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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Walking the Streets (of Ho Chi Minh City)

I TOOK A LOT OF PHOTOS ON MY MOST RECENT TRIP TO HO CHI MINH CTIY (JUNE/JULY 2010)... MORE THAN 400 IN FACT. Many of these were taken on foot as I walked around the city, occasionally taking shelter from the monsoonal downpours, or slinking into a cafe or bar to sink a cold one. There is always something going on, and plenty of things to take photos of. There are all manner of projects going up, transforming the neighborhoods in which they rise. See this Emporis site for more information on all the big buidings in Ho Chi Minh City. This is a city which is changing fast, and the local economy is growing about 12 per cent per year. One Saturday afternoon I walked over a bridge to District 4, the smallest quarter of Ho Chi Minh City, and one of the poorest. As I later discovered, District 4 is home to many of the city's slums. One midweek night, on the way back from Chinatown, I cut through the student district around the Science University.

Glass tower seen near the Reunification Palace/Cultural Park green space

Half completed Bitexco Building photographed from a bridge crossing the river from District 1 to District 4.

I love the little two-toned blue building at the bottom of this photo, with the balcony and water-heater on the roof. This is the modern Vietnamese street style!

Students photocopying their textbooks at one of the shops established for that purpose near the Science University.

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