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It is easy to get annoyed travelling in Vietnam. (Note to future self: try hard not to be annoyed on future trips to Vietnam.) Let's consider that first morning in Da Lat with Nga, actually it was more like early afternoon, April 2008. I had no reason in the world to feel irritated, but irritated I was. We had been up at the crack of dawn, me worried if we were going to make the bus, which was due to leave Ho Chi Minh City (near Sinh Cafe) at some ridiculous time (7am, 8am, 9am, something like that.) Or perhaps Nga was the first to get up, I can't quite remember. I had probably had a shocking night trying to sleep which is always the case when I am sleeping with Nga. And not for the obviously carnal reasons! Maybe it is a Vietnamese thing to go to bed with the television on... maybe they think it scares away ghosts. In my technopad in Tokyo I also have the TV on all night while I sleep, but with the volume turned down. Nga prefers her's on full bolt, rocking all through the night. And ambient TV in Viet Nam is not the smooth experience it is in Japan. Even in expensive hotels there are sudden outbursts of static, poor reception, noisy chop suey kung fu dramas breaking out at 3 o'clock in the morning. I am not the first to have said it: Vietnam is a noisy nation! When I went to bed there had been something gentler on, a folk music program crooning songs about Sai Gon, and gentle rain drumming against the Win Dow. Pleasant enough, and I might have dozed off for a few tranquil hours (note to reader: I had slept only a couple of hours the previous night in Singapore, and had been up before sunrise, to board my flight to Vietnam at Changi. And it wasn't much of a sleep because my Japanese cellphone had seemingly died during an episode of The Soprano's, and I was relying on my cellphone to be my alarm clock too and to wake me up at 4am or whatever time I needed to be up, to get a taxi to the airport. I was also relying on that phone to be my camera for the Obsessive Love trip.)

As I blogged early on Tuesday, the morning of my first full day in Da Lat, in a somewhat lamentful mood: "It is a pity indeed I don't have a camera to do this place justice. But then again, more than half the beauty of the world comes not in the visual or sensory perception of the world, but in the IMAGINARY or SENSUAL perception of the world. Not long after the motorbike had raced me at breakneck speed up the winding street to my hotel (TRAM HUONG BEAUTY AND SPA), me drenched and holding on to a bag of strange fruits, I knew I had been to this place before. In a dream, a strange dream I had in Tokyo about 6 months ago. When I had awoken from that dream way back then I knew I had been somewhere special, a special place in my imagination. It turns out the imagination and reality indeed intersects in spacetime, and the place was Dalat, and the time was late April 2008. No photo can capture the dream world and do it justice, for the dream world is multidimensional. All we can do is take slices, like the photo of a dream place visited which I took on the grey plains of Saitama in late 2003. Later in the evening, after the rain had cleared, Nga and I took a stroll downtown, and I again found myself again wishing I had a camera. But who needs a camera to live your visuals when you have a brain, and an imagination, already designed for that very purpose? The streets were thronged with Vietnamese (and at least one Japanese couple) wearing colorful sweaters and jackets and various kinds of colorful knitted headgear. At length, the fog dropped down. I had my first truly authentic Vietnamese pigout -- banh khot wrapped in lettuce leaves at a little restaurant on the other side of the black river bank. Also served was a sour soup filled with noodles and vegetables and logs -- they looked like logs but it turned out they were actually lumps of fish bone, all grizzly and covered with sweet river skins..."

Banh kot

Of course this photo of banh khot being cooked is not my own, for I had no functioning camera at the time. I had only my memory and imagination to pull me through. ."

Situated right in the heart of DaLat City, Vietsovpetro hotel is one of the beautiful and luxurious hotel of the city. The 4 storey hotel has 10 fully furnished, harmoniously decorated international rooms, which create a wonderful and relaxing environment. Each room has international direct dial telephone facilities, satellite TV, air-conditioning, mini-bar and private bathroom. The dining room and bar of Phuc Loi hotel are both charming and intimate. You will be served from 6 am to 12 pm by a group of experienced chefs with European - Asian cuisine. Vietsovpetro with its central location, clean and fresh environment, modern facilities and experienced staff, will guarantee that you will have satisfying and memorable visit to Hanoi. Dalat is hilly and its sights are spread out, so renting a motorbike or arranging a taxi for a half day or full day is a smart way to see outlying areas. If you select accommodations near Lake Xuan Huong, many sights in town are within walking distance. For outlying areas, Dalat has a unique crew of motorbike guides called Easy Riders. They are all locals, speak fluent English or French, and for $8 per day will guide you around town and the area. Evason Ana Mandara Villas & Six Senses Spa Đà Lạt:
Bắt đầu hoạt động vào cuối năm 2006, khu nghỉ dưỡng bao gồm những tòa villa mang phong cách kiến trúc Pháp thời thuộc địa với 57 phòng, nhà hàng và spa. Những tòa villa mặc dù được sửa sang và nâng cấp lại nhưng vẫn còn giữ được nguyên vẹn cấu trúc, cách trang trí và nét quyến rũ, mời gọi.
Evason Đà Lạt ngự trên một khuôn viên 14 ha trên khu cao nguyên Đà Lạt. Từ khu nghỉ bạn có thể mặc sức phóng tầm mắt ngắm toàn cảnh xung quanh, ngắm những miền quê, hay những cánh đồng rau trù phú, xanh mướt bất tận.
Trong số 17 vila ở khu nghỉ, 14 vila đã được chuyển sang làm các phòng nghỉ của khách sạn. Còn 2 villa còn lại chuyển sang làm Nhà hàng và Spa sáu giác quan (Six senses Spa).

Lyla Restaurant, 18 Tang Bat Ho. Vietnamese food in huge portions, entrees from $2.50. V Cafe, 1 Bui Thi Xuang St., across the road from the Trung Can Hotel. Entrees from $2. Vietnamese and Western food.

Stop and Go Cafe, A visit to Dalat would not be complete without having a coffee at the garden villa of the Stop and Go Cafe—a hangout for local and expatriate artists and writers. Contact: 2 Ly Tu Trong, near the Trung Can Hotel and V Cafe.

Cafe de la Poste, across the street from the main post office near the Sofitel Dalat Palace; French food at reasonable prices, especially the lunch set menu for $6. Contact: 12 Tran Phu St., Dalat. - The Hotel Sofitel Dalat Palace offers individualized service in the finest tradition of Vietnamese hospitality. - The gourmet restaurant, Le Rabelais, specializing in French cuisine, is the perfect venue to savour delectable dishes prepared by the Master Chefs of the Hotel. There is a wide selection of French wine to accompany your meal. - Larry's Bar offers a casual and fun place to relax in the evening while the intimate Le Rabelais Bar provides a more restful ambiance. - The Cafe de la Poste is an informal French brasserie serving Western and Asian dishes for lunch and dinner. Thanh Thanh Restaurant, 4 Tang Bat Ho Street, tel: 821 836. Probably the best restaurant in Dalat. Excellent Vietnamese salads and other traditional dishes.

One blogger in love with Vietnam seemingly as much as myself, Oliver Meeker, wrote of his visit to Dalat: "After an enormous lunch we headed back to town to see the university. Upon arriving we were greeted by a bunch of really energetic college students from all over, some of the girls that I met were from Nha Trang, and others were from Hanoi. We all gathered around and played some games, which was pretty interesting, quite humorous and embarrassing all at the same time. Then Di-Di (our group leader from Saigon, who has been with us the entire trip and has been an enormous help) led all the American students in hokey-pokey, a game which none of us could have probably done all that well, but she did it perfectly—it was pretty great. We ended up meeting some very nice girls, who we made plans to later meet up with and go out for coffee. We all said our goodbyes and exchanged numbers and we were on our way to relax for the evening and meet up for a big olf group dinner..."

The University of Dalat is at 1 Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street.

More than 13,000 students study here and English is a favored topic.

Ngã Năm Đại Học: University Intersection.
Wrote Duong Lam Anh, a native of Hue: "On the first day of my recent trip to Da Lat, I stayed near what the locals called Ngã năm Đại học (University Intersection.) After a sleepless night, (I can't sleep well at new places), I woke up earlier than usual to the soft and monotonous sounds of the rain. What else should I do these early hours, if not dreaming? I decided to drop by the university for a look, (and to kill time, too.) It was just across the street then. Da Lat in the rain was chilly and dull, but the small street leading to the university was so beautiful. I stopped at the gate and asked the security guard to let me in for some photos. He smiled back in welcome. (I doubt the colleges in Hue will let a tourist in casual clothes and with a camera enter so freely.) Passing through the gate, I entered a vast world of trees and grass. The campus was like a workable museum of Tay Nguyen architecture. I noticed the tiny wooden bridge across a creek, red in color, leading to a building, an office maybe? This structure recalled nhà dài (long house), unique to some ethnic group in highland Vietnam. It seemed that classes were still given during summertime because I saw students heading in through the gate. The drizzle had stopped and the sun appeared. Down there in the distance, the city of Da Lat looked amazing in the early sun. Behind me, I heard somebody breathing hard. I looked back and saw some students hurrying on the steep slopes. They were late for class..."

Hung Phat Restaurant in Da Lat is one in a chain of the Hung Phat Restaurants. They specialize in serving large tourist groups. If you leave from Ho Chi Minh City for Da Lat, before you reach Nga Ba Dau Giay on Highway No. 1, you will see three restaurants belonging to this chain: Hung Phat, Hung Phat 1, and Hung Phat 2. There is also a Hung Phat Restaurant in Bao Loc Town, and another one in Lac An commune. If you do not want to squander your money on food, you can mingle with the masses in the restaurant section on the first floor of Da Lat Market. Here, you can savor rice soup, bún, phở, bánh cuá»en, and cÆ¡m ÄeÄ©a, for VND 3,000 to 5,000. Vegetarian food is even cheaper. There also are cheap restaurants for lower income students and workers, such as the Tung Nghia Bus Station (the corner of Phan Boi Chau Street and Nguyen Van Troi Street), and opposite the Transport Police Station on Hung Vuong Street. Restaurants on Hung Vuong Street specialize in simple dishes cooked in the style of northern Viet Nam. A meal with rice, a salty dish and vegetables costs VND6,000 - 7,000. If you favor peasants' country-style dishes, try dÆa chua (pickled vegetables), cà pháo (pickled eggplants) and shrimp paste. You can even try a cheaper meal at the restaurant at the crossroads of Nguyen Van Cu Street and 3 thang 2 (3 February) Street, as a plate with a fixed choice of items costs only VND 4,000.

Of course, if restaurants get too much for you or you are trying to save money, you can always make your own meals using produce from Da Lat's central market place. This is indeed what Nga and I did one damp Monday, in the rainy season of 2008. On the way into the markets from the hills in which our hotel is located, we passed huddles of women with black teeth and weathered faces on the ground, surrounded by sacks of charcoal. As LONELY PLANET had alluded, these were the ethnic minorities of Da Lat, the former inhabitants of the Central Highlands who are now reduced to doing the jobs normal Vietnamese deign not to do (such as dealing in cooking charcoal.) Further down the hill, into the markets, and it was just as I remembered from my first trip here with Alison Telfer back in 1997: dirty and desperate. But kind of beautiful in its own way, with its pyramids of multicolored fruit, and other strange produce. As LONELY PLANET had alluded, you can see many temperate varieties of fruit here unavailable in other parts of Viet Nam: for example, strawberries and mulberries. Another specialty of the city is artichoke (called atiso in Vietnamese.) Nga and I ended up blowing 600,000 Dong on local fruit products in one of the covered markets in the center of the city. We bought a whole huge bag of stuff from the Phuong Thanh Stall (Quay 126 Khu A - Cho Da Lat; DT: 063 831677.) The place sells items including Mat Dau, Mut Man, Hong Kho, Khoai Lang Deo, the aforementioned Atiso, Ruou, Tra, Cafe, Phan Hoa, Nhan Goi Ruou and ra Cuoi...)

East Asia Hotel ĐC: 63-65 Nguyễn Văn Trỗi Address: 63-65 Nguyen Van Troi ĐT: 063.3822700 Tel: 063.3822700 Khách sạn Bạch Dương Hotel Bach Duong ĐC: 38/10 Hai Bà Trưng Address: 38/10 Hai Ba Trung ĐT: 063.3816165 Tel: 063.3816165 Khách sạn Bảo Duy Bao Duy Hotel ĐC: 33B Hải Thượng Address: 33B Hai Thuong ĐT: 063.816816 Tel: 063.816816 Khách sạn Bảo Thịnh Bao Thinh Hotel 15 Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa 15 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia 063.3824409 063.3824409 KS Bích Đào KS Bich Dao 08 Triệu Việt Vương 08 Trieu Viet Vuong 063.3822753 063.3822753 KS Bình Nguyên KS Binh Nguyen 60 Nguyễn Chí Thanh 60 Nguyen Chi Thanh 063.3826555 063.3826555 KS Cẩm Đô KS tempted 81 Phan Đình Phùng 81 Phan Dinh Phung 063.3822732 063.3822732 Khách sạn –NH Dinh II Hotel NH Dinh II 12 Trần Hưng Đạo 12 Tran Hung Dao 063.3822092 - 063.3822090 063.3822092 - 063.3822090 Khách sạn –NH Du lịch Công Đoàn Hotel NH-Travel Union 01 Yersin 01 Yersin 063.3822186 063.3822186 Khách sạn Golf I Golf I Hotel 11 Đinh Tiên Hoàng 11 Dinh Tien Hoang 063.3822517 063.3822517 Khách sạn Golf II Hotel Golf II 114 đường 3/2 114 3 / 2 063.3826033 063.3826033 Khách sạn Golf III Golf III Hotel 04 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai 04 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai 063.3826049 063.3826049 Khách sạn Hàng Không Hotel Airlines 40 Hồ Tùng Mậu 40 Ho Tung Mau 063.3831368 063.3831368 Khách sạn Hải Âu Hai Au Hotel 27 Nguyễn Chí Thanh 27 Nguyen Chi Thanh 063.3822453 063.3822453 Khách sạn Hải Sơn Hai Son Hotel 01 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai 01 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai 063.3822547 063.3822547 Khách sạn Hoa Tuylipe Hotel Amerika Tuylipe 26 đường 3/2 26 3 / 2 063.3510995 063.3510995 KS Hồng Vân KS Hong Van 45 B Đinh Tiên Hoàng B 45 Dinh Tien Hoang 063.3822717 063.3822717 Khách sạn - NH Hoàng Anh Đà Lạt nói khu nghỉ dưỡng thì đúng hơn Hotel - NH Hoang Anh Dalat say the rest is more correctly nursing 03 Nguyễn Du 03 Nguyen Du 063.3810826 063.3810826 Khách sạn Hoàng Thảo Hotel Hoang Thao 80B Nguyễn Chí Thanh 80B Nguyen Chi Thanh 063.3510131 063.3510131 Khách sạn – NH Hoàng Tử Hotel - NH prince 02 Triệu Việt Vương 02 Trieu Viet Vuong 063.3829926 063.3829926 Khách sạn Hướng Dương Huong Duong Hotel A6-7 Hải Thương A6-7 Hai Thuong 063.3837555 063.3837555 Khách sạn HP Hotel HP 2B Lê Hồng Phong 2B Le Hong Phong 063.3830137 063.3830137 Khách sạn – NH Thanh Thế Hotel - NH Eucharist 118 Phan Đình Phùng 118 Phan Dinh Phung 063.3811180 063.3811180 Khách sạn Lâm Sơn Hotel Lam Son 05 Hải Thượng 05 Hai Thuong 063.3822362 063.3822362 Khách sạn Liễu ơ! 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