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Budgewoi and Buff Point
Beautiful Budgewoi and Buff Point, in Wyong Shire
Rubbish dumped in the bush, on the old Pacific Highway, at San Remo.
Down in the Dumps, in San Remo
Wyrrabalong National Park
Walking in Wyrrabalong National Park near The Entrance, Central Coast, New South Wales
Wyong, Then and Now
Wyong, Then and Now
Wyee Photos
Wyee, on the Way to Morriset

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THE ENTRANCE | 33 ° 20' 151 ° 29' E
SITUATED AT THE MOUTH OF TUGGERAH LAKE, THE ENTRANCE IS ONE OF THOSE CLASSIC SEASIDE TOWNS YOU MIGHT FIND, ON THE LONG ROAD FROM SYDNEY TO BRISBANE. It is called The Entrance, presumably, because it sits astride the outlet of Tuggerah Lake, where the lake enters the ocean (or vice versa).

Life up here revolves around the elements: fishing, surfing, and boating are major pastimes. Every afternoon, hundreds of pelicans descend on the town for The pelican is an emblem of the Central Coast, and you can see its likeness everywhere up here. to other Strance is one ast coast. It attracts tourists from Sydney: Lebanese and Koreans are common in the summer months. The Red Bus service connects the town with other transport hubs, such as Tuggerah and Lake Haven.

ACTIVITIES | Swimming, Fishing, Bicycle Riding, Watching Pelicans, 50s Dancing
Watch the pelican feeding, at 3.30pm every day. Play mini golf at Putt n Fun, next to Royal Kebab on the high road. Hire a bicycle and ride it around the lake. There is an old cinema, and... Every October hot rod enthusiasts and swing dancers converge on the town for Chromefest.

A vertical carousel, at The Entrance

SHOPPING | Trinkets, Fashion, Fishing, Bicycle Riding, ° 31' E
Lollies and Stuff: 117 The Entrance Road, The Entrance. Website: website here.
Sells sweets from around the world, including Hersheys chocolates from the USA, Sachets of Kool Aid go for a couple of bucks. On my first visit here, I bought a can of Hemp energy drink which, unfortunately, did not contain any active cannabinoids. That's deceptive.

Sorry Grandma Shop: Long Jetty.
This is where I bought my Great Gatsby outfit back in 2013, when this was was the rage.

ACCOMMODATION | AirBNB, Caravan Parks, Bicycle Riding, Motels, Hotels, 31' E
The Entrance abounds in holiday rentals and apartments. The White Sails... There is a laundromat next to the Shahi Mahal restaurant...

The Entrance Backpackers: The Entrance Road, The Entrance.

Budget Accommodation Central Coast: 4 Victoria Avenue, The Entrance. Phone: 02/4334 1001. Website: website here.

Dorm rooms go for AUS$30 a night, which is about the same rate as the nearby youth hostel. For private rooms, it is about $70 a night. They seem to have their own bathrooms, but no TVs. Which is opposite the situation at the nearby Lakes Hotel...

Lakes Hotel: 201 The Entrance Road, The Entrance. Phone: (02) 4332 2166. Website: website here.

One of the acclaimed local pubs, occupying a strategic intersection. The bar serves cocktails for AUS$13. For my WOMO review, click here.

Caravan parks and apartments.

CAFES & RESTAURANTS | Fish & Chips, Mexican, Thai, Riding, 151 ° 31' E
Thai food is popular in The Entrance. That said, fish and chips is good here too. There are some old style milkbars...

Bang Rak Thai Restaurant: Website: website here.
Serving roasted squid (pla muek yang), roasted duck and pineapple in red curry (gang phed ped yang), and a whole lot more.

Bistro Jinja: 12 The Entrance Road, The Entrance. Phone: 02/4333 4999.
Bistro Jinja at The Entrance

We went here for my 44th birthday. According to TripAdvisor, this was the number one restaurant in The Entrance. It was good, but not spicy enough for my tastes. We shared lamb massaman curry, squid salad, a seafood curry and other dishes.

The Burrow Coffee House: Coral Street, The Entrance.
I dined here with the Sydney Swing Kats during Chromefest 2018. Garnet ordered some muesli shit...

Chi Cong Bakery: The Entrance Road, The Entrance.

Hernando's Hideaway: .
The estafado de mariscos (featuring flathead, prawns and mussels) looks amazing, and I will try it if I can in 2018. Drink Mexican beers or the Cave Creek Chilli Beer. Handmade in Mexico, it supposedly has a complete chilli pepper in every bottle..

Los Dos Hombres: Victoria Street.

Meaning "the Two Dudes", or something like that.

Pizza Capers: . Website: website here.
Pizza Capers, at The Entrance

Pizza Capers is a chain with outlets lining my planned route from the Central Coast to Queensland, in places like Bundaberg and Mackay. An eclectic range of toppings including karaage and banh mi. They all look cool, but the Barcelona Seafood is on another level entirely!

Pree Cha Thai Restaurant: .
For many years while I was trapped in my agoraphobic bubble at Lake Haven, I dreamed of this restaurant, which I had walked past on a rare trip to The Entrance, and been excited by an exotic whiff from the wok. One blustery August afternoon in 2018 I finally made it here. I ordered duck in yellow curry, which was okay, but nothing sensational.

Royal Kebab: .

I could get some home deliveries to the Halfway House! Indian and Indochinese fair!

Shahi Mahal: website: website here.
The last time I checked, this place had 4.5 bubbles on Trip Advisor. Try the possibly Afghan style spicy Mahal chicken. This also may be the only place on the Central Coast serving Chindian (a mix of Chinese and Indian food). This is a type of food supposedly invented by the Hakka community in Calcutta. The cauliflower Gobi Manchurian looks good. I once ordered the Chilli Fish Indo China from Bollywood Indian Cuisine at Charmhaven, which I guess is Chindian... it tasted pukka enough. But I wanted more.

Spice Affair: .

Savoy Bar: Long Jetty. Facebook: Facebook page here.
Long Jetty is reinventing itself as the "Boho" (Bohemian) heart of the Central Coast... Located in a converted cinema


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