Aragon Virtual Governance

ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING POSSIBILITIES OFFERED BY SMART CONTRACTS IS THE CREATION OF DECENTRALIZED AUTONOMOUS ORGANIZATIONS OR DAOs. DAOs allow likeminded people to collaborate to build their own fanclubs, cooperatives, companies... even anarchist communities. Revolutionaries of the future might well proclaim their sovereign republics on this platform, complete with virtual parliaments, and voting rights distributed to all citizens.

It might seem a utopian dream, but possibly one day soon every organization will have its own manifesto, or such document, which would serve as a constitution of the company, and be legally enforceable. Since virtue is worth so much these days, companies could signal their virtueness by staking ANTs on the Aragon Network. That is because, right now, Aragon is the backbone of building DAOs on the Ethereum blockchain!

Let's say that a particular company, for example Google, proposes that its motto is: "Don't be evil." It is a Gen X principle to be sure, quite green (on the evolutionary scale), with echoes of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Facebook, on the other hand, might opt for: "Make the world more open and connected". Every company or organization has its motto, and they are usually short and catchy. Prison Planet has a cool but rather slippery one: "Truth will set you free". It might be appeal to their users, but what is "evil" exactly, what is "truth"? That is the trouble with human language: it is objective, and wet. Often, "truth" is what you believe to be true, and the same can be said for "evil".

Talk is cheap, but money talks. If Google, Facebook and Prison Planet really cared about their principles, they would put their money where their mouth is... and stake Aragon's native tokens (ANTs) on them.

In the not too distant future, companies could be taken to court if they violate their vision. Such courts could be considered oracles, able to interact with smart contracts on the Ethereum chain. If you have 1000 ANTs, you can take part in the court, and by participating as a juror, you can earn reputation in the court.

Naturally, Aragon has a manifesto and it promises to support freedom around the world. In the event that it ever compromised its mission,

Aragon proposes the creation of on-chain courts to settle disputes.
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To make an appeal costs twice as much as the lodging cost of the previous case.


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