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Photos of Roma, Injune, St George, And Other Towns
Photos of Roma, Queensland, And Surrounding Towns

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CROWDED WORLD - destination australia
This is your guide to the incredible 8 million square kilometers of eroded, corroded country/continent otherwise known as Terra Australis, the Great Southern Land! This is the only continent on Earth inhabited by one race, ruled by one government, speaking one language. It is a country where residents might need to drive for an hour to reach their nearest store, and farmers fly their own helcopters to round up their lifestock. It is a place of stupendous spiritual beauty, but also paradoxically soulless, empty, and tacky. Sometimes, especially when touring the Outback, you feel that the country has in fact died, and you are merely visiting a great gravesite, an empty silent windswept ruin.

Shaded Relief Location Map of Australia
Australia: Great Southern Land

That said, graveyards are always the most magical places, and deserts have a definite spiritual appeal! In this website -- this CROWDED WORLD website -- I want to introduce you to the real Australia, the Australia I was born into and still reside in (unless I ever manage to escape). I want to highlight attractions not usually on the tourist track.

The 7 Continents of this Crowded World!

Australia has become a popular destination for tourists, students and migrants, coming for different reasons. Travelers want to encounter the enormous sense of scale in Australia. Students are drawn by the superior educational system and the chance to learn English. Migrants, meanwhile, are attracted by the laidback lifestyle and the strong economy... (For more details on living in Australia, )

Plants & Animals
Australia is also one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, with a large portion of its species found nowhere else in the world. There are mammals that can lay eggs, black swans, and a whole array of cute and cuddly kangaroos. Even in the middle of the largest Australian city you will be surrounded by possums, fruit bats and squaking parrots.

Australia is a strange place, and its strangeness deserves to be recognised and celebrated. You just have to be open enough to experience it. Through this humble website, I hope to help you open you a little a bit, to experience the real Australia, the Australia you will never find in a standard travel guide...

States & Territories
IN the early days of the colony, the entire eastern half of the nation was called New South Wales, while the west known as "Swan River", named after the strange black swans that settlers enountered there. In 1851 Queensland became an independent state with Brisbane as its capital.

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