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WANT TO INSTALL MUSLIM RINGTONES AND CHANTS ON YOUR CELL? It is totally possible if you buy an Islamic phone. I am a bit mystified as to what is an Islamic cell phone, exactly, but they are apparently getting popular in Malaysia and other Muslim countries? What has religion got to do with telephones, anyway? The Raw Feed points out that "the Ilkone i800 not only has a built-in compass that points toward Mecca, but also contains a complete electronic copy of the Koran (along with a translation into English and a mini search engine)." So, I guess that would be useful for religious folk. If you are crazy about Islamic handphones, head over to Indonesia where Esia recently launched the Hidaya model phone. The Hidaya (a Koranic term for the "guidance" or "the good way" of Islam) is certified by Indonesia's Muslim religious authorities and fitted with numerous religious applications, as Observers.france.24 report: "For example, for a small sum, users can avoid missing a prayer with a foolproof alarm that goes off five times a day even if you have changed the clock. There's also access to the Koran both in Arabic and translated into Indonesian; religious wallpapers, and ringtones that sound like Muslim chants. Service provider Eisa also plans on integrating a mosque-finding facility and an inbuilt iman who recites prayers. The concept seems to be going down well in Indonesia, which is home to 200 million Muslims."

So, Islamic ringtones are hot -- but not all Muslims are impressed. The Pakistani Defence Forces Forum records that: "Muslim Ringtones Banned In Saudi Arabia -- About 70 Muslim dignitaries and scholars met for a week to deal with vital moral issues, including those raised by technology. They concluded, for example, that the use of verses from the Koran as cell phone ringtones should be BANNED 'because it impinges on the sacred character of the the Holy Book' and not, surprisingly, considering it's super annoying..." In Egypt, meanwhile, the Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa has deemed the use of Qur'anic verses as cellphone ringtones as insulting to Islam. "Therefore it is haram, or prohibited by Islam," he added.

Do you want to download ringtones to your handphone in Malaysia (religious or nonreligious, Islamic or Rock, movie or TV series based?) This website is an attempt to help you. As a Free Malay Ringtones details: "Almost all cellphones are preloaded with a standard ringers, however one can choose to download additional tones from the manufacturers website. Also they can downloaded from service provider or 'over the air' via your service provider. Alternatively you can download ringers from the internet and then transfer to your phone via Serial data cable or USB data cable. Also you may need to have your phones software tools which can be bought from almost any gadget store.

"You can download free mobile stuff from Mobile Communities, members here can download and upload any contents 100% free. There are literally 1000s of free stuff for your cell phone like ringers, screensavers, themes, wallpapers and mobile games. The membership is free and almost all types of phones are supported. Below are some of the most popular mobile content sharing sites..."

Alterntaively, you can create your own ringtones -- all it takes is a little program called Audacity. Or you can get some tones from the streets. But before you do it, consider the ethical issues. Intellectual property specialist Patrick Mirandah wrote on his site: "The music industry has received a major boost as it now has new income source in downloadable mobile phone ring tones. Introduced to Malaysia in 2004, the mobile ringtone business has grown tremendously. It is now being perceived as being the 'saviour' of the otherwise down sliding Malaysian music industry. One can truly say that this digital format has given a new lease of life to the Malaysian music industry, and is more than welcomed by the recording industry.

"Having said that, the digital world has also left the door ajar for piracy and infringement issues to arise such as illegal downloading and cheap, unauthorized selling of ringing tones, which are readily available, cheap and user friendly to consumers in Malaysia, who are still unfazed by the consequences to them as a result of the various anti-piracy laws especially the Copyright Act and Trade Descriptions Act. The availability of such 'services' is blatant and widespread as mobile phone users and phone subscribers can purchase such illegal ring tones from 'makeshift kiosks' in various parts of the country or at the pasar malam (night market) stalls nationwide. Mobile phone dealers also provide 'additional services' by downloading songs and selling them as ring tones to the consumers, for a nominal fee. Such operators obviously flout with anti-piracy laws.

"In the effort to curb this 'crisis', the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM) recently launched a nationwide operation on illegal operators. In the southern state of Johore bordering Singapore, two kiosks containing 90,773 songs and ring tones were seized and a 25-year-old operator was detained in a raid jointly conducted by RIM and the State Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Office at KipMark, Tampoi, Johore.

"The abovementioned 'kiosks' are actually just a desktop computer fitted into a box and consumers can hear samples of various songs before downloading them into their MP3 players or mobile phones via Bluetooth, Infrared or USB cable for a price. The illegal ring tones are usually sold at RM3 (USD 0.80) each or in a bundle of 5 songs or ring tones for RM10 (USD 2.80).

"Under the amended Section 41(1) of the Copyright Act 1987, the minimum fine upon conviction is RM2,000 per copyright infringed, subject to a maximum fine of RM20,000 per song, or five years imprisonment, or both.

"In shopping complexes, these 'kiosks' are usually found near mobile phone shops, while at the night markets the pirates would usually have a stall comprising of a table, chair and a laptop.

"Indeed, this has taken copyright infringement to a higher level. At the moment, there are approximately 18 million mobile phone subscribers in Malaysia and there was only one kiosk that has been licensed by RIM to sell ring tones and MP3s, which is located in Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur. Therefore the music industry itself has a long way to go in providing a legitimate avenue to satisfy the demand from the public for downloads.

"In an effort to curtail the widespread infringement, three dealers were 'put out' of business in Kuala Lumpur recently for downloading and selling them as ring tones. Officers from the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs seized a laptop from each of the three dealers at the ground floor of a shopping complex. Each laptop contained 7,000 songs, which were downloaded from the Internet.

"These songs were later converted and sold as ring tones to mobile phone users between RM3 and RM5 each. Initial investigations revealed that each dealer had been operating at the shopping complex for more than a year and is believed that each made at least RM600 per day by downloading songs and selling them as ring tones.

"Last September, the Ministry raided a shop in Kuala Lumpur and seized three computers, seven hard discs, 54 pirated MP3 compact discs and 32 preloaded CD-Rs with more than 60,000 popular tunes ready to be sold as ring tones. The 27-year old director of the said shop was arrested and is now facing several charges pending further investigation.

"What seemed sweet to the ears of the recording companies previously, is no longer the same at present, as they have not yet reaped the benefits of the music download sales. The efforts by the government in assisting the music industry are commendable, but more legitimate outlets have to be set up as otherwise the pirates will be the ones satisfying demand..."

altair08 wrote in April 2008 (in a post called As dying free i lay ringtone Lotus motorola note q): "Di pojok kiri atas ada gambar bintang, klik tombol panah yang ada disampingnya untuk search (mencari) lagu. Lalu muncul: 'ARTIST RADIO' di bawanya, klik Tulisan Itu. Masukkuan nama band, group musik, atau solo artist di situ, lalu klik 'search'. Di sebelah kiri bawah ada tombol untuk 'PLAY' dan 'PAUSE'. Di pojok kanan bawah ada tombol untuk mengeraskan suara. Klik di samping kanan gambar album untuk 'NEXT SONG' atau samping kiri untuk 'PREVIOUS SONG'. Mudah bukan..."

Nick on Bali Blog, wrote: "Today I took my friend Fauzi's advice and went to Toa Payoh to look at cell phones. I'm not a gadget person and don't care about ringtones, video clips or playing games. For me its purely a device to save time.

"Toa Payoh is an area of cheap housing, in high rise blocks, I know because I was here in 1984. [Short story: Arriving in Singapore late at night by bus from Malaysia, I was an inexperienced backpacker alone in a totally new environment.

"Okay so Toa Payoh is a place with a local market area of small shops selling the usual array of gadgets and things that people want, including electrical bits and pieces. In short I needed a phone with good coverage worldwide, a camera, internet access and a built in GPS. Staff a one small shop recommended a Nokia Navigator. The guy helped install my old SIM card, load the address book, install a new 2GB memory card, case etc. Total cost including Sing tax was $785 Sing (US$515), a chunk of which I'll get back at the airport by showing the Customs I'm leaving with the device. So far the thing seems to works pretty good, just have to remember to pick it up everytime I put it down and try not to drop it in the toilet..."

Hot Poly Ringtones courtesy of Mobileku Mobile Download:
1. Cinta Sakti, Def Gab C
2. Rahasia Hati, Element
3. Rahsia Hati (Q), Maya Karin
4. Rahasia Perempuan, Ari Lasso

DIGI Malaysia Caller Ringtone
Maxis, the pioneer of Malaysian mobile Caller Ringtone. Celcom on the other hand called it CallMeTone. As I know, for Maxis. One ringtone cost u RM3.00... then you may choose up to maximum 10 ringtone. On top of that, there are setting you may choose if you want your ringtone to be specific one only out of 10. Or just play randomly out of the ringtones in your maxis databases...

Malaysian Dreamgirl: Mobile Downloads.
You can get upfront and personal with the girls from this pioneering reality TV program, by downloading their sultry ring tones on to your phone:
Some of the girls up for downloading:
"Adeline Code: 106095 Adeline Code: 106201
"Alison Code: 101497 Alison Code: 101499
"Cindy Code: 101495 Eyna Code: 106286
"Fiqa Code: 106214 Fiqa Code: 106283
"Hanis Code: 106287 Hanis Code: 106205
"Jay Code: 106293 Jay Code: 106295
"Jean Code: 106289 Jean Code: 106291
"Nadia Code: 106386 Nadia Code: 106297
"Natasha Code: 106382 Natasha Code: 106384
"Ringo Code: 106388 Ringo Code: 106299
"Valerie Code: 106391..."

The Spotbee Club
The Spotbee Club says: "Funk up your mobile for FREE, and join the Spotbee CLUB
"Download your first 5 mobile content on Spotbee for FREE when you join up. Choose from any content you want!"
Claimed by itself as the number one ringtone and logo site in Malaysia, Spotbee goes on to flog some of its merchandise: in the poly ringtone division we have:
"Christmas Songs (33) :::: Hit Songs (908) :::: National Anthems (134) :::: Country Music (128) :::: Pop (20) :::: Dance and House (21) :::: Rap Music (78) :::: Disney Themes (32) :::: TV Themes (81) :::: Film Themes (92) :::: Video Games Themes (52)..."

Tamil Ringtones Online.
The official website claims: "Tamil Ringtones Online is owned and operated by Sivakasi based Kuttyjapan Web Services.
"Hi Everybody, want to send free SMS to any mobile in India from Internet without any cost and also Unlimited SMS to your friends........
"You can now send SMS to your family members, colleagues, relatives, friends mobiles with free of cost. It is free for the receiver mobile also as all incoming SMS to any mobile in India is free. In India the cellular operators are not charging for incoming SMS. So enjoy Tamil Ringtons Online services!!!"

Photo copyright LongPasses.Org

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SOME NEWS FOR TRANSITEES FROM CHINA AND INDIA: For a limited period starting from 1 October 2005, 96-hour visa free transit facilities (VFTF) will be available to PRC and Indian nationals without the need of letters of guarantee by airlines if they are in possession of a valid onward air ticket departing within the next 96-hours and satisfy the following criteria:

To claim for Miles earned for the Partner Airlinefs flight a full set of travel documentation is required: copy of the ticket (in case of E-ticket its printed copy) and original boarding pass should be sent to Aeroflot Bonus Center. The 96-hour VFTF is eligible to PRC and Indian nationals who are in transit to or from any third country. However, transit passengers who satisfy the above criteria are not guaranteed entry but are still subjected to Singapore's prevailing entry requirements. Transit passengers who satisfy all the above requirements and allowed entry will be granted a stay of up to 96-hours (4 days) in Singapore. Extension of stay for transit passengers under this VFTF scheme is strictly not allowed. * More countries may be added. Please check with the Singapore Visitors Centres at Changi Airport for more information. Uniquely Singapore Transit Adventure A seamless transportation network and efficient immigration clearance will put you in the middle of the action within minutes! Best of all, there are no airport taxes to be paid when you leave the airport to tour Singapore. From now till March 2006, we have lined up a series of exciting and enticing activities that promise to make your transit in Singapore truly memorable! With a variety of travel options like the Free hourly shuttle to town, Free city tour, Tourist Day Pass and Taxi Tour Guide, you will be spoilt for choices while transiting in Singapore. Apart from the travel options, transit passengers can enjoy a FREE snack voucher* OR a FREE shower facility voucher* for a refreshing shower after they return from the city. Simply collect your voucher from our Singapore Visitors Centres at the Arrival Halls of Changi Airport with your transit pass and passport for redemption at the following outlets: Shower @ Rainforest by SATS Changi Airport Terminal 1 #034-06 3rd Storey Departure/Transit Lounge Snack @ Brek Ristorante Changi Airport Terminal 2 #026-109 Departure/Transit Lounge Snack @ SPFG Boutique CafEEEEEEEE Changi Airport Terminal 1 #025-02B Departure/Transit Lounge Terms and conditions - Only valid for transit passengers with transit pass and valid immigration stamp on passport as proof of having left the airport within a 24-hour period Not applicable to transit passengers on Free City Tour Not refundable or exchangeable for cash or in kind Not applicable with other promotions, discounts or vouchers

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