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I'VE READ ONLINE THAT IN SOME PARTS OF THE WORLD, NOTABLY EUROPE AND THE USA, EMPLOYEES CAN DOUBLE THEIR INCOME MERELY BY OBTAINING A MASTERS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (OTHERWISE KNOWN AS AN MBA). Justice and fairness seems to be a big concern salaries are based on position rather than qualification, is a debatable point... but in any case, it will certainly give you a boost. If you get a job outside of Malaysia, the boost will be that much greater. Koon Mei Ching from JobStreet Malaysia writes: "Should you be lucky enough to get hired overseas by a consultancy or banking firm fresh out of a top 10 ranked MBA programme, starting pay packages can average about USD $120,000-$160,000, depending on the MBA school (e.g. $80K base salary + $20K signing bonus + $20K 1st year bonus). Some of these jobs (eg, finance) balloon to $200-$300k+ within 2-3 years out of school." The calibre of the institution counts a lot. In the 2012 ranking of the world's best MBA courses, a number of Asian institutions scored, among them Singapore's NUS School of Business, Singapore's Nanyang Business School, and HKUST Business School, which finished in the top 10. While Malaysian institutions did not feature, the country nonetheless offers a wide range of MBA courses.

Here at Crowded World we believe that life ought to be cheap and sustainable (cheap as in price, not quality!) That is one reason we like Malaysia... prices for most things are not astronomical, and the quality is there. That is especially so in such traditionally high-cost ventures as studying for a law degree. "Most people have the misconception that embarking on a law programme will put a strain on their finances but the truth is just the opposite at SEGi College Sarawak," the Sarawak Tribune reported in 2011. "Studying law is more affordable than many realise especially when the entire degree programme is conducted in Kuching itself."

As a Commonwealth country, Malaysia practices a common law system similar to that of the United Kingdom, Australia and... , and some not so good ones.... Alternatively, following the passage of the Legal Professional (Amendment) Act (LPA), foreign lawyers can work in Malaysia. However, unlike most other Commonwealth nations, the Constitution of Malaysia allows for the application of Islamic sharia laws, alongside the secular ones. The core courses are accounting for decision making, business law and ethics, operations management, financial management, management information systems, managerial economics, marketing management, Human Resource management, organisational behaviour, and strategic management. Electives include Islamic finance, promotion management, cross-cultural management and E-marketing. Course fees range from RM 25,900 (for local students taking morning classes) to RM 43,800 (for international students). Evening classes for local students cost RM 26,350 for the entire course.

l a w + s c h o o l s

UNIGURU (THE AFOREMENTIONED) POINT OUT ON THEIR WEBSITE, THAT THERE ARE 51 MBA COURSES CURRENTLY BEING OFFERED IN MALAYSIA. In March 1996, for example, 65,000 applications were distributed for only 15,000 university openings, causing near riots at some locations.

It is true that the Universiti Tun Abdul Razek (UTAR) is the oldest virtual university in Malaysia -- however, to my mind it seems that the Open University Malaysia (OUM) is the most popular at the moment. Open University Malaysia or OUM is the seventh Malaysian private university opened in Malaysia, and is owned somewhat paradoxically by a consortium of 11 Malaysian public universities. As most Malaysians will know, the main campus is located on Jalan Tun Ismail, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. In addition to this, there are more than 53 learning centres throughout Malaysia (one of the latest being Kuala Lumpur Learning Centre at Wisma Angkasa Raya next to the majestic Petronas Twin Towers.)

m a l a y s i a n + m b a s

YOU HAVE DECIDED TO COME AND STUDY IN MALAYSIA -- WELL, HOW MUCH IS IT GOING TO COST? Malaysia is one of the cheapest countries in the world to study in, and that is a big reason it is so popular with overseas students. According to World Federation website, an average student could expect to pay US$5000 or less per year in accommodation, meals, transportation and entertainment. Which makes studying in Malaysia a whole lot cheaper than studying in Japan! At the upper end of the scale, obtaining a Masters of Pharmacy might set you back RM66,000 -- still cheap by international standards.

Brickfields Asia College (BAC): Malaysia's Leading Law School.
68-2 Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur 50470. Phone: +60 3-2274 4165. Web: website here. Facebook page: Facebook page here.
This facility proclaims itself as Malaysia's number one law school. On their website, they have interesting articles on topics such as 15 reasons to study law. BAC is a partner of Cambridge International Examinations..."

The MBA courses at NUBS consist a core program and one of three specialisations: Master of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration (Finance) and Master of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship). Students wishing to study overseas can take up to two approved modules at NUBS' campuses in the UK or China, or at its partner institution Singapore. Brickfields Asia College (BAC): 211 Jalan Bukit Mata Kuching, Sarawak 93100. Phone: +60 82-252 566. Web: website here. Facebook page: Facebook page here.

s i n g a p o r e a n + i n s t i t u t e s

BUYING TEXTBOOKS MAKES UP A SIGNIFICANT PART OF THE BUDGET FOR STUDENTS. It makes sense that if you can rent textbooks instead of buying them, you can save a decent amount of money. Thanks to the advent of the Internet, this is much easier than it ever was in the past. Since its establishment in 2000, the number of learners enrolled at the university has grown from 400 to almost 40,000. Almost 90 per cent of the students are working adults, a majority of which are school teachers and military personnel. There is a large number of foreign students -- at last count OUM foreign students come from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bahrain, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Yemen.

MyLMS consists of a number of components variously called myCourse, myUniversity, myCommunity, and myMail. The myUniversity module, for example, boasts features such as user directory, task, student online progress, calendar, personal address book, and polls. (Remember, you have access to all this information, from the comfort of your own home.) myUniversity serves as the first point of contact between the university and the student. Here announcements are posted, university-wide polls are taken and personal calendars updated. As for the myCourse module, it includes features such as course summary, announcement, course content, support materials, references, staff info, coursemate, forum, chat, quiz, digital drop-box, etc. Their course content comes mostly in the form of PDF files.

f i n a n c i a l + a i d

JPA - Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam PET - Petronas (also including MISC if applicable) BNM - Bank Negara Malaysia MARA - Majlis Amanah Rakyat Malaysia ASEAN - ASEAN Scholarship TEL - Telekom Scholarship THS - The Star Education Fund SEC - Securities Commission TEN - Tenaga Nasional JPG - Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Nelson Mandela Endowment Scholarship at INSEAD Business School: Full-time MBA for Africans, to study in France or Singapore.

It seems like there are many Malaysians in Australia these days, starting food blogs and producing comedy for Australian TV, and presumably a lot of them are studying as well. Faculty of Business & Management
Faculty of Education, Arts & Social Sciences
Faculty of Engineering and Technical Studies
Faculty of Information Technology & Multimedia Communication
Faculty of Science
Centre for Graduate Studies
Institute of Professional Development
School of Life Long Learning

l a w + r e f o r m

DESPITE WHAT YOU MIGHT READ IN THE NEWSPAPERS, MALAYSIA HAS A VIBRANT POLITICAL SCENE. It used to be a matter of sticking your flyer against telegraph poles, but now there are easier ways to find students if you want to tutor. Go online. Based in Penang, Home Tuition King: "Open University of Malaysia (OUM) is now eyeing to produce more specialist nurses for Malaysia. OUM is now offering the Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (Honours) programme to meet the country's acute need for more specialist nurses. This two-year programme enables those with the Diploma In Nursing to pursue further studies in the health and medical fields.
"OUM university has held discussions with Health Ministry and Malaysian Nursing Board on its plan to offer this degree programme. The programme is offered to holders of a basic diploma in nursing who are registered with the national nursing board, OUM receives overwhelming response from all parties as the programme is unique based on its flexibility. The programme focuses on clinical expertise and direct involvement implemented via clinical training at participating hospitals.
MyConstitution: Facebook page here.
Founded in 2009, Kempen PerlembagaanKu (MyConstitution) is a campaign to educate all Malaysians in the most important law in the country, the Federal Constitution. Speaking at the launch of the campaign, the then chairperson of the Bar Council’s Constitutional Law Committee, Edmund Bon Tai Soon, said: "The Federal Constitution is a complex document written in a legalistic fashion. Few Malaysians understand it. This is a tragedy. So, this Campaign is going to simplify it for the rakyat. So that the rakyat can learn about the Federal Constitution – regardless of who you are in society." As of November 2012, MyConstitution's Facebook page has attracted 10,894 likes, one of them mine! The organisation recently held "shareshops" with Culture Run on such topics as stereotypes and universal rights.

"Among the cooperation agreed is the utilisation of clinical facilities for six fields:
> Trauma and Emergency Nursing
> Critical Care Nursing
> Mental Health Nursing
> Paediatrics Nursing
> Renal Nursing
> Oncology Nursing
"Senior nurses at participating hospitals will function as clinical supervisors. They will give direct teaching and supervision in wards based on the printed and electronic modules issued. Students will be supplied with the laboratory skills virtual aid to help them prepare for the clinical training.
"There is currently a high demand for male nurses, OUM also encourages more men to apply for the course. The government wants males to join the nursing profession and its target is to produce 300 male nurses from the 3,000 qualified nurses produced every year..."

g l o b a l + l a w

WOULDN'T IT BE GOOD IF ONE DAY THERE WAS A GLOBAL LAW. Wasawan Open University is Malaysia's first private, non-profit tertiary institution dedicated to working adults. It is also only the second Internet-driven open university in Malaysia. "Negotiation today is a core competence for virtually all managers and 'not merely an important skill to be wheeled out for special occasions'. The most critical managerial problems today involve mis-aligned interests and perceptions with clients, partners, and adversaries as well as with colleagues within your organization. Virtually all negotiation training today focuses only on one dimension -'tactics at the table'. This consistently presents too many loopholes for failure through poor communication, cross-cultural gaffes, fixation on a bargaining 'position', etc.

Wawasan Open University (WOU) opened its door on 22nd January 2007 with an initial offering of 11 undergraduate degree programmes under three faculties - the science and technology, business administration and foundation studies. Courses include degrees in information systems, computing science & artificial intelligence, business information systems, accounting and sales & marketing. The cost of an undergraduate programme is about RM16,000.

680 students had already enrolled with the university, which has four study centers located in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Ipoh and Johor Baru.

Wasawan Open University is now up and online and offers programmes in three Schools (Science and Technology, Business and Administration, and Foundation Studies.) Some of the courses covered are Bachelor of Technology in Electronic Commerce, Bachelor of Business in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Bachelor of Business in Sales and Marketing.

Contact us by email:  
phone: (0422) 204-477 (AUSTRALIA)