I have experience in teaching Business English to students in Japan (prestigious companies like Toshiba, IBM, Clestra, etc) and around the world (Yandex, etc.)

There are a number of stream options including: Job Interview preparation, resume and job application rewriting, Medical English, and the General Stream. All streams involve role play exercises for doctors and nurses, business idioms and phrasal verbs (see HEALTH INSURANCE.doc and BUSINESS PRESSURE), etc.


1. Coping with Pressure (Upper Intermediate): View on Google Documents.
(How do you deal with unexpected problems? How do you get your message across?)
2. Giving a Business Presentation: View on Google Documents
3. Negotiation Skills: View on Google Documents.
4. Pros and Cons of Outsourcing (Advanced).
5. Speaking on the Telephone: View on Google Documents.
6. Time Management: How Productive Are You? // The Eisenhower Matrix.
7. The End of Email: Read article on Google Documents
8. Women in Business.


Getting your message across... Communicate your ideas.
Do a roaring trade... Do good business.