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John Buchanan used to teach English at Nova before it went bankrupt in the 00s. He writes: "When you start your online English school, you shouldn't try to limit yourself to foreigners in your country or just one other country. Think globally! The world is huge, and it's growing, and more and more people are getting online.

Students who want to practice their English want to get an edge (for school, business or fun). Check out just a small sample of some countries and their population:
China has over 1.3 billion people. Japan has over 127 million people.
Turkey has over 70 million people.
Korea has over 49 million people.
Spain has over 45 million people..."


I asked Chat GPT to explain the concept of the sales funnel and I believe that it's reply is relevant to this discussion. Chat GPT wrote: "The sales funnel is a marketing model that illustrates the journey a customer takes from the initial contact with a company to the final purchase of a product or service. It is also known as the purchase funnel or the marketing funnel. The sales funnel is typically broken down into four stages: Awareness: This is the stage where a potential customer becomes aware of a company's product or service through advertising, social media, or other marketing channels. Interest: At this stage, the potential customer expresses an interest in the product or service and starts to research it in more detail. Decision: The potential customer evaluates the product or service and decides whether to make a purchase or not. Action: If the potential customer decides to purchase the product or service, they take action and complete the purchase." In summary, students who book regular lessons are at the Action phase, while those who only book a trial lesson are still at the Decision stage. Quite often (at least 50% in my case) they decide not to study with me. The Interest stage could be compared to those students who send you a message asking about your lessons. They are too reluctant to book a trial lesson, but interested enough to write a message. At the edge of the sales funnel, the most reluctant of all, would be those who look at your profile and perform no further actions. At least they are aware of your services, but you cannot expect them to leap to the Action phase instantly. It might take some time!


I HAVE BEEN teaching at iTalki since 2015 and it remains my main gig. Based in Hong Kong, iTalki offers three types of teaching: professional lessons, informal tutoring, and instant tutoring. It has more than 1.5 million students and 3000+ teachers of any language you can imagine: Afrikaans, Hebrew, or Mandarin. Most of my students are from Russia, Brazil and China, and many of them are seeking to immigrate to Australia.

Start with a low fee until you have built up a reputation. Logging in every day will ensure that your teacher profile rises to the top.

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