Lessons for Kids

LESSONS CAN BE ADAPTED FOR YOUR CHILD'S NEEDS, AND USE LEVELLED MATERIALS (FROM A-Z). In the lesson plan below, it is assumed that the child is at the Beginner to Intermediate stage, but I can of course use more difficult material if required.

Introductions & Making Conversation

Colours (Level A)
How Old are You?
What Do you Like? (I don't like eggs)
What's the Time? (Intermediate Level)
What Season is it?
Bob's House (Google Documents)
Bob's Weekly Schedule
Would You Rather...? (Google Documents)
Did You Have a Good Sleep Last Night? (Chinese students)

Phonics & Spelling

THERE ARE 44 sounds in the English language but only 26 letters to represent them. Phonics is a way to teach children how to learn different ways that these sounds can be spelt. For example, the letter "y" can have a "yǝ" sound at the beginning of a word, but an "ī" sound at the end of others (like "sky").

Alongside phonics, it is important for children to learn to recognize common words instantly, without needing to spell them out in the mind.

Short English vowels (a, e, i, o, u, y): Starfall.
Long vowels with a Silent "E" at the End of the Word: Starfall.
Basic Sight Words


I Am
Some Things Can Go (simple verbs and adjectives)
What Does a Lemon Taste Like? (Adjectives)
I Can Make Cookies (Modal Verbs)
Jack's Birdhouse (Modal Verbs / Level D)
SuperReader (Verbs Game)
Comparative & Superlative Adjectives (Google Drive)
Preposition Game
In the Dark, Dark Wood (Level D)
ABC Zoo (Level D)
Where is the Library (It is Opposite the Park...)
Pizza Place (Fractions, Counting & Shapes)
Me, Myself and I (Introduction to Pronouns)
Molly's Town
Describe a Picture (There is/are)
Describe this Girl

Story Books

Maria Goes to School (Level A)
Ollie the Octopus
Charlotte's Web

CAMBRIDGE STARTERS textbook (for pre-A1 level students).
Making Introductions