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IT IS WELL KNOWN THAT INDIAN MEN ARE CRAZY FOR RUSSIAN WOMEN. They are generally crazy for any girl who has blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin, in my experience at least. What is somewhat less known is that Russian women hold a soft spot for Indian men... well, some of them do, anyway.

As the Times of India reported back in 2006: "Indians make the best husbands for Russian women because they are 'open' and emotionally attached to their family, says Russia's leading feminist Maria Arbatova. In a country that, for the longest time, has had the tag of being male-dominated culture, would this not be too great a compliment?" Or a blessing, for Indian men looking for Russian women and girls!

There are Indian men who travel all the way to Beirut or Dubai just for the opportunity to meet Russian girls. They needn't have to go so far, because there are many Russian women living in India these days. Bangalore is one of the places in which they accumulate. (Goa is another.) There are a lot of Russian women here, working in Silicon Valley or at companies like Finlandia Vodka. At any given time there are 40 or 50 Russians working in Indian films, according to the Bangalore Mirror. Many of these are female dancers from the former Soviet Union. At least one of these dancers was looking for an Indian boyfriend at one time (I am a Russian model working in Bollywood films want BF). There are Russian fashion models working in Bangalore. As a matter of fact, there seem to be Russian models all over the subcontinent, often prancing around in sarees and traditional clothes. On the other hand, there are a lot of wealthy Indian men in Bangalore these days, this is a city which is going places economically. Bangalore has got itself a swanky new airport, and is home to some of the richest men in the world (for example, Azim Premji). It is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in India, and has been for quite a long time (as this website claims). For every Azim Premji there are thousands of Premji wannabes, aspiring for prestige and wealth. Perhaps some of these men believe they will gain prestige if they are involved with a white woman (or at least seen with one). It is a strange time to be alive when Russian women are paid to be photographed wearing sarees, and Indian men will give or pay almost anything to be photographed with a Russian girlfriend or companion. But Bangalore has always been on the crossroads of different cultures and civilisations, so this kind of juxtaposition has happened before.

1... russian girls for indian men // the pros and cons

ARE YOU AN INDIAN MAN LOOKING FOR A RUSSIAN WOMAN? Or are you, perhaps, a Russian girl looking for an Indian boy? This site is here to help you, to the best of my ability! But before we start the journey... let's back it up a little, and think about what it is we really want. It is a paradox of life that the very thing which attracts us at the beginning is the thing which ultimately pushes us away. This is especially true in relationships. First, a reality check: Russian women are beautiful, but they do have a free mind, and their own agenda. They have a stubborness which is only matched (suprisingly enough!) by that of Indian men! Maria Arbatova reckons Russia should import Indian bridegrooms to boost her falling birthrate and buffer it from a Chinese demographic invasion. However, do Indian men really want to move to that cold vast former superpower, when they have so many other options at home or in other more agreeable locations? I am not so sure that they do. On the other hand, if Indian men are looking to import a Russian bride, this could spell nothing but trouble down the line. Russian women will not conform to traditional Indian gender roles regardless of how much they might like wearing a saree. If they have already made it to India then they are obviously more independent and headstrong than the average girl back home, and lightyears ahead of the locals. Even more concerningly, there are reports that Russians are bigoted against Indians. I read the issue raised on a Russian women discussion forum. It made me think of a conversation I had last year (2009) with my Russian co-worker, V., in Tokyo, Japan. V. was talking about a kindergarten she worked at in Gyotoku, home to one of the many Indian communities springing up in Japan these days. Some of the students at V.'s kindergarten were Indian, and she stunned me when she starting casting racist slurs against them and the food that they ate and their smell and general cleanliness, at a Halloween party we were helping out at. She claimed that the Indian students were so unclean they had mice jumping out of their lunchboxes, and other assorted nonsense. Not that she had actually seen any mice springing out of any lunchboxes at her kindergarten, of course, it was just something she heard about. One woman's opinion, but it might suggest a national prejudice. I wonder what they think about the Chinese when they are seriously suggesting the importation of Indian men just to keep those Asiatic hordes at bay!

2... meeting russian girls in bangalore

AS ALWAYS, IT IS MORE FRUITFUL TO MEET PEOPLE OFFLINE THAN ONLINE. There are a lot of dating sites on the Internet advertising all kinds of benefits, but in my opinion most of them are rubbish. The trouble with dating sites is that there are usually way more men on there than women. Indian men are among the most forthright in the world and will post their email addresses and even phone numbers. If only the women were just as promiscuous! The sites which do claim to offer phone numbers and contact details are probably lying. They're either scamming or spamming!

Craig's List: .
InterNations: A Place for Russians in Bangalore.
The website reads: "Dobro pozhalovat to all Russians in Bangalore! Are you interested in getting to know fellow Russian expats in Bangalore? Are you looking for advice from other Russians, e.g. in which bars in Bangalore will Dynamo Moscow's upcoming match be broadcasted or where in town to shop for kvas, mors and medovuha?
"You are cordially invited to take part in InterNations Bangalore. Among the members of our international expat network, there is also a vibrant circle of Russian expats, coming from Vologda, Ivanovo, Kursk and all parts of Russia."
InterNations Bangalore regularly holds social events in the city. Membership is by invitation only.

JustDial: Language Classes for Russian in Bangalore.
Judging from this site, there must be a lot of people studying Russian in Bangalore. This directory has links to schools such as Aso Terralingua (Dooravaninagar), the Institute of Indian and Foreign Languages (Koramangala), the World Language Lab (Banaswadi), the Russian Language School (Malleswaram), Dallas Technologies (Indiranagar) and the Vidushi Academy (Shanthinagar). Who knows, perhaps schools such as these could be a good place to meet Russian women!

Search for Russian Brides: Russian Brides Seeking Indian Men.
A Man aged 34 from Kerala said he is available "for adoption or live with a Russian Girl". He adds: "Call me on 00919387527045 or email me at admirep@gmail.com."

Once inside things became a lit their best to look ever so attractive. sip of the "Champagne" only to discover that it was the cheapest and nastiest sparkling wine to have ever been produced.

"The night wore on. Things got quite ash or Credit Card?".

3... myth // discredited

According to the statistics on the Myths section of Elena's site (http://www.womenrussia.com/myths.htm) the percentage of the women in Russia affiliated with marriage agencies looking for foreign men is about 0.13 percent of the total population.. Now, it's hard enough as it is to figure out how much something really costs in turkey under normal, sober circumstances. The exchange rate is approximately 1 million Lira to the pound, so the bill wasn't immediately clear, all I saw was a large number of zeros following the number 18. However, with the aid of a pen I finally realised it was time to panic.

4... Uzbek girls in india

I HEARD FROM ONE OF MY RUSSIAN STUDENTS THAT THESE DAYS MANY UZBEKIS TRAVEL TO INDIA. We have all heard the story of the Uzbekistani belly dancer murdered in Delhi. Looking round I saw the door was rather a long way away, and security had become unusually interested in my table. I had no choice but to pay. It pained me to do so, but I tried to console myself by reasoning that at least it was a good experience and I'd enjoyed it while it had lasted! It had all been a complete set-up, but there was nothing I could do.The grinning manager informed me that my drinks were on the house for the rest of the night - oh yes, Very Generous! "

As one poster on Best Stuff has pointed out: "Most Turkish girls have average looks, not distinctively beautiful. But the pretty ones are often gorgeous. There are many gorgeous Turkish girls but not as numerous as in Slavic and Scandinavian countries." A Turkish Singles site says: "Most Turks regard themselves as the descendants of the Ottomans. But they are a highly varied ethnic mixture. The official language is Turkish and it is also supported by Kurdish. This is because three fourth of population is Turkish and rest are Kurds. There are also minor groups of Arabs, mostly Sunni Muslims, Orthodox Christians and Jews.

It is strange and a little postmodern to think about, but Russian women get paid a lot (comparatively speaking, of course) to go to India and wear traditional Indian clothes. "A Turkish single has a tough time choosing within his own ethnic groups. So Turkish personals offer a wide range of choice of ethnic groups. Modern Turks are more open minded and meet Turkish singles through"A look at the Turkish personals also displays the Westerners like Americans and other Muslims of the Diaspora being wooed by the Turkish single. There are favorite havens in foreign countries as well as in Turkish cities like Istanbul to meet Turkish singles. Turkish personals have grown by hundreds thanks to a liberal social attitude.

"Kemal Ataturk who aimed to establish a modern state in Turkey helped to liberalize the marriage scene in Turkish society. Ataturk's reforms aimed at giving women an equal status in society. The creation of a secular state, the first-ever man in a Muslim country who aimed to treat women as equal and free citizens vis-E�E�-vis the state, and revolutionized the family law. For instance, in 1926, the introduction of the Turkish Civil Code banned polygamy. The veil was outlawed and civil marriage and divorce were established. Turkish women were also granted suffrage rights since the national elections in 1934. The republican reforms have brought radical changes to the status of women to an extent unprecedented in any Muslim country till that date. Women are educated, and pursue professions on par with men...

"Turkish personals are popular among educated and liberal minded Turkish singles. Once a pair of romancing Turkish singles decides to tie the knot, it becomes a family affair..."

For a more in depth look at the liberal sexual practices of the modern Turk, read Sex and the Turkish Girl.

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