It is parent-teacher night at your school. As you and your parents enter the front office of the school, Principal James Curlett steps forward and looks at you in anticipation. Write how you would introduce your parents and your principal. You walk into a store where you are applying for a job as a sales clerk. Someone points out the manager to you, and you walk up to introduce yourself. How will you proceed? Don't forget the correct techniques for a handshake! 1. (Stand in front of Mr Curlett, facing him, and make eye contact with him while smiling.) Good evening, Mr Curlett. (Still facing Mr Curlett, use open palm to indicate my parents.) I would like to introduce you to my parents, Robyn and Les Sullivan. (Turning to face my parents, use open palm to indicate Mr Curlett.) Mum, Dad, this is my school principal, Mr James Curlett. (Allow my mother and father to say hello, shake hands, and so on. Then, facing Mr Curlett, add some information which will provide a prompt for further conversation.) My mother once attended this school. She was class captain, as she often reminds me... 2. (The trick with this situation is to appear confident but not too cocky, and respectful. I would walk over to the manager, smiling, and attract his attention with a wave.) Hello, sir, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Robert Sullivan, and I recently applied for a job as a sales clerk at this store. I appreciate that you must be very busy, but I just wanted to introduce myself to you in person. (Extend hand to initiate a handshake. Hold hand correctly, perpendicular to the ground with fingers together. The grip should be firm but not too tight. The handshake should last several seconds. Continue looking the manager in the eye during the handshake, and smile.) I'm currently studying business at college, and have worked in sales before.