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Singapore - Chinese Temple [January 2003]
Due to its strategic position in the heart of Asia, I have been to Singapore seven or eight times, and love it even though the backpacker Nazi's regulary write it off. This photo was taken on my 7th or so visit, when I stayed in the transsexul district or Rowell St. For an account of what happened then and other Singapore stories, click here.

Whatever the knockers say, Singapore is an interesting country and is definitely to be recommended. For example, the food is both cheap and delicious, not to mention multicultural. If you don't have enough time or money to see the whole of Asia, the tiny island of Singapore can provide with you an adequate cross-section. The Indian streets and shops and temples and restaurants of Singapore are distinctly Indian -- it's authentic. The Malay cafes and hangouts are distinctly Malay -- you can smell the kretek smoke in the air. Visiting Little Arabia is like going to the Middle Eat -- albeit in a kind of Disney way. Singapore is the heart of Asia, and I expect to be there again and again in the coming years and decades -- although maybe I wouldn't want to live there.

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