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Pictures of the Carnavon Gorge, Central Highlands, Queensland, Australia
Pictures of the Carnavon Gorge, Central Highlands, Queensland, Australia

Pictures of Roma, Queensland, and Surrounding Towns
Pictures of Roma, Queensland, and surrounding towns

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AUSTRALIA HAS DEVELOPED A REPUTATION OF BEING ONE OF THE BEST PLACES IN THE WORLD TO STUDY. Universities like Monash University, Sydney University and Melbourne University rank highly. Representing the west coast, Curtin University is ranked in the top 1% of global universities, and has integrated campuses in Singapore, Malaysia, and Dubai. Not to be left behind, the Australian National University in Canberra recently launched the "Reimagining Project" to redefine its Engineering and Computing Science for the 21st Century.

While Australia's high school students have been sliding in PISA rankings for a long time, the country punches above its weight in the tertiary sector.

Pre-Covid, thousands of international graduates were granted permanent residency in Australia each year. In fact, I suspect that many students were studying in Australia specifically to get a migration visa. It was a good deal for both the students and the universities, who made a lot of money from tuition fees. Sadly, the party couldn't last forever.

In countries like China, the allure of Australian education is so strong that even teenagers have left their parents to study here, exchanging the rigours of the Gaokao, for the HSC or the VCE. Alternatively, they take a bridging course or "Foundation Year", to help prepare them for Australian university. Studying in Australia provides them points for their eventual permanent residency. Basically, the the younger you are the more points you earn, the type of qualification you have, and your English skills as measured by the IELTS test.

"You need 120 points to be eligible for an 880 permanent residency visa. To check where you rate go to the section of the DIAC website which deals with skilled migration

"There, you can learn about the points test and see which occupations make you eligible for skilled migration.

"The  E80 sub-class visa Eis not the only way for an international student to become eligible for permanent residency in Australia. nt to become a permanent resident of Australia after you graduate you need more information.

G8 universities... But I lived it I did. E.S. the Armenian hottie -- it was obligatory that I had a crush on her.

Charles Sturt University: CSU: .
Named after a pioneer explorer, CSU is an Australian multi-campus university located in inland New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory. The Mitchell Campus in Bathurst was my college of choice, and I went there for the Communications course, which was said to be once of the best in the land. I landed in a dorm room in Cottrell House, on the ground floor. With only an AM/FM radio to keep my company (not even a TV -- can you imagine living like that!)It also has specialist centres in Manly (Sydney), and Broken Hill.

Newcastle University: . Website: website here.
Newcastle University campus at Ourimbah, on the NSW Central Coast.

University of Queensland: .

If you are still at the stage of thinking about whether or not you will study in Australia then the decision about whether you will one to use your Australian educational qualification to help you get permanent residency in Australia is several years away.

Study English in Austraia

Student Visa: Can be up to 5 years long.

Many Brazilian students want to study on the Gold Coast, or in Brisbane. Some of them also study online at General Academy.

Many of my students on iTalki complain that their study stay in Australia has not been "immersive" enough. This is especially so on short stays at English language schools... Watching local TV programs is a great way to learn English passively, and also gives you something to talk about to Australian people. There are some fine Australian series and dramas such as Glitch, or Hannah Gadsby's Nanette.

ch will give you the points you need when you graduate, by the time ged.

"For this reason we advise you not to base your decision about studying in Australia, and what course to choose, solely on permanent residency considerations. It is best to make your decision about which Australian qualification you choose based on the advantage it will give you..."

Study and Work in Australia Online Chat: Australia is fast becoming a favourite destination for students looking to study abroad.
According to overseas education counsellor Karan Gupta, this is because Australian schools are cheaper than schools in other countries. Admissions are also easier, he adds. However, getting a job there is another story. Karan enlightened readers on Australia as a study destination, during a chat on February 15 (2007).

Smeag Global Education: Melbourne.
Offers courses for IELTS and the PTE. (Also has schools in the Philippines).



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