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Tokyo Japan - Disneyland [February 2004]
I was able to visit one of the Disney franchises at Tokyo, Japan, in February 2004. The day was sunny although a little cold and raw and windy; it was a Monday but it was still reasonably crowded. I am no Mickey Mouse fanatic but still I found myself enjoying the Disney experience, the trippiness and psychadelia of it all -- here are some photos.

The cool thing about Tokyo Disneyland is that it is a simulation -- a scaled down, almost perfect (if cheesy) replica of the entire world -- monkeys and elephants bathing in equatorial ponds under the spires of a Middle European castle. Of course, the whole world is a simulation these days, and that is nothing to be glad of. But the cool thing about Tokyo Disneyland is that even if it is a simulation, the Asian/Japanese spirit still shines through. In the most unexpected ways -- there is still a Japanese ambience to this simulated American world.

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