How many searches do you do in a typical day? On one device alone, on one browser, I did 360 searches in one week, everything from "kiszona kapusta" to "doctor who time loop", on one single search engine (guess which one.)

On a busy day teaching English online, I can max 100 searches, related to topics which my students have raised.. That is an awfully lot of data, reflecting not only my personality, but also that of the society which surrounds me.

Presearch aims to become a non-profit foundation, leaving the search engine to be run by its users.

Imagine a curated search engine, run by curators. A Teal-coloured organization, democratic and decentralized.

In the place of Google's enormous data centers, Presearch's mirror of the Internet could be stored on the IPFS.

Sign in page for Presearch

Google AdSense has given me a lot of money in the past from being a publisher, so I shouldn't complain. Nonetheless, it is monolithic, You can earn 8-32PRE per day just by searching on engines (not even the Presearch engine, mind you! If you want to reinvest back into the ecosystem, you could buy an ad: in late 2019 one impression cost 4PRE.

From the white paper: "Presearch envisions a system whereby subject matter experts could curate collections of content that their domain knowledge indicates are most relevant to the query. This could be in the form of a featured snippet, onebox or query refinement result, or a specific subset of the index to further accentuate the relevance inferred by the algorithm. Curators will be able to monetize this knowledge and effort via PRE Tokens. In addition to earning based on organic traffic driven to their collection by the query director, we anticipate enabling these participants to actively market their collections..."

To select an icon, simply click on it and it will be added to your favourites. Your default search engine will be displayed on the left.

Ads can be purchased using PREs

Autocomplete went live in December 2018.

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