62 Insane Facts About Bitcoin

HERE AT CROWDED WORLD WE BELIEVE IN THE AWESOME POWER OF FACTS. They are what separate religion from science, speculation from prediction, gambling from investment.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency invented, and still the most important. As its profile rises in the world, people are understandably curious about this new technology.

They have questions they want answered.

The problem is that the media has spread so much misinformation, so much confusion and FUD..

For example: is Bitcoin just a bubble, the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of time, or is it in fact legit? These are valid questions, which any investor would want answered.

But finding out the truth online is not easy. Between the fanboys and the Man, the true story gets lost.

Are Bitcoin transactions really anonymous?

How many Bitcoins are there, and how many will be created in the future?

What countries have banned it, and in what countries is it a legal means of payment? In fact, is it really possible to regulate Bitcoin?

Personally, I think the question of regulation is meaningless... Bitcoin IS the regulation, you dig?

But nonetheless, to help educate you on the nature of Bitcoin, and provide a glimpse of its potential, I can publish an infographic kindly supplied by Bitcoin Play.

It will explain who invented Bitcoin, as ave the necessary capital to get started? Bitcoin exchanges!

Infographic courtesy of Bitcoin Play

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