore. In 1996, Spa Esprit started its holistic exploits in the heart of Holland Village -- the one locale in Singapore which can be likened to Greenwich Village in New York or Notting Hill in London. The first extra-ordinary treat which appeared on the menu was the ever-muscle-numbing Hot Stones Massage. Psst -- let's share a secret with you, one of the sassy gals who started off Spa Esprit actually trudged all the way to New York to learn this uber-delish treat! Back then in 1996, Spa Esprit was the first to bring the Hot Stones Massage to the day spa shores in Singapore.
"Like no other, Spa Esprit has evolved through the years, always bringing a new, chic, meaningful and simply fabulous treatment for their clients to enjoy. Combining a coupled approach to health and beauty Spa Esprit has since introduced (always) unique treatments to all Day Spa Lovers out there -- we are simply obliged to introduce to you treatments like the Mud Stones Massage, Cheeky Chai Detox, Strawberry Butter Meltdown, Water Diva Facials, Crystal Tonic Facials and other treats like Chavutti Yogic Massage and the ever growing Herbal Lab retail section which are fully endorsed by Naturopaths and Herbalists!"

Sauvignon Day Spa: #3-47 The Adelphi Singapore, 11 Coleman Street. Phone: 65 6338 6958. Website: website here.

According to the website: "We are Singapore''s first wine-themed spa founded on the principles of vinotherapy. While vinotherapy uses grape seeds, grape seed oil, skins and stalks which are rich in antioxidants in massages and treatments to pamper and nourish the skin and body, we incorporate the use of selected wine in our massage oils to impart similar benefits.
"Besides the wine-based massages and treatments, we also offer a complete range of treatments to pamper your body from head to toe. Our Spa Consultants are always on hand to advise and treatments can be customised to suit your preferences..."

o u t c a l l + s e r v i c e s


Malaysia Outcall Massage Service Center: . Hotline booking: 6/012 616 1519, 6/019 216 3056. Email: Website: Malasyia Massage Outcall Service website here.

This service specializes in traditional Malay massage, and seems to be targeted to tourists and foreigners (with therapists dispatched to your hotel, apartment, office or wherever.) The service promises to "pamper you with traditional and natural exotic tropical oils, plant extracts and essential oils to help you literally feel the true spirit of natural treatments."
Treatments offered include the Malay traditional massage, the classic aromatherapy relaxation course, and the women's period confinement traditional massage (all courses run two hours and cost RM299/65 Euros/US$99).


u r u t + b a t i n

URUT IS THE MALAY WORD FOR MASSAGE AND IF YOU TRAVEL IN PLACES LIKE INDONESIA, SINGAPORE OR MALAYSIA, YOU WILL COME UPON THE WORD OFTEN. Or urut will come on to you. Urut batin (manhood massage) is a traditional form of massage which remains popular in Malaysia and Indonesia. Snack @ Brek Ristorante Changi Airport Terminal 2 #026-109 Departure/Transit Lounge

Contact us by email:  
phone: (0422) 204-477 (AUSTRALIA)