Finding reliable trading sites is the main problem. One should be aware that exchanges crash regularly taking all your coins.

1. Never sell at a loss.
2. Never chase a rally.

If I make three profitable trades from the one rally, my strategy will change. From this point on, I need to have at two potential sales pending, before executing a trade.

If I continue to make another three profitable trades from the same rally, I will need to have at least three potential trades pending, before executing a trade.

That said, if I fail to make a successful trade within two months of the activation of this change, I can assume that the rally is losing steam. Thus, my strategy will revert to the default mode.

Here is a table showing the 10 grades of sell orders, for all types of cryptocurrency:

1. 10%. 2. 25%. 3. 50%. 4. 75%. 5. 100%. 6. 200%. 7. 500%. 8. 1000%. 9. 2000%. 10. 5000%.

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