Idyllic scene

Tieng Viet

Vietnamese is all about aspiration, lack of aspiration, and strange vowel sounds (perhaps this is oversimplifying things!)

The unaspirated "D" sounds like "Z", but has a vague d-like quality. "T" is pronounced unaspirated, while "th" is more like an English "T".

On the other hand, consonants at the end of words must always be unaspirated!

Toi muon xem. . . I want to read...
Toi noi tieng Viet khong tot lam... I do not speak Vietnamese very well.
Truong dai hoc... University.
Phat am... smile. UHM... Yes. Ôm... Hug. Honda ôm: Motorcycle taxi.

Em có khỏe không? ... How are you (little brother/sister)?
Em có muốn ôm anh không? ... Do you want to hug me? (boyfriend said to his girl)

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