One of the most exciting possibilities created by smart contracts is the autonomous organization.

It goes without saying that the future is teal!

The problem is: language is wet code, not dry.

Aragon proposes the creation of on-chain courts to settle disputes.

Screenshot of Aragon for Windows

Every organization should have a manifesto. Such documents would serve as constitutions of the company, and be legally enforceable. Companies could signal their seriousness by staking ANTs on the Aragon Network. Naturally, Aragon has a manifesto and it promises to support freedom around the world.

Such courts can be considered oracles.

By participating as a juror, an agent can earn reputation in the court.

Liquid Democracy, Ethereum, and the slow path to revolution. by @lkngtn

— JoTakion (@JoTakion) December 4, 2018

To make an appeal costs twice as much as the lodging cost of the previous case.

The backbone of building decentralized organizations on the Ethereum Blockchain!