One Year in Bangkok

Sukhumvit Road is the commercial lifeline of Bangkok, and the heart of the business district. To my mind, the Old City is more charming, and it is where you will find many of the popular tourist sites. my future hub for Thailand, and Indochina!

To the north of the city, on the new Red Line, is Rangsit.

Physical Panoramic Map of Bangkok
Physical Panoramic Map of Bangkok

There are numerous smaller wats studded across this site, with a few major wats in the center. To my mind they all look like Buddhas in a meditating pose, rising from base materiality to the nimble spirituality of their spires.

Stickman says: "Thai bargirls often see relationships with Western men as a way to benefit themselves and their family financially.

"In a country where women are not always afforded the same opportunities as men, some women choose to enter the world's oldest profession in an effort to make money to help their family.

"These women attempt to secure their future - and that may mean lining up as many options (read: Western men) as they can, failing to disclose other relationships they may already be involved in or be less honest about their intentions with the man they're with. They may go on to choose one man who they feel can provide best for them, or they may simply try and make as much money as they can. Many of the women working in the bars already have a Thai boyfriend or husband. They may say that they do not like Thai men but that is often just a ruse to make Western men more comfortable with them.

"These girls do not have an easy life and I do not begrudge them, nor judge them, when they make the ever so hard decision to go and work in the bar industry. That said, the calculated scamming and cheating that goes on, often playing with Western men's lives, is clearly wrong.

"They'll tell you they love you and that you're the only one in their life. This may be true and they may truly love you and worship you as only a Thai woman can. But in many cases this couldn't be further from the truth.

"If you are pursuing a relationship with a Thai bargirl and you suspect that things are not all that they seem, get her checked out before it's too late. Whether you met her in a naughty bar, a not so naughty bar, online, in a shop, on the street, in a massage parlour..."

Inside Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport

Stickman is probably right, but for the time's being, I want to get back to Bangkok, and see what I can make happen. It doesn't matter if it doesn't work out, because this is an experiment, a learning curve. A man far further advanced on the Asian learning curve than myself, Global Nampa, cautions: "I just got informed about this video from Isaanstyle. This is a good example and warning for innocent first-timers. Thai online girls are professionals in manipulating guys, especially the good-hearted ones like this 23-year-old dude Dino seemed to be one. I understand both sides, of course Dino was hoping for love and invested a lot into her wishes. On the other hand R. was never forcing him to do all these things and was taking advantage of his foolishness. Among Thai girls, especially also among non bar-girls it is quite a sport to trick newbies to make some additional money. Girls I spoke with from Chulalongkorn University often have several online boy-friends from abroad who are sending in cash to support their lifestyle. I once drove with a female Thai friend to RCA in her brand-new Mercedes SLK she scammed out of a young foreign dude. The girls get admired for their trickiness among friends actually. I would advice Dino to get over it, what R. did is very common in Thailand and accepted. I would not write that bad about her. We all make mistakes in the beginning. See it as a useful experience and learn from it....."

Nick Gatsby wrote on Expat Rockstar Magazine: "Thai women are renowned the world over for their beauty, grace, femininity, and sexuality. They have that certain something that makes them alluring to men and their diminutive stature makes them doll like, while at the same time, womanly.

"If you are interested in meeting regular Thai women though, where and how do you go about it? When I say regular Thai women, I am referring to those who have a profession outside of the tourist entertainment industry. This means office worker, nurse, grocery clerk, doctor, lawyer, etc.

"There is a degree of difficulty in getting a 'nice' Thai woman to go out with you. For most Thai women, dating a foreigner comes attached with the stigma of other Thais believing your date is a prostitute. This alone is enough to put some women off the task.

"Culture also dictates their actions and if you are successful in getting them to go with you, at first, you may end taking them out, along with one or more of their friends. To play your cards right, abstain from physical contact and any kind or sexual talk - at least until the signs are all there. Refrain from touching her; do not attempt to hold her hand, put your arm around her, or kiss her. If she likes you, she will almost certainly touch you - nonetheless, do not touch her. Thais are not much for public affection and your restraint will likely go a long way..."

I even got approached when I looked lost standing on the side of a canal just down from the Democracy Monument, me all covered with sweat. Now Maniac High has to literally handcuff the schoolgirls in Tokyo to give him the time of day, but in humid Bangkok, you have to beat the Thai schoolgirls off with a stick. All in all, there are countless, endless possibilities in this city, or so it seems to me at the present. But I am indeed a novice when it comes to Thai girls!

Picture courtesy Global NampaPicture courtesy Global NampaPicture courtesy Global Nampa

Craigs List Personals:
There are women posting naked pictures of themselves in the hope of finding a boyfriend/husband. It's a bit full on for me, I would rather a bit of old fashioned romance. Ratchada Soi:
Website for the street which is one of Bangkok's popular party centers.

Thai Friendly:
Picture copyright Thai Friendly
This site is free, and sees plenty of action, and also (compared to a lot of other dating sites!) has a good ratio of men to women. One girl says: "I'm not a Butterfly lady and I NOT WANT TALK TO thai singles. if you want to talk to me. I want to make sure that you want to be friends maybe relationship." Another woman, Mountain135, describes herself as a hilltribe girl working in a guesthouse in Chiang Rai.

If you can read Thai, look at Zubzip.

Picture courtesy Global NampaPicture courtesy Global NampaPicture courtesy Global Nampa

DO THAI WOMEN LIKE SRI LANKAN MEN? I wouldn't have thought so, but search statistics from Google Insights show that all of the people searching for Thai girls on the Internet, many of them come from Sri Lanka...

Sweet Singles:

This site is actually devoted to that most adorable creature, the Thai woman -- and specifically for guys looking for Thai brides. The site is all in Thai, which might be a problem for the average Malaysian reader. Nonetheless, the site includes the prompt: "Foreign ladies, -- "

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