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GUJJU GIRLS ARE VERY GIRLY GIRLS AND HENCE VERY BEAUTIFUL AND FEMININE -- THAT IS ONE OPINION I HAVE READ RECENTLY, OUT IN CYBERSPACE. "I like gujrati girls for her simpelty (simplicity)," wrote lalit, on one online forum. "i like gujrati bhabhi because they are good figure & well large back," wrote Arjun, on the same forum. There are plenty of opinions out there, on the Internet: that Gujarati girls are this, and that Gujarati girls are that. So how should one rate the girls of Gujarati and the foreign Gujarati enclaves in such countries as Pakistan, Kenya, the United Kingdom and the USA? Rathod on the Hindustan Network Discussion Forum claimed: "Gujju girls are sexy, but they are just sexy. they are like condoms. it's disposible, use and throw it. don't love them they just love your money. if you are a guy don't marry a gujju girl. if you marry her you will become a useless donkey. they are dressing like modern girls but they are not mentally developed. even they are educated they are mentally living in 18th century..."
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On his Playboy style blog My First Gujju Rendesvous, Yohman confides (and I am not even convinced this is reality, or just illusion, or plain fantasy): "My profession brought me to Gujarat, a place full of good-looking females. Their beauty and dressing sense, their simplicity and their smartness instantly floored me. The way Gujju babes zoomed past my bike in twos and threes surely amazed me, but also intrigued my inherent tendencies of curiosity and fantasy.
"I wanted to know them from close quarters and how much they enjoyed their life. I wanted to feel them, to touch their deepest desires (if they had any) and run them wild in my arms.
"Luck was on my side when I met a married woman in her early twenties, recently married and hence oozing with the juices of being married and been-there-done-that attitude. Her husband was mostly on sites and hence she was always alone at home with her in-laws who were not so caring about her. Not that they hated her, but maybe would have preferred a more eligible daughter-in-law for their son, had he not fell in love with this damsel.
"So, what followed was a formal introduction as good neighbors and then random phone calls from her to me at odd hours of the day and night..."

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Gujarati Dating: Gujarati Girls.
Says the website: "Welcome to the dating Service of Gujaratplus. We invite all the dating junkies from Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara and all the other cities of gujarat and India. NRI's of Gujarat are also welcome to this dating service.
"This dating section was created for you in an effort to help you make new friends and have more fun with your life. Inside these pages you will find loads to do.
"Want to find a new girl dating or boy dating? or even help with Dating?
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Gujarati Matrimony: Part of Bharat Matrimony.
This site reads: "Looking for a Gujarati life partner? There's no need to be at a loss for words. That's why we at GujaratiMatrimony make sure that when you find your match, you're both talking the same language."
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Jeevansathi: Gujarati Matrimonials.
There are Gujarati speaking folk here from Ahmedabad, Anand, Australia, Bangalore, Baroda, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune, Rajkot, Surat, the United Arab Emirates, and so on.
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Rate My Body: Ahmedabad Dating.
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Vadodara Bride: Gujarati Matrimony.
Here you can search potential brides (and grooms) based on age, religion, height, caste (Brahmin (Shrimali), Rajput, Leva Patel, Suthar, Patel, Pillai, Jain - Shwetambar), sub-caste (Kshatriya, Shreegoud, Gajjar, Hadpati, Kanam Vakad, Pathak, etc), star (Ashlesha/Ayilyam, Anuradha/Anusham/Anizham, etc), and so on (educational level, career, etc.) Registration is free and takes just a few minutes of your time. Vadodara Brides is a part of Gujarati Matrimony which is part of Bharat Matriomony Dot Com. At the mother site, you can find partners from all over the Indian world: in particular Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalee, Marathi, Marwadi, Oriya, Parsi, Punjabi, Sindhi, Telugu and Urdu brides.
Picture courtesy 2005 World Trip

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"HOW CAN I FIND DECENT GUJARATI GIRLS ON YAHOO MESSENGER?" ASKED A CURIOUS MAN RECENTLY ON YAHOO ANSWERS. "Hello, I wanted to chat with some decent gujarati girls on yahoo messenger, but the problm is that i could'nt find one," the questioner asked. "It's all filled with spam ids and bots.. Can anybody tell how can i have a decent chat on yahoo messenger?" And the best answer as chosen by voters came from one Rakesh, who replied: "it is very easy, go any city of gujarat ask any decent gujarati girl her e mail address & also aks what time she avaible on messenger..."
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I am with Rakesh on this one: offline is always the best place to meet people, although online can be a good place to nurture your offline contacts and acquiantances. Go to any dating site, and the vast majority of the folk there are men. That is saying something of your chances of scoring online. Odds are much better out in the real world. Then again, I haven't scored that much in either the real or virtual realms, so I am not the best source of info in this respect.
One things I do know is that Gujarat is a "dry" state, the only dry state in India -- consumption of booze here is prohibited. As MeriNews writes: "There are no bars or pubs in Gujarat. However, people can have their daily dosage of Vitamin A (alcohol) from some famous bootleggers. You find a bootlegger easily in Gujarat, who would deliver you any brand of whisky, gin or rum at your convenient time and place, whether it is at your doorstep or at your farmhouse. These bootleggers make loads of money and are never short of cash. People pay them whatever they ask for. Interestingly, even they have peak and off seasons. During the marriage season, elections, Dipawali they almost charge you double the rate. Otherwise, they charge you the normal printed rates. The biggies of this whole affair have their own personal cars. I wonder what is mixed inside the bottles as it is not possible to make such chunks of money in such a short time..."
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Whenever I am in Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh City, I find the best, most efficient and fun way to socialise is to just hang out in the bars. Clearly this is not an option is Gujarat State. As the Times of India reported in July 2007: "Deadlines play spoilsport for Vadodara-based film-maker Rituraj Mistry who'd like to go out more often in the night but has no options, 'With most eateries, malls and discs shutting down at 11pm, one can't have a rocking nightlife.' The story's much the same in Ahmedabad. Agrees chess grandmaster Tejas Bakre, 'Ahmedabad's nightlife is almost non-existent. We need more discs. Clubs can also try to pep up things a bit.'
"For many youngsters in the state, nightlife means hanging out on the streets and having tea and flavoured makai. Fashion photographer Sameer Bakshi says, 'There are no hangout joints where one can sit and see life pass by.'"
It seems that some real nightlife goes on in Gujarat's farmhouses (read this story for more!)
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The Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway is the business artery of Ahmadabad, and has become one of the most popular places to hang out. On SG Highway you can find the popular Olives Restaurant and Lounge. Another option is ice cream. "Sometimes referred to as the ice-cream city, rightly so, Ahmedabad is big on frozen desserts," writes DirtyDiana on Ahmedabad by Night. She goes on recommend the Asharfi Ice Cream Parlour at Manek Chowk.
g u j a r a t i - w e d d i n g - r e s o u r c e s

WHILE INDIA HAS BECOME FAMOUS IN RECENT YEARS FOR ITS FLAMBOYANT WEDDINGS, WEDDING CUSTOMS VARY CONSIDERABLY ACROSS THE COUNTRY. The Indian International Student Organization in America claims that "Gujaratis believe that after marriage, the wife becomes her husband's sahdharmacharini or equal. With marriage comes responsibility and power. In fact, it is the wife who must keep house and look after all the household requirements..."
Gujarati's indulge in the following pre-wedding rituals: Mandap Mahurat (prayers to Lord Ganesha the Remover of Obstacles) and Jaan ("the groom bows his head to seek his mother-in-law's blessings. While, he does so, the bride's mother tries to clutch his nose. But the boy tries his level best to avoid it," as was recorded on I Love India); the following wedding rituals: Kanyadaan (performed in front of a sacred fire and conducted by the acharya), the Hasta Milap (the groom's scarf is tied to the bride's sari), and the Pheras). According to Indian Parenting: "One feature that is constant in Hindu weddings is the tradition of taking pheras (rounds) around the sacred fire. Gujaratis and Sindhis take four pheras around the fire, while most other cultures take seven pheras.
"Before the pheras, the bride is seated to the right of the groom, but after the pheras she is seated to his left, to signify that she is now closer to his heart.
"In an Arya Samaji wedding, the couple take seven pheras. The groom leads for the first four pheras. After this, he walks behind the bride, who leads the last three pheras, thus signifying that the wife will always lead the husband.
"In a Sindhi wedding ceremony, the groom leads the first three rounds while the bride leads the fourth.
"However, every Hindu wedding has at least four pheras. These pheras signify the four main aims of life: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha..."

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