Prepositions help explain the relationship between things. This is important since English lacks some of the cases used in other languages like Russian.

Prepositions are a fundamental feature of the English language

A preposition must be followed by a noun (for example, "Children are found around the world."

Prepositions can include prepositions of time, space, and movement.

Get used to using prepositions as a way of conveying meaning.

I am off to New York ......... I am going to New York.
I am in New York ......... I am now in New York.

Many verbs and adjectives are used with certain prepositions, and not others. For example: Protest against.

Just like verbs, prepositions (like beTWEEN) are mostly stressed on the second syllable.

See Prepositional Phrases.


BASIC PREPOSITIONS: View on Google Documents.

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